Ready(?) Steady(?) Go(?)

'By Failing to Prepare, You Are Preparing to Fail'
(Benjamin Franklin)

Yes, as tough as it may sound, we all know it's true. And we all know that high-performance never happens overnight. It's the result of constant, great effort.

The question is, HOW do we prepare?
How do we know what the best tools are for us to 'get ready', 'get in shape', 'get fit' for high-performance?

It's one of the reasons why athletes (and most other high-performers) have coaches: so they learn the specific techniques that are best fit for them and which can best prepare them for the kind of high-performance they need.

And now the additional question: how do we prepare - ourselves, our teams, our businesses - for the future, when the present is constantly changing?

I have one answer to this: creativity and innovation.
They're one answer because they go together everywhere.
  • These two will help us imagine and create a future that we can constantly adapt to our reality.
  • These two will help us become genuinely diverse and inclusive.
  • These two will help us see past our assumptions and biases.
  • It's these two that will help us continue to come up with creative solutions.
And if you're now raising your eyebrows in disbelief, think about it this way: it's creativity and innovation that have helped us survive in the midst of a global pandemic.
That have helped us help one another, communicate, motivate ourselves, encourage others, have a sense of connection and purpose and, most of all, keep hoping and imagining a different kind of future.
One that we're possibly going to be proud of!

So, open your notebooks and your imagination, and join me on an innovative and creative ride in this issue of the All Personal News:
  1. The Creators DevHub Interview - loved being interviewed on the impact of digital in communication and learning
  2. Home/Work Unlocked Podcast - 'Creativity, Crisis and the Future of Work'
  3. Free All Personal Webinar - 'The Proven Method to Reduce Bias When Making People Decisions in Your Team'
  4. Creative Self-management work-outs
Ready! Steady! Go!


tCD Digital Chats - E2: Roxana Radulescu

'The Impact of Digital on Communication and Learning'

We Have an Infinite Creative Capacity to Unlearn and Relearn

So excited to share this interview with you!

First, because I am happy to call a friend who is both a super talented IT developer and a wonderful artist - she paints, among other stuff!
She is also the founder of The Creators Devhub Inc, and the creator of the Digital Chats interview series!

Second, because we got to talk about things dear to me, such as:
  1. the impact of digital on our non-verbal communication and how we've made it All Personal
  2. how we built trust almost overnight due to the pandemic
  3. why I use the term work / home balance, not work / life balance.
She is also a great host and interviewer!
Email Me to Share How You Unlearn and Relearn to Communicate in This Crisis

Home/Work Unlocked Limited Interview Series

Creativity, Crisis and the Future of Work

I've created ‘HomeWork Unlocked’ as an All Personal Limited Interview Series, where we discuss the future of work.

In this episode, I talk to Bob Sager, The founder of SpearPoint Solutions LLC.
Bob’s professional background includes over three decades of experience in sales, leadership and training.
He facilitates training on methods of thinking more creatively that can help organizations and individuals thrive in today's economy.

Listen in and find out more about the crucial role that creativity plays in moving forward, especially in a crisis.

1. The importance of looking at existing assets in different ways
2. Why creativity helped us find the right solutions in this crisis – and keeps doing that
3. How organizations can use creativity to thrive moving forward
4. Why the personalized approach is going to be crucial in the near future economy
5. How important it is to take care of the people inside the organization as your internal customers
6. How we are moving towards ‘a people business’ approach, regardless of the industry we operate in

Click on image to listen in and get some creative ideas for your business, team or organization!

Then take a deeper dive into creative problem solving, with Bob's online course 'Creative Concepts to Conquer Covid-19'.

This training will help you see solutions to problems that others don’t.
Use PROMO Code ALL1010 and get 10% off!

Take Bob's course Creative Concepts to Conquer Covid-19 (use promo code ALL1010)

Free All Personal Webinar, Powered by The GC Index

'The Proven Method to Reduce Bias When Making People Decisions in Your Team'

If you had to hire a player for your basketball team - OK, I am fully biased here, who in Canada isn't, with the Raptors being the 2019 NBA champions?

But let's just say, what if you did have to hire a player for your basketball, football, hockey, [pick your own sport] team?

And what if you have two players who have the skills, personality and experience that match your team, how do you make sure you choose the best one for your team?
How do you make sure you don't choose based on your biases, but based on what you want the player to achieve in their role and for the team?

What are you hiring the player for
Where will they make the best impact? Is it defense? Is it offense? Middle field?

In other words, what is the business goal that their role is going to accomplish on the team?

How will they change the game to everyone's benefit?

Join me on this free All Personal webinar and discover the creative power of The GC Index, the organimetric that measures people's business impact in their role and reduces our unconscious bias in making people decisions!

Discover the game-changing, proven method that helps you, your team and your organization:
  1. Build greater diversity by reducing unconscious bias in building your team
  2. Hire, retain and promote the best people for your business goals and growth
  3. Build a culture of genuine innovation and creativity
  4. Maximize your and your team’s impact in business, based on reliable data
  5. Provide a language and framework for people that is simple, effective and outcome driven
Let's create a future of work we're all proud of!
Register to Join Me on September 16th @ 2 pm EST

Creative Self-Management Workouts

Creative Self-Management through Emotional Intelligence

Managing ourselves is a big part of Emotional Intelligence as a skill muscle. And it's even more important now that the world around us has changed so much and so abruptly!

The good news is that Emotional Intelligence is a skill we can learn and develop continuously.

Check out the All Personal online course on Emotional Intelligence for Game-Changing Leaders.

If you are a CPA, law or HR professional, you can also collect your CPD points by taking the course on the relevant links below:


I am grateful for any feedback or review of the course, regardless of the platform you are taking it on!

To express my gratitude, I am offering a one-hour complimentary coaching session once you've completed the course!
Email me and we'll set it up!

Access the resources below to work out and build your self-management skills muscles further.

On your marks, get set & prepare for high-performance!

Imagine. Believe. Become.

Our inner work only depends on ourselves.
More self-management workouts
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