In this issue of the All Personal News, we're kicking off the Black Friday Deals for all of you who are the boots-on-the-ground managers, managing people & teams, projects, clients and yourselves:
  1. Black Friday Super Special: FREE Bite-Sized Masterclass Series for People who manage people & teams
  2. Super Black Friday offer for joining the 'Lead for Legacy League' by 15 December
  3. Black Friday Special: All Personal Online courses $100 OFF in November, with life-time access
  4. Game Changing Work Live Show: 'Why not being able to plan and strategize is tough for some' and what to do about it.
Enjoy your Black Friday All Personal offers!


Dream Big and Think Like a High-Performing Athlete!

Black Friday Super Special:
FREE Bite-sized Masterclass Series for
People Who Manage People & Teams

Black Friday lasts for 3 Weeks with this FREE Bite-Sized Masterclass for People Who Manage People and Teams (team managers, business owners, founders)!
What: Different daily content in 30-minute sessions
When: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, starting 24 November to 10 December. You can choose either 12.30 pm or 5.00 pm sessions (eastern times).

Full Masterclass Schedule - identical lunchtime and afternoon sessions:
1. Preparation
  • 24 November: Emotional Intelligence & ‘Mindsetting’ – the power of our thoughts over our emotions & actions
  • 25 November: PowerPoses – body language and how it influences mindset
  • 26 November: Breathing & Diction Exercises – why, how and when they help
2. Performance
  • 1 December: Manage Your Time – don’t let it manage you
  • 2 December: Manage Your Team – practical approach from hiring, to developing and retaining
  • 3 December: Manage Change – the difference between managing change and crisis
3. Recovery
  • 8 December: Self-care strategies for high performance - practical approach
  • 9 December: Power of Community for the High-Performance Cycle
  • 10 December: The importance of higher purpose in engagement, motivation and high-performance

Register on Eventbrite to make sure you receive the video recordings and handouts!

Can't wait to see you there:)!

Sign-Up For the FREE Masterclass Series!

Super Black Friday Offer for Joining the 'Lead for Legacy League' Until 15 December!

'Lead for Legacy League':
The Global Community for 'Boots on the Ground' Managers!

You already know that we kicked-off a Global Community like no other!!

It's The Community that gives you the critical tools to learn AND practice the essential and critical skills that Leaders and Teams need today & beyond!

Your All Personal Management and Leadership program that teaches, connects and inspires you so you can build your Dream Career, Dream Business and Dream Team!

Not AFTER you've reached the top, but DURING the times when you struggle, when you need help, support, technical management skills and, most of all, the power of a community of peers.

All the tools that no leadership development program has had before!

We're not cars that can be fixed at the car shop. We cannot be fixed by one training session or management program that we go to once in a blue moon!

Personal and Professional Development are all about the time that we need to allow our journey to unfold, from initiation ALL the way to MASTERY!

Here is some of the awesome stuff waiting for you!
  1. A GLOBAL Community of continuous learning & support!
  2. Brainstorming & networking with peers from all over the world!
  3. Assessments and strategies for you and your team.
  4. Access and discounts to 250+ award-winning online courses.
  5. Regular group meetings, coaching, training, Q&A, support and discussions.
  6. Self-care!
  7. Constant communication and support from peers.
  8. Guest speakers from various industries.
  9. Speaking opportunities for you!
  10. & more, much more!
'If I want to find out more, what can I do?', you may ask.😊 Join the League and shape Your Future, Your Way!
Join the 'Lead for Legacy League'! Black Friday Super Special by 15 December!

Black Friday Special: All Personal Online Courses $100 OFF in November!

Why Emotional Intelligence & Time Management?

Emotional Intelligence is all about learning to manage ourselves (our thoughts, emotions, actions) SO THAT we can then manage our relationships with others better, more effectively, more productively.

It's a course that gives you the practical tools to help you:
  • become self-aware
  • manage your emotions and actions
  • become socially skilled
  • manage your relationships with others successfully!
One-time Black Friday offer - purchase it once and have it forever!

I will not insist on why Time Management is crucial now, I have a feeling you all know it!
Time is a precious resource, so managing our tasks, expectations, projects, people, that all takes time!
This is an All Personal fast-course, where we define 'time' management and work with practical techniques to help you:
  1. identify and eliminate time wasters
  2. create a to-do list
  3. prioritize your tasks
  4. plan the work
  5. execute the plan
One-time Black Friday offer - purchase it once and have it forever!
The dream was for you to feel good about how you do what you do! The dream was to build a Dream Team and be a Dream Boss!

Don't let your Dream turn into a Nightmare!

Your personal and professional development is your business. Important business. And that's All Personal.
Black Friday Price to get the courses with life-time access until end of November!

Game Changing Work Live Show - Impact at Work

Why Not Being Able to Plan and Strategize Is Tough for Some

The 'Game Changing Work' LIVE Show with Veronica Stewart at Ingenious Agile- ReThink with Purpose has been on a roll for a few weeks now!

We talk about "How to Strategize", but we never question if it is really a good fit for everyone.

Not everyone wants to put their energy into focusing on strategy while there are others who just absolutely LOVE to do it.
Strategic thinking is not easy for everyone to develop.
We dive into how The GC Index helps you understand WHY this is the case by measuring IMPACT.

The links to the events we talk about are here:
  1. Lead for Legacy League
  2. FREE Bite-Sized Masterclass for People who Manage People and Teams
  3. Game-Changing Work YouTube Channel
  4. All Personal YouTube Channel
  5. Rethink with Veronica YouTube Channel
Register to join our Live Show (or catch the replay) 'Game Changing Work with Roxana & Veronica'
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