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Day 12
#day12 of the #12daysofchristmas
It's ok if our holidays are not perfect. It's ok if we give ourselves a little time off to recharge and relax, in any way we can.

So for those of you who are looking for some soul-searching, heart-filling and mind-building activities, here's the FREE All Personal course on Emotional Intelligence.
That's a skill muscles that, once built, stays with us permanently.

Hurry, Santa offer it on a first-come, first-served basis :).
CLick to get your code for the FREE Emotional Intelligence course!
Day 11
#day11 of the #12daysofchristmas
Preparing for the holidays? No better way than to give ourselves an All Personal treat and work on our Emotional Intelligence!

These holidays might be a bit tough, as most of us can't spend them with friends or even family.
Time to get inwards and see how we can take care of ourselves better, so we can also take care of others around us.

Join me for this free session today at 2 pm EST, as I talk to the amazing people in the Corona Daze Professional Development Group!
Register to join this free session at 2 pm EST today!
Day 10
#day10 of the #12daysofchristmas is the All Personal short video series on The 6 Thinking Hats! 🤶🎄

Good to practice all through the year for whenever you are brainstorming with your team!

This is so much fun for a holiday virtual party. 🎁✨

Have fun! 🤩
Watch the short videos here!
Day 9
#day9 of the #12daysofchristmas is the All Personal FREE Masterclass for People Who Lead People and Teams! 🤶🎄

Good to have it near for when you're feeling like "bingin' somethin'" on self care, self inspiration and transformation. 🎁✨

Something for the mind & heart, to help you impact your world, YOUR way! ❤️

All Personal Learning, for you and yours! 🤩
Get the Free Masterclass here!
Day 8
Offering the All Personal TIME MANAGEMENT FOR VIRTUAL WORK FREE with the special coupon code!
Email me, get your code and get this course - unlimited access!

PS: If you don't need it, you can also gift this to someone who needs it. Email me, we'll take it from there!
Get your coupon code here!
Day 7
Offering a FREE 1 month membership to the Lead for Legacy League!
This is THE Global Online Program for Management & Leadership Development!

We're on super special offer for those of you who need to build their management & leadership skills for professional success in 2021 & beyond!

So hurry and grab you free membership for one month - FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED!
Claim YOUR 1 Month FREE Membership in the League!
Day 6
I am so happy to be sharing my first e-book with you! What a treat I got from Bookboon – the World’s most used Corporate Learning Solution on #day6 of the #12daysofchristmas giveaways here at All Personal!

Thank you to
Sophie Tergeist for including me on the list of Bookboon authors!
Thank you so much
Brittany Bairos and Joncarlo Bairos for kindly sharing your visionary insights and experience!
The GC Index, many thanks for your inspiration and support!

As I say in the introduction, 'This eBook is written for all of you who are now part of a team that became ‘virtual’ overnight; all of you who are now leading differently; all of you who are building a better, kinder, more inclusive and caring future of work. One that we and the next generations
will be proud of.'

Click to Get the E-Book!
Day 5
Give yourself the gift of IMPROV as an essential life & business skill!
this video from the Game Changing Work LIVE Show with Roxana & Veronica, with our special guest, Tony Babcock.

Get some high vibes with the improv exercises we did LIVE:)!

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get more game-changing work ideas and change the future of work with us!

All the links we mentioned:

Tony Babcock's '12 Days Giveaways' for entrepreneurs
Veronica Stewart's 'Rethink with Veronica' YouTube Channel
My 'Lead for Legacy League' for people who lead people and teams
Watch the Video and Experience the Power of Improv!
Day 4
Book your gift meeting and let’s talk development needs and strategies for YOU!
The perfect fit for you if you are looking for personal and professional development solutions in 2021 & beyond.

Sign up for your gift meeting to plan your professional growth!
Day 3
A gift strategy session for the first 3 people who
sign up for it!
This is a perfect fit for managers or leaders who would like to understand how they make their best impact in business, and how they can help their teams maximize their impact in the organization!

Sign up for the gift strategy session & maximize your business impact!
Day 2
Continue treating yourself to this FREE Masterclass Series for People Who Lead People & Teams!
Last sessions on 10 December at 12.30 and 5.00 pm EST!

Get ALL Masterclass Replays, Resources & Further Support Here

Day 1

Watch this FREE Webinar and get some ideas of how you can maximize the impact you're making on your world!
Same goes for your team, if you're a team leader!
Watch the Webinar and Maximize Your Impact!

Want More Pampering? Get the Training, Case Studies, Practical Approaches to Help You Grow as a Manager or Leader!
Get the Same Love Like a CEO!

You know how top Executive Leaders get all the things they need to be great leaders? The coaching, the programs, the support, the opportunities.

What if the same was available for mid to senior managers, the ones who are hands on, boots on the ground, managing and leading their teams through the everyday trenches?

Well, this is IT!

The League is here to make sure that you, as a team leader or manager, more or less experienced in managing people & teams,
leader in a larger organization or owner of your own small business,
get access to the tools and the community YOU NEED NOW, and which help YOU reach YOUR full potential and BECOME the Leader you've always dreamed to be!

That's how YOU can help Your teams, businesses and organizations reach their full potential!
That's how we build a future we're proud of, TOGETHER!

Affordable. Global. Supportive.

Get this Special Offer by 15 December! We start on 11 January! In 2021, you take control over your success, YOUR way!
Want to talk about the League or other development options? Let's hop on a call!

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