How Do You Stand Out From The Crowd?

It's Not About 'IF' You Make an Impact.
It's About 'HOW' You Make Your Best Impact!

That's YOUR superpower!

What if you had to hire a player for your basketball team?
Or for your [pick your own sport] team?

And what if there were two candidates who had the same level of skills and experience, a nice personality, every quality that makes them a great match for your team?

  1. How do you make sure you choose the one that makes the best impact your team needs?
  2. How do you make sure you don't choose based on biases and stereotypes, but based on what you want the player to achieve in their role and for the team?

Here are some additional questions you might need answers for:
  1. What are you hiring the player for?
  2. Where will they make the best impact? Is it defense, offense, center field?
  3. What is the business goal that their role is going to accomplish on the team?
  4. How will they change the game to everyone's benefit?
Use the creative power of The GC Index, the organimetric that measures people's business impact in their role and helps you and your organization:
  1. Build greater diversity by reducing unconscious bias in building your team
  2. Hire, retain and promote the best people for your business goals and growth
  3. Build a culture of genuine innovation and creativity
  4. Maximize your and your team’s impact in business, based on reliable data
  5. Provide a language and framework for people that is simple, effective and outcome driven
Let's create a future of work we're all proud of - and happy with!

What The GC Index is all about.
Read more and request your individual assessment here!

People Leaders Interview Series

I had the pleasure of (virtually:)) sitting down with Darrel Pinto - VP Industry Research Advancement at the Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association.

Darrel's GC Index profile shows his natural inclination to play in the Game Changer & Implementer space.

Darrel says: "I thrive in situations where I can combine problem solving through design thinking with adventure".

We explored the aspects what underpin Darrel's success and how he utilizes his creative problem-solving impact and contribution.

Watch this short interview and see how The GC Index can help you discover how you are making your best impact, and also shed a light on possible blind spots.

Email me & let's talk about how you can maximize your impact with The GC Index!

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