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The Bhaddekaratta Sutta - Sutra on Knowing the Better Way to Live Alone

Talk given for the Nebraska Zen Center
Five Precepts 2022
Congratulations to Steven Cannon, Charity Christofferson, Navvab Munirih, and Heather Hildreth on receiving the 5 Wonderful Mindfulness Trainings.  Over the past year we have been studying the Ven. Thich Nhat Hanh's book, For a Future to Be Possible, about the 5 trainings.  For those who wish to receive the precepts, it is open to all.  Feel free to reach out to Daishin and begin to study them.  The ceremony was held at the Friends Quaker Meeting in Ames.  Much gratitude to the Friends!

The Five Precepts are:
Reverence for Life
True Happiness
True Love
Loving Speech and Deep Listening
Nourishment and Healing

For those who have already received the 5 Precepts and been working with them at least one year and would like to receive the 16 precepts of Soto Zen, please reach out to Daishin.  The 16 precepts are:

Take refuge in Buddha
Take refuge in Dharma
Take refuge in Sangha
Do no evil
Do all that is good
Live for the benefit of all beings
Not to kill
Not to take what is not given
Not misusing sexuality
Refraining from false speech
Refraining from intoxicants
Not to slander
Not to praise self at the expense of others
Not to be avaricious
Not to harbor ill will
Not to disparage the three treasures
Half Day of Zen
Pure Land of Iowa
Saturday, March 5th
1:30 - 4:30PM

Jisho will facilitate this retreat, continuing to study The Essence of Zen, with Harada Sekkei Roshi.

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Suggested Donation $25

Empowering Trauma Survivors

An innovative new program on the Behavioral Health Unit at Mary Greeley Medical Center is putting the age-old practice of yoga to work to help survivors of trauma learn to manage their stressors. Trauma-sensitive yoga was introduced at Mary Greeley in March 2021 and is offered twice a week on the inpatient unit and once a week for sub-acute patients. In addition, classes are offered via Zoom for those who cannot attend in person.  Read More
Understanding Islam with Imam Jaily
Monday, February 28th

To join this online meeting, register with Daishin
We expect over 40 people in attendance, largely comprised of the Christian community.  Please join us to be a part of the conversation and ongoing learning.  It is sponsored by Zen Fields and the Ames Jewish Congregation.
Annual Meeting
March 19th
2:30 - 3:30pm

Part of incorporating as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization is having an annual meeting of the Board of Directors that is open to all sangha.  Sangha means you if you are reading this.  You are welcome to attend to witness and ask questions about the direction of Zen Fields.
At present we are still in need of someone to take the position of Treasurer.  This needs to be someone who has received the precepts (in any Buddhist tradition) and also has some experience working with finances.  Please contact Daishin if this is something you are interested in considering.

The Annual Meeting will be integrated into our retreat for the third Saturday of March.  The retreat part begins at 1pm and ends at 2:30pm.  We'll meet at Quaker Meeting.
New Avenue for Donations
Zen Fields now has a PayPal account that is specific for non-profits.  If you have set up auto payment for a recurring donation through the previous account, please change to the new PayPal account.  It is found here.
Modified Schedule for 1st week of March

Monday Evening Meditation
6 - 7:30pm

No Yoga Classes This Tuesday and Thursday, March 1st and 3rd

Guided Meditation
7-8pm Thursday
Morning Meditation
Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 5:30 - 6am
Donate - We are a 501(c)3 tax deductible organization
We acknowledge and offer our respects to the following indigenous peoples on whose land this text was generated:  Ioway, Meskwaki, Sauk, Omaha and Ponca, Otoe and Missouria,Pawnee and Arikara, Potawatomi, Santee and Yankton Sioux, and the Winnebago.

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