'A Glimpse into the Future (of Work)'

'Things Won't Be the Same, and We Don't Know HOW They Won't Be the Same'
Margaret Atwood

Most of you will already know by now that I am a 'future of work' nerd. Even before the crisis, the COVID-19, the lockdwon, whatever you are calling it these days.

I always thought people were not furniture (of course, right?) and that they do not need to sit behind a desk for a fixed number of hours 5 days a week to be productive, creative, engaged, to 'prove' the fact that they do work and they can be trusted.

(On that note, I always wondered why organizations hired people only not to trust them to do the work they were hired for afterwards).

But that's another discussion, because in the meantime we simply HAD to change the way we worked. Once crisis hit, most of us became a part of virtual teams working from home overnight.

There was no other option. And, guess what? You've all seen the result by now.
People do work from home, and most of them even harder and for longer than when they used to go to the office.

And yes, THIS is a problem, one that no one thought they'd have before the crisis!

Longer hours, bigger projects, the need to constantly adapt to the next big change and come up with creative ideas to serve clients and communicate with your team effectively, that's a huge paradigm shift!
And also a huge load on everyone's shoulders, not to mention that none of us were prepared to also manage this kind of overload!

So what do we do when several different worlds collide at the speed of light?
When yesterday's world is never the same in today's changing world and when tomorrow is always different?

I've attended Collision Conference from Home this year and I am in absolute awe at the phenomenal effort of making a whole conference possible online for thousands of people around the world, for three days in a row!

I also feel privileged to have been able to watch some incredible talks, of which I decided to pick a few quotes to share with you.

Hope they help you figure out the future (of work), too!

Arianna Huffington:
  • 'Companies realized that the Health and Wellness of employees has gone from a nice to have to imperative! It is going to have a dramatic impact on the business.'
  • 'High performing athletes know that there is a strong connection between performance and recovery.'
  • 'We need to stop this collective delusion that we need to be always on!'
Margaret Atwood:
  • 'Things will never be the same anyway, time only goes in one direction.'
  • 'There are pivotal moments, like this one, when things are changing very suddenly.'
  • 'Things won't be the same, and we don't know HOW they won't be the same.'

Well, I believe we are slowly, but surely, getting glimpses of that 'HOW'.


The Power of Pause

The GC Index 5% Week

Talking about the connection between performance and recovery, I am so excited to share a brilliant idea that my partners at The GC Index® are implementing: 'The GC Index 5% Week'!

They're doing this in order to help their team recover after the whirlpool that the crisis brought with it!

Here is what Nathan Ott, Chief Polisher and Co-Founder of The GC Index® says about this initiative:

'Whilst working hard is certainly not something we are afraid of, and it’s fantastic to be so busy,  I recognize the urgent need for the team to refresh and recharge.

Like many of you, we have been working around the clock, balancing work, together with the added pressures that come with the Covid-19 lockdown – children at home, home-schooling, heightened anxiety – can only be maintained for so long.

One thing was still very clear in my mind and that was we need a collective break.
So, with all this considered and after strategizing with The GC Index team, we came up with a solution whereby we can all recharge collectively at the same time (like at Christmas) and manage any unnecessary worry.

In a bid to look after our wellbeing and in turn the wellbeing of our business, we have created ‘The GC Index 5% Week’. [...]
The GC Index Team will 'down tools' for a week and only work at a maximum of 5% of the time during this week.

I think that, for larger organizations, The GC Index 5% Week model can be put into place at a department/business unit level, if doing the whole organization is too much in one go for them.'

I find this to be an absolutely brilliant idea, for all of the reasons mentioned in the OpEd.
'The GC Index 5% week' comes on top of the normal vacation times that people can take, not instead of that.

Hope this helps you think about creative ways in which you can support your teams recover after what's been (and still is) a 'pivotal change' whirlwind.

Remember, recovery is essential to performance!

All high performing athletes know this rule and apply it. It's time we learned more from the lessons that have been around us all along!

Here's to creating a future of work we're proud of!
Email Me to talk about how you can build a Game-Changing Team

All Personal Podcast

Selling with Empathy

In the latest episode of the All Personal Podcast, I talk to Jason Cutter, CEO of Cutter Consulting Group, about selling with empathy.

These are two words that we don’t hear next to each other too often!

Jason’s approach to sales is so human-centered and so much needed for building a future we’re proud of!

Snippets of our conversation:
  1. Everybody is always going through something in their life
  2. Hear what people say and not say
  3. Sales and relationships are the same, you need to be able to listen and show empathy
  4. Empathy is huge, necessary and very much missing in sales and a lot in life, where people don’t care what other people are going through
  5. If you don’t know what the right door is, test and check a lot of doors

To a client, it is going to be personal, it’s their life and what’s more personal than life?

Let’s practice looking at things from this perspective: ‘Everybody is always going through something in their life’.

How is that for an empathy boost?

I believe it’s simple exercises like that which, done regularly, build our All Personal muscles of communicating with care, understanding, empathy and kindness.

Let’s test this door more often!

Enjoy - link to the full episode below.
Click on image and listen in.

Quarantine Self-Development

Free One Stop Shop:
Music, Yoga, E-books and More


Your page of free resources to help you swim these virtual, quarantined waters!

I added videos, leaders interviews and useful resources, such as free Yoga classes you can do at home, free classical music to help you focus while working from home, podcasts and articles on virtual work.

This page is our dynamic one stop shop! I will keep adding information to it.

If you have resources that you found useful and you'd like to share with others, email me and I will add them on the page.

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Self-Management Muscle Workouts

Resources to Manage Yourself Under Pressure

Managing ourselves is a big part of Emotional Intelligence as a skill muscle. And it's even more important now that the world around us has changed so much and so abruptly!
Here are a few resources for you to work out your self-management skills muscles and work well with everyone on your team and with your clients, even remotely.
Learn how you can listen effectively, what motivates you, what the universal expressions of emotions are, how to meditate and so much more.

Be well & stay safe! We're all in this together. We'll go through this together.

Imagine. Believe. Become.

Our inner work only depends on ourselves.
Start your self-management workouts
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