Not Everyone Is a Game-Changer, but We Can All Make a Game-Changing Impact

We Change the Game, One Step at a Time

We're in the process of creating the 'new' - not the 'new normal', just the 'new'.

How we create this 'new' is going to affect how we live our lives for the foreseeable future.

I'm privileged to be working with super-leaders and awesome teams who get together, all hands on deck, to re-create their future as individuals, as a team and as an organization!

The displays of creativity, flexibility, empathy, collaboration have been fantastic! We're re-discovering and re-building these skills muscles, to get stronger, better, and make the best impact we can make, together!

Introverts or extroverts, humanists or realists, we can ALL make a game-changing impact! And this is crucial for the times we live in, when the game is changing as we speak!

So, here are some questions to help you reflect on the impact you're having in your team and organization:
  1. when did you feel you made the best impact on your team or in your role? what did you do? how did you feel?
  2. is it easy for you to come up with new ideas and imagine possibilities for transforming the future? (game-changers)
  3. are you energized by making plans, prioritizing, setting clear directions and connecting the dots? (strategists)
  4. do you find motivation from getting things done and implementing projects from start to finish? (implementers)
  5. are you excited to take an idea and develop it further to create a future you're proud of? (polishers)
  6. is it easy for you to spot talent, engage it in projects and help teams work together well? (play-makers)
  7. is everyone on your team able to make the best contribution they can make? are they in the right roles or do they have the right responsibilities so they feel engaged and included?
Now, more than ever, leadership is no longer about the leader who's lonely at the top. It's about who takes the 'helm' depending on what needs to be done. 

We need teams that change the game together.

One step at a time.

Change the game, YOUR way!

People Leaders - Interview Series

Leaders and Their Business Impact

As The Game-Changing Index partner in Canada, I am thrilled to make an All Personal contribution and talk to Canadian leaders across industries about how they make their best impact in their organizations!

The GC People Leader interview series is designed to share the experience and stories from individuals who have a track record of leading and inspiring others to do great things.

In this edition, I talk to Valeria Ponis, Corporate Development Manager at !

We analyzed her GC Index profile, how her career development has been driven by her natural proclivities and how she makes her best impact!

'I found the assessment incredibly accurate.
I am a creative problem solver, at my core, always on the lookout for new ideas to implement or better ways of doing things.
Therefore, I am not surprised that the Game Changer proclivity weighs as much as the Implementer and Polisher in my profile and I am not surprised to see a Play Maker proclivity as well.'

Thank you, Valeria, for being part of this project and inspiring teams and organizations at a time when they need it most!

Click on the image to read the full interview and Valeria's gems on her leadership style, teamwork and the future of work!

If you are a people leader and would like to be featured in this interview series, please email me.
Are you a people leader? Email me to be featured in this interview series.

Creating the New Learning

E-Learning for Your Teams

The current crisis has enabled most of us across the globe to change the way we work and learn. We work remotely and carry out the businesses to ensure the economies run as smoothly as possible.

Companies also face the challenge of up-skilling their employees as we all sail through this situation.

For those of you on the look-out for great e-learning platforms, here is one I can recommend:  Vowel LMS.

As an industry leader, Vowel is a flexible learning management tool that allows you the freedom to manage every form of learning within your organization – be it online, or in the classroom, or virtual.

Easy assigning of courses, tracking learner progress, and viewing customized reports make the platform easy to use.

Chart every user’s learning journey based on individual learning curves and much more!

Email me if you would like me to connect you with someone at Vowel, or you can contact them directly.
Find out more about Vowel E-learning

'HomeWork Unlocked' Interviews

Coming Out of Lock-Down

In this video interview, I talk to Diana Medrea-Mogensen, Growth Mindset and Life Management Coach, Founder of 'We Are Entrepreneurs DK'.

She lives in Denmark, one of the first countries to lock down and then unlock.
Diana shares her experience, emotions and thoughts on getting down to work as things started to re-open, getting out of the house and sending her kids back to kindergarten.

Please share your comments either directly on YouTube or by emailing me.

Virtual Work Visionaries

I've also made ‘HomeWork Unlocked’ an All Personal Podcast Limited Series, where we discuss work after being 'unlocked'.

In this episode, I am talking to two virtual work visionaries: Brittany Melo and Joncarlo Bairos at Forge Recruitment: Legal Recruitment Specialists.

They were already working virtually before the crisis, and were already managing things like keeping the team productive, motivated, engaged and in constant communication.

A confession: we've worked together on forming and norming their team as they were growing, and it’s a privilege for me to have clients like them: leaders who know that building a great team starts with building yourself as a great leader!

I am not subjective when I call them visionaries. Listen in and see why:
  • ‘We’re going to see more flexibility in the long run after this is finished.’
  • ‘You might not get the traditional 9-5 that you want, but you have to ask yourself, is the work still getting done? And if it is, you can’t complain.’
Click on the image to listen in.
Email me if you'd like to be featured on 'HomeWork Unlocked'


Free One-Stop-Shop: New Resources

Keeping in line with making our own new, healthy habits, I added new resources on our special Crisis Management page:
  • Esther Perel's 'How's Work' podcast - amazing episodes, and a special one with Adam Grant (you don't want to miss it, I promise!)
  • Brene Brown's 'Unlocking Us' podcast - brilliant way to develop your emotional intelligence (and a brilliant title for lock-down times, I might add)
  • Mental health resources for schools and workplaces (from home)

Enjoy and please email me if you'd like to share new helpful resources for this page.
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