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Message From The Principal

It has been another full two weeks here at Eltham Hill with our wonderful International Day of the Girl Conference and a huge amount of sporting success for our talented students. It was great to see so many of our students receiving their awards on Wednesday, including those who returned from University to see us and I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet parents last night at our ‘Meet the Principal’ event. I very much want to hear your views on how things are going for your children and if you were unable to attend the meetings but have some feedback, positive or negative, please do email me. I want to build stronger partnerships with parents and would also love to hear from you about the type of events you would like the school to offer.

With very best wishes for a relaxing and happy half term

Erika Podmore

Dates to Remember:

  • Half Term - 23rd - 27th October
  • Year 12 and 13 Subject Evening - Tue, October 31, 4pm7pm
  • Filmskool Premiere at the Curzon Mayfair - Sat, November, 4th
  • Post 16 Open Evening (for Year 11 students) - Mon, November 6, 6pm8pm
  • Year 10 Subject Evening - Tue, November 7, 4pm7pm

Celebration of Achievement 2017

Our Celebration of Achievement ceremony highlights our students’ successes. Over 100 well-deserved awards were given to our student population.

Our guest speaker was Michelle De Leon a Network Television Producer, who has been working in broadcasting for over twenty years. She is the founder and Director of ‘World Afro Day’ which seeks to change the negative attitudes towards Afro hair into a positive day of change, education and celebration. She detailed her experience of working in the media, and the barriers she faced as a woman and person of colour but explained how perseverance and grit allowed her to achieve her dream job.

The full list of award winners and photos from the evening are available on our website:

NACE Challenge Award

Eltham Hill has been awarded the NACE Challenge Award. The NACE Challenge Award is a nationally recognised quality mark presented to schools that have developed excellent provision for more able learners. The assessor was, 'very impressed by the school’s ambition to provide challenge through rigorous monitoring, planning and getting pupils to think and be independent in their learning.'

Cross Country Champions

I would like to say huge congratulations to the Year 9 Cross Country team for becoming borough champions at the Greenwich Schools Cross Country Championships on Wednesday 18th October. The Year 7 Team also placed 2nd place overall out of 10 Greenwich Schools.

The following girls will go on to represent Greenwich at the London Championships following their fantastic individual performances:

  • Evie Shepherd (Year 9) 3rd place overall
  • Molly Powell (Year 9) 4th place overall
  • Maia Adams (Year 9) 6th place overall
  • Isabel Wallace 5th place overall in the Year 7 race.

Congratulations to all the runners

Ms Jones 

Accenture Technology and Business Day

Year 10 took part in a daylong workshop which focused on 21st-century design thinking and how that might appear in the real world. The workshop was organised and run by ‘Accenture’, a global management consulting and professional services company which focuses on digital technology. The day started with a taste of augmented reality. Augmented Reality is a new field of digital technology, which superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world. Mouchidath Abibou and Katie Kempton got to experience cars spinning above their heads and the ability to interact with the cars by opening and closing bonnets, doors and even turning on windscreen wipers!

“It was amazing! I got to experience augmented reality, I really want to learn more about careers in this area!” (Mouchidath, Year 10)

Students were challenged to design apps with the company running a competition for the best app idea. The winning group have been invited to Accenture's London Office to experience the facilities where the technology is designed and constructed.

As if that wasn’t enough, Accenture ran a hackathon challenge with the students, Mr Cameron, and Ms Afadi. The girls learnt coding skills and how to ‘debug’ faulty or encrypted code.

“The hackathon was so interesting, we learnt how to be able to take over a computer! I’m doing Computer Studies for GCSE so it was really interesting to understand the benefits and dangers of coding. There are some jobs out there I never knew existed!” Anouk Ardouin-Nesbit (Year 10).

