People Challenges Are Business Challenges

Leading a People Business

No matter the industry you're in, as a leader you are now operating in the 'people business'.
No surprise there, especially in times of crisis! We all know that people are the ones who can either make or break a business.

That's why people challenges are business challenges!

Talking to leaders and teams in corporate, small businesses and start-up worlds, here are the 'frequently asked questions' I get:
  1. How do we build our team for the long run, while the world around us changes by the minute?
  2. How do we support, motivate and help each other grow, so that the business grows?
  3. How do we scale our team and bring the right people who are aligned with the culture, values, goals and existing team, to grow the business through uncertainty?
  4. How do we feel less anxiety and stress, and more in control and productive?
  5. How do we bring in more diversity and creativity, to build innovative solutions for customers and grow the business?
And, in the midst of it all, who takes care of you as the Leader of the team, of the organization, of the business?

So, what are some people challenges affecting your business right now?

If you’re a leader who wants to build a ‘Dream Team’ in this 'far-from-a-dream-world', I’d love to hear from you!

I'm helping leaders identify the right people solutions for them throughout October!
Simply click to book a meeting and get solutions that help you build your 'Dream Team'.

This edition of the All Personal News is dedicated to all of you trying to build happy workplaces and thriving businesses in the midst of uncertainty and crisis. Because you know that a successful business means putting your people first:
  1. The Importance of Self-Care for High-Performance!
  2. Take Back Control over Your Emotions, Actions & Results!
  3. Video: Engage and Motivate Your Team!
  4. Self-Management Workouts
Keep changing the game. YOUR way!

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The Importance of Self-Care for High Performance

'Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.'
Richard Branson

Longer hours, bigger projects, the need to constantly adapt to the next big change and come up with creative ideas to serve clients and communicate with your team effectively, that's a huge paradigm shift!

And also a huge load on everyone's shoulders, not to mention that none of us were prepared to also manage this kind of overload!

Sounds familiar?
These are just a few of the challenges I hear teams and leaders talk about as they transition from one change to the next!

As I was designing a customized virtual training & coaching program for one of my clients who are building an alternate days working schedule for their team - from home and from 'the office' - a few thoughts came to mind.

I wanted to make sure we don't go through a checklist of 'time & project management'.
The truth is, we never really manage time anyway, the best we can do is manage ourselves!

So we started with self-care and self-management. That's key! It's all about how we're able to make and break our habits, so that we can recover and perform at high levels again!

We can only talk about being productive AFTER we've recharged our batteries!
And as we talk about 'human batteries', make sure they get a daily dose of recharge:)!

It's only after we learn to manage ourselves that we can manage our tasks, individually and as a team.

And when we understand our roles on the team better, how we impact team and business results differently and how that brings performance to the next level, that's when we feel motivated again!
That's when we are more productive, and feel heard and seen, and contribute to the best of our skills and knowledge!

When everyone on the team feels they matter, that's when we truly become diverse and inclusive as a team and as an organization.

So happy to be working with teams and leaders who put self-care and self-management strategies first - now more than ever!

Because if we all run out of health and time, there will be no one left to actually run the business!

Happy to bring this All Personal program in your organization - message me if you'd like to know more of how this works.
Learn More about the Self-Management for High-Performance Program

Taking Back Control: Manage Your Emotions, Actions and Results!

Back in the Driver Seat!

If you're leading or working in a team right now, you're all likely managing high levels of anxiety and stress, with workload that seems to be piling up forever.

The majority of people have been working more and longer hours since working from home.
Some of the teams are now also in transition to returning to 'the office' - which increases the stress levels even more.

For those leasers and teams that would like to navigate these waters with more sense of control and less anxiety, I am happy to be offering this super 2 in 1 online learning solution:

My Emotional Intelligence online course (10% off) + FREE Time Management online course.

If you're a leader who wants to go deeper into motivating your team through these times, there is a full Leadership learning bundle available for you with all the critical skills you need to master as a game-changing leader.

Message me to get access to the courses you need for you and your team, so you regain a sense of control over your emotions, actions and results!

Take Back Control Over Emotions, Actions & Results!

Video: Engage and Motivate Your Team!

Time for Team Leadership!

Let's count on what each of our team members can contribute with and help them make their impact!

As a leader, it's time to pass the microphone to the game-changers, strategists, implementers, polishers and playmakers on your team and together decide what you continue, stop or start doing so you adapt to the new circumstances.

This will ensure everyone stays informed on the latest plans and developments that have an impact on both their professional and family lives!

Happy to help you get some solutions on maximizing the existing talent in your business or organization, or in attracting the right kind of talent for you and your team!

Hope this video helps you get some ideas on how to work with your team best during these times!
Book a Meeting and Let's Maximize the Talent in Your Business

Self-Management Workouts

Our Skills Are Just Like Muscles

Yes, I know, I've said that so many times! But it's true!
All you need to do is start training your skills muscles the same way you train your body muscles to keep them in shape.

That means NOT just once a year! It means regular practice.
Because that's what learning is all about. Learning is a habit, not an event!
So here you are, your All Personal Skills Workouts. For responsible daily use.:)

Imagine. Believe. Become.

All YOU!
Self-Management Workouts
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