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KT Launched an App With 3D Character Mode

The app 'narle' provides 3D character/AR filter mode with Hyprsense SDK

KT video call app 'narle

What sort of service would rule the 5G network? Our partner KT thinks that the answer is in the AR video call. Powered by Hyprsense SDK, the app 'narle' provides its 3D character/AR filter mode to accelerate 5G usage.

Heard of a Virtual Influencer or a VTuber?

Digital human or so-called virtual avatar might be closer than you think 

Digital Human Trend

Our favorite shows are Westworld, Battle Angel: Alita, and Love, Death & Robots. Watching the shows, our thought slips into the imagination of the future of digital humans. 

Well, the future might be closer than you think. Real-time graphic generated virtual avatars are coming to the entertainment market.

Digital Human Article
Current Use Cases of Digital Human

We listed current use cases  - Facebook Reality Labs, Instagram influencers, Snow's avatar creation app Zepeto, VRChat, etc. 
MWC Demo Video
Hyprface MWC Live Mobile Demo

Interested in similar service? Build your own service with our SDK. Here's a live mobile demo video for your reference. 

We Are Looking for Someone

Someone who wants to make a difference, thinking between technology and art
Real-time 3D Character Article
What Kind of Projects Would a Graphic Team Work on at Hyprsense?

We are currently hiring computer graphics/vision engineers, technical artists, and game client developers. Thinking of anyone? Let us know!
Compressing a CRM Article
What Kind of Projects Would an R&D Intern Work on at Hyprsense?

We are also hiring software engineers and computer vision/deep learning researchers. Read more to take a peek and apply now!
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