Super Shy? You Might Just Be a TEDx Speaker!

Dear <<First Name>>,

What's YOUR superpower?

I had the absolute pleasure to be Britt Skrabanek's guest on her Love Your Enthusiasm Podcast!

And we talked about superpowers!
Yes, we all have them, and we so often take them for granted!

And yet, when we start strengthening our own skills muscles (self-awareness being one important skill muscle!), that's when we turn ourselves into superheroes in our own lives!

I loved this conversation, as I shared:
  • Our long journey from Romania to Canada and why we chose to emigrate as a family.
  • Why I am so passionate about learning and personal superpowers.
  • The importance of expanding the notion of creativity and not only focusing on artistic expression.
  • My downtime rituals and the necessity of time off if you want to be a high performer.
  • The difficulty that comes with working from home, where it’s challenging to separate work and life.
  • The superpowers I worked on to go from a shy child to a TEDx speaker.
  • Why I like to bring an element of playfulness into my workshops.
  • My 'skills muscles' idea and how this can help us deal with change better.
  • The challenges that came with starting my own business and what helped me stay on course.
Enjoy and keep building your skills muscles!
It's as simple as going to the gym - they need regular practice:)!

Listen to the episode here!

People Leaders Interview Series

I had the pleasure of (virtually:)) sitting down with Darrel Pinto - VP Industry Research Advancement at the Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association.

Darrel's GC Index profile shows his natural inclination to play in the Game Changer & Implementer space.

Darrel says: "I thrive in situations where I can combine problem solving through design thinking with adventure".

We explored the aspects what underpin Darrel's success and how he utilizes his creative problem-solving impact and contribution.

Watch this short interview and see how The GC Index can help you discover how you are making your best impact, and also shed a light on possible blind spots.

Email me & let's talk about how you can maximize your impact with The GC Index!

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