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Whilst 2017 was certainly a busy year for ipSCAPE it feels like a distant memory as we rush into 2018. At ipSCAPE, we live “cloud” on a daily basis and understand the importance of cloud technology within a contact centre environment, however, we are excited about news of increasing uptake and acceptance of cloud technology by everyday Australians.

Recent findings from ComScore indicate that by 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice searches, i.e. a user “says” their search request instead of typing it into a device. This is reflected in the uptake of in-home cloud solutions such as ‘Alexa’, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service. The closest living thing to Star Trek, Alexa answers questions, provides weather information, traffic conditions, can turn lights on and off and play music, all using a voice command.

Or perhaps ‘Google Home’ is more to your liking? They help you with everything online so why not around your home as well.

As cloud becomes more prevalent in our everyday lives, at home and work (indicators suggest that the global market for cloud based contact centres is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 20% by 2022) the importance of getting “cloud” right for your customers is greater than ever.

To provide the best experience for your customers, ipSCAPE continually enhances its features to ensure that the cloud solutions we deliver, will in turn, create exceptional customer experiences for you.

Peter Anson

Chief Executive Officer


Latest Product Updates


Agent Direct In Dial

Agent Direct in Dial (DID) feature allows a customer to contact an agent directly by dialling a published DID. The solution simplifies the user experience by allowing a supervisor to configure agent setting to route calls directly to an agent without assigning to queue.


Agent Activity API

A new API endpoint provides information about agent actions such as login time, talk time, pause time. The endpoint can be used to build a custom dashboard and integration with a Workforce Management System (WFM).


ipSCAPE Extensions

Agents can now use native ipSCAPE extensions to establish a connection with our voice servers rather than a third party PBX. This is an “on-net” connection which means there is no charge for Agents using “System Calls Agent” or “Agent Calls System” to connect to ipSCAPE.


Custom Data Mapping for Salesforce

The current functionality to map custom fields to Salesforce has been extended to include additional ipSCAPE call and IVR details. 


New Dashboard and Reports in ipSCAPE Analytics

ipSCAPE Analytics now includes a pre-defined set of reports with standard metrics e.g. grade of service, abandonment rates etc. Also included are a set of Dashboards which give you an overview of Inbound and Outbound Contact Centre activities.


How can speech analytics help us if 90% of communication is non-verbal?

Speech Analytics is one of the fastest growing and exciting segments of contact centre technology. In this webinar we investigate why companies are adopting it and what insights they can gain from it.

February 28, 2018


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What Makes for A Great Contact Centre Manager

To generate consistently outstanding results, a contact centre needs a top notch centre manager. And they're not easy to come by. The best managers possess a wide variety of technical and strategic skills along with a set of specific personal traits that cannot be easily taught.

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New Starters

We’d like to welcome both Sanand and Cary to the ipSCAPE team. We’re excited to have you on board!

Sanand Gopal

I started my career in software industry more than 10 years ago as a mobile application test analyst in India.

Then I had the opportunity to work with Optus. I continued as a Test analyst under various phases of testing, which included System Testing, System Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing also in the automation space. Later on I got the good fortune to serve with Optus as a Test Lead, to guide a team technically and manage the deliverables. I moved out of Optus as a Senior Test Lead.

As a next stage of my career, I got the opportunity to work with Cashrewards as an Automation and Performance Test Architect. The roles and responsibilities have helped me to strengthen my base with respect to automation and setting up an automation framework for the organisation.

When I received the offer with ipScape as head of QA, I was considering it as a next level opportunity in my career growth. When I studied the company, I could see that it has great potential for growth. I consider it a privilege to be a part of the ipSCAPE team.


Carey Sinclair

Prior to joining ipSCAPE, I worked at CoreLogic, a global property data & analytics company.

In addition, I have worked in a range of sales roles in the IT industry including Inside Sales, Account Management and Business Development.

Before pursuing a career in the IT industry I worked in the social welfare and community development sectors as a Case Worker, Community Development Officer and Social Planner for Local Government in the US and Australia respectively.. 

Originally, I am from Atlanta, Georgia, a thriving metropolis in the south eastern region of the United States of America.

I joined ipSCAPE for the following reasons,

  • capabilities of the ipSCAPE product/solution set; and
  • growth potential of ipSCAPE



At ipSCAPE we pride ourselves on helping our clients deliver legendary customer service. Our five company values drive both our work ethic and culture. 


Be brave

We are confident in our people and technology. 
We embrace challenges and have the courage to stand up for what matters.


We do what we say

... and say what we do. We are always honest and transparent.


Your success is ours

We are determined to achieve measurable results for ourselves and our clients. We are passionate and committed, going above and beyond to get the job done.


Relationships matter

We strive to develop authentic relationships. We truly care for people and believe that everyone can make a positive impact.


Lead with innovation

Collaboration drives innovation and we continually strive to create better solutions across people, processes and technology.