Ms Wuhib, Ms Key and Ms Asiwe

German Exchange


The German exchange trip was definitely one of my favourite trips! At first, I was nervous about staying with another family but it really wasn’t anything to be afraid of. Before the exchange, I had received all the contact and social media details of my partner so we often talked and found out things about each other and that made me excited about going. My exchange family was very welcoming and nice, they understood that I didn’t eat meat and made us all delicious meals, the food in Germany is amazing! The parents were very generous to me and always checked if I was ok and asked about my life in England. What I found helpful was that nearly everyone in the school could speak English so I could always ask for help on how to say different words.

The exchange definitely helped me develop my German vocabulary and I now pronounce words and understand sentences a lot easier. I plan to go again because it was so much fun!

Martha Crawley, 9S


At 4 am, we arrived very sleepy at Eltham Hill, ready to take a coach to Stansted for an early flight to Cologne. We arrived at the German school at about midday and met our exchange partner. Most of us already knew them as this was the second part of the exchange. The German group came over to England in June. We spent that first afternoon with the families, getting to know the local area and speaking in German!

The next morning, I had a 5.30 start as the school there starts at 7.30. When we arrived at the school we set off for a day of team building, including climbing activities, zip wires and problem-solving activities.

Later in the week, we had a trip to a goat farm where we were instructed in how to make goat’s cheese. Mine looked disgusting! We got to taste some goat’s cheese made at the farm and that was a lot better.

The weekend was the hardest part of the trip as we had to speak German non-stop for two whole days. However, it was fun as I went to visit Cologne and Fantasialand – a theme park.

On Monday, we visited Trier, otherwise known as the Roman Capital of Europe. After a guided tour by a ‘Roman’, well a German lady dressed up as one, we had some time to go shopping.

Mia Walker, 10T


In Daun, we made candles and learnt about the history of honey and how honey is made. The candle making was fun, there was a huge bowl of beeswax and we had to dip a piece of long string into the wax to make the candle. We had to wait a bit before dipping it again or it would snap. This was my first time making a candle, it was a slow process but the candles turned out great in the end!

Yalin Chen, 8S


I was fortunate to be chosen for the German exchange trip with Eltham HIll School. I stayed with the family of my exchange student Mara, who stayed with me in June 2017. It was an amazing trip. I had been to Germany before, but as the family lived in a rural area I got the opportunity to see Germany from a different perspective. The rural area demonstrated to me the differences between village life and city life. I enjoyed my stay with my German family, I made new friends within the school and one of my favourite trips was to the old city of Trier. Staying with the family in their home gave me the opportunity to practice my German and learn about different cultures.

Saffiyyah Muhammed, 9G


The German exchange trip was a fantastic opportunity to enrich and develop our speaking, writing and listening skills. Der Austausch hat mir sehr gut gefallen – Vielen Dank!

Amelie Tu, 10T


71 students have been attending basketball club every Thursday and the teams have been selected (pictured below). Students will be training for the London Youth Games. 

Year 7 Basketball team
Libbie Jones 7M, Crystal Calx 7H, Lola Thurston Mathews 7T, Chenuli Hewarathme 7A, Chloe Gardener 7L, Eleanor Shepherd 7L, Maisy Hawkins 7L, Ayse Kabya 7M, Millie Palmer 7L, Amy Vu 7A and Jenny Pham 7M.
Year 8 basketball team
Latonya Smith 8E, Alicia Su 8G, Olivia Holloway 
8H, Suin Falvey 8E, Sarah Hamoudi 8A, Esther Hydar 8E, Oceanne Sitbon 8G, Lucia Gester 8E, Charlotte Biro 8L, Kenaa Bartley 8G, Grace Pimley 8H and Zainab Adesanya 8l.
Year 9 Basketball team
Nichole Watson 9A, Chelsea Emenike 9A, Kenya Goumidi-Brown 9A, Bethlehem Girma 9A, Roshada Walcott 9T, Emanuella Ikechukluu 9H, Sofia Blentzas 9G and May-shi Li 9H.
Year 10/11 Basketball Team 
Asha Patel 10L, Ya-Shi Li 10T, Treasure Uhunamure 11A, Hikmat Olufodun 11T, Sophia Cumberbatch  11E, Divine Osideko 11H, Shenise Browne 11A and Chantal Hibbert 11A.

