How are YOU changing the game?

Innovative organizations work towards building the 'future of work' now.

More and more, leadership is no longer about the leader that's 'lonely at the top'. It's rather about who takes the 'helm' depending on what needs to be done.

For that, we need to make sure we have the right people in the right roles, with the right kind of impact at the right time!

What business impact do you have in your team? What business impact does your team have in the organization? Can we measure that?

The GC Index® is a radical re-think of how organizations identify and nurture key talent, identifying how people at all levels in organizations make their best impact.

It's a tool that empowers organizations around the world to drive performance and achieve innovation by creating game-changing teams and cultures.

All Personal is the first Canadian training, coaching and consulting company that became a Game-Changing Index® Partner.


If you're interested to be featured in a short interview about your leadership style and business impact, please email me.


check out the All Personal - GC Index Partnership

E-Learning That Sticks

Award-winning e-learning on Leadership, Sales and Customer Service

All Personal is a Gold Partner to Chart Learning Solutions, so you can access award-winning e-learning!
Whether you need just a few courses, or a fully-equipped e-learning platform, this is the place where you can start your e-learning journey.
Best thing about it? The platform offers coaching for the courses you choose!

Ask for a FREE TRIAL and see how it works for you or your organization!

check out the All Personal - Chart Learning Partnership

Interview for the Sales Experience Podcast

Business Is Personal

I had the pleasure to be a guest on the Sales Experience Podcast.

The discussion went from my TEDx speaking experience to what business and sales mean today.

Listen in, Jason Cutter is a wonderful host and his podcast offers tons of valuable information.

And we do sell, every day: we pitch ideas, we persuade people, we negotiate, we'd like our skills to be more appreciated.
That IS selling.
And it's All Personal.
check out other Podcasts where I talk about skills muscles

All Personal Podcast

To celebrate International Women's Day, I would like to thank all the incredible women and men interviewed on the show

What the podcast episodes tell you so far is that women don't need ONE day a year to make themselves heard and seen. They do that EVERY day.
Such an honour to have had each and every one of these women on the podcast!

As it's also an honour to have interviewed so many incredible men willing to share their own stories of becoming.

They are all people just like you and me, who generously shared their journey of discovering their skills muscles, their passion and their drive.
That takes courage, because it's All Personal.

We can only bring balance and build a future we're proud of, when we care less about our 'form', and more about our 'content'.

listen to the All Personal Podcast

Skills Muscles Workouts for You

Our Skills Are Just Like Muscles

Yes, I know, I've said that so many times! But it's true! And if you've listened to just a few of the All Personal Podcast episodes, you already know what my amazing guests said.
All you need to do is start training your skills muscles the same way you train your body muscles to keep them in shape. That means NOT just once a year! It means regular practice.
Because that's what learning is all about. Learning is a habit, not an event we go to.
So here you are, your All Personal Skills Workouts.

Imagine. Believe. Become.

The decision is yours.
All Personal workouts for your skills muscles
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