Leadership Is About Legacy, Not Hierarchy!

Lead Different. Work Different.

As a leader - no, I'm not going to start with the leader. We're passed that point.
It's no longer about the leader who's lonely at the top. It's rather about who takes the 'helm' depending on what needs to be done.

For so long we've focused on developing leaders only - leadership programs, coaching, full package.
Which also meant that we've focused on leadership once people 'have reached the top' - and, in more cases than one, that's a tad too late!

Leadership does not mean hierarchy. It doesn't mean titles. It means impact, reliability, trust.

Leadership means legacy.
In other words, how something that I've done will remain in place and benefit others, ideally long-term.

And for THAT, we don't need titles!
In so many cases, I've see wonderful displays of legacy from people who were at the beginning of their careers, just as I've seen displays of lack of leadership from people who had a 'leader' title.

When we're focused only on leading and not following, it becomes almost impossible to spot what everyone on the team can bring, their talents, their drive.
What also happens when we focus on the title is that - more often than not - the leader is no longer a 'team member', they're now only the 'team leader'.

And when the leader is no longer a team member, communication becomes difficult and the gap deepens.

That's why great leaders are also great followers! Especially in uncertainty!
Because that's when we need Team Leadership. That's when we need everyone to contribute to the best of their abilities. That's when we need to rely on everyone's strengths.

So, know yourself and your team!
Discuss, brainstorm and make decisions together. Have a clear idea of where you're going and what the best route is for you all to get there successfully.
And then, make sure that all team members get to drive that car.

Here's what will help you leave Your Legacy in this latest edition of the All Personal news:
  1. Game Changing Work - a LIVE Show for dreamers and doers who are rebuilding the future of work
  2. Lead for Legacy program for aspiring and current leaders and their teams
  3. Free Webinar - 'Measure and Maximize Your Team's Impact to Grow Your Business in a Crisis'
  4. 'Seeing the Invisible so You Can Do the Impossible' - business ideas.

Work different.

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Game Changing Work - A Live Show!

It's All Personal, Nothing Is Just Business

We don't leave our 'Personal Self' at home to go to work, and we don't leave our 'Professional Self' behind the desk in the office. Definitely not now!
Well, we never did that, anyway, as our Self has this tendency of following us everywhere we go, no matter what we call it:).

We all know that the Personal Self was definitely getting involved in our 'business stuff' and that our Professional Self was definitely coming back home with us.
What affects me personally will impact me on a professional level, too, AND the other way around.

So I'm excited to start the 'Game Changing Work' LIVE Show with Veronica Stewart at Ingenious Agile- ReThink with Purpose!

This is for all of you, dreamers and doers, building Happy Careers, Dream Teams and Thriving Businesses in the midst of uncertainty and crisis!

We will be discussing all aspects of how what 'work different' means, agile topics and change that will maximize impact and bring in game-changing results!

Bring Your Own Coffee and join us live every Wednesday and Friday morning between 8.25 am - 8.55 am ET, and change the game, YOUR way!
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Lead for Legacy: Critical Skills for Game-Changing Leaders (and Their Teams)

'Lead for Legacy': Your All Personal Online Program

If you're leading or working in a team right now, you're all likely managing high levels of anxiety and stress, with workload that seems to be piling up forever.

The majority of people have been working more and longer hours since working from home.
Some of the teams are now also in transition to returning to 'the office' - which increases the stress levels even more.

For leaders and teams that would like to navigate these waters with more sense of control and less anxiety, I am happy to be offering this full online program.

As these are tough times, the Emotional Intelligence online course is discounted 15% off & you get the Time Management one FREE with any choice of courses.

The program is available as independent online work or as a comprehensive training & coaching program for leaders and teams.

Message me to discuss the courses you need for you and your team, so you regain a sense of control over your emotions, actions and results!
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Free Webinar!

Measure and Maximize Your Team's Impact to Grow Your Business in a Crisis

This All Personal webinar is dedicated to all of you building happy workplaces, dream teams and thriving businesses in the midst of uncertainty and crisis!

Because your people challenges are business challenges!

From entrepreneurs, small business and start-up owners to organization leaders, some of their challenges are:

- scaling a team and bringing the right people who are aligned with the culture, values, goals and existing team, to grow the business through uncertainty
- staying engaged and motivated through uncertainty
- feeling less anxiety and stress, and more in control and productive
- bringing in more diversity and creativity, to build innovative solutions for customers and grow the business

Join me on this free webinar and discover how you can measure  people's business impact in their role and increase motivation, engagement, productivity, diversity and inclusion in your business!

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Let's create a future of work we're all proud of!
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Business Ideas at No Charge with the All Personal Special Code!

'Seeing The Invisible So You Can Do The Impossible'

This publication, created by friend and business partner Bob Sager with Spearpoint Solutions, outlines twelve methods that will help you innovate more easily so you can stand out in the marketplace.

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