Eating Disorders Assembly

Up to one in ten teenage girls has an eating disorder and an increasing number of boys are also at risk. Bulimia and Anorexia are two common causes of concern.

To increase awareness and recognition of these Eating Disorders and to ensure students know how to access help easily, the Eating Disorders Team for South London gave a fascinating interactive talk to our Post 16 students. Students learnt how to recognise the conditions and what to do if they need help or have a friend who needs to talk about these issues. An information poster is in our Post 16 Study Room but details are also here below



Our (Year 10) third netball match of the season against Harris Academy showed we had the ability to produced resounding play, we displayed solid defence and attacking display throughout. We started off positively with lots of energy and excitement. After halftime, our game faces were on and we were determined to succeed (so that we created many secret codes such as ‘Gilbert’ which meant ‘CREATE SPACE’) but Harris soon caught on and they knew exactly what we were up too! 

Well played girls, although the score may not reflect our efforts, we are certainly proud of our performance and progress!  9-15 to Harris Academy. 

Amelie Tu, 10T

Young Reporters Scheme

The Young Reporter scheme gives students a taste of the newsroom. It is difficult to secure work placements in the media and this scheme gives students a chance to start their ‘writing career’ under the guidance of professional journalists. The scheme is structured as near to real life as possible as students are given deadlines to work to and are encouraged to take and upload photographs.

As Ella Thompson 13H, one the ten Eltham Hill Students enrolled onto the scheme, comments: 'wanting to pursue journalism as a career, I am so excited to be able to get an initial taste of this world'.

Congrats to Ella Thompson, Sevi Osmanogullari, Charlotte Griffin, Michaela Smith, Yasmin Thompson, Ursula Karki, Ellie Gray, Amelie Tu, Mia Walker and Riju Prasi for being accepted onto the scheme.

Student Council Conference

A large number of Key Stage 3 and 4 students submitted their applications at the start of October in the hope of being elected for the role of Year Group Student Council Representative. After much deliberation, the councils were elected. On Wednesday 11th October the students attended the annual School Council Conference. Students had the opportunity to listen to a range of speeches on leading change, as well as workshops campaign ideas for the upcoming year. All year group councils elected a chair and secretary before planning for the year ahead. The representatives interviewed their peers to find out what really mattered to them. Initial campaign ideas included; redecorating the school bathrooms, introducing fair-trade products in the school canteen, reducing anxiety and stress in the lead up to exams and raising money for charities close to their hearts. 

Good luck to all councils as they embark on the start of their campaign journeys.
Year Group Student Council 2017/18
Year 7
Gertrude Ofosu, Connie Johnson, Bryonie Barnett, Rhianna McDowell-Callender, Amelia
Sophocli, Jessica Wilson and Ariunaa Alaszewski-Khargana.
Year 8
Imogen Skelton, Carol Prabu, Summaya Hussein, Amber Forbes, McKayla Whitehorse-King, Rosie Palmer-Barnes, Jeylan Djemal, Emily North and Lia-May Hall.
Year 9
Zamiah Riley, Safiya Mohamed, Melsiye Kiranel, Tiana Lawrence, Abigail Cooke, Evie Shepherd and Martha Cawley.
Year 10

Amberlise Trigg, Lily Suttle, Folashade Akinrinade, Kulthum Mohamed, Mei Fernadez-Amano, Claramae Flemming, Anouk Ardouin-Nesbit, Sinead O-Amafo, Amira Alibiu, Precious Joseph, Arena Queen, Shukrat Adebayo and Yahleetah Mitchell.
Year 11
Ebonnie Clarke, Cyrita Watson and Xiamara Bailey.

Black History Month Assembly

On Wednesday 18th October, Ms Dadson and Ms O’Brien accompanied our Head Girl, Temi Oluwatofunmi, and three Year 9 students; Amondine Tison-Campbell, Clevence Kanda and Saffiyyah Muhammed, to Montbelle Primary School to present an assembly on Black History. The girls spoke about the importance of recognising the rich history of Africa and acknowledging the contributions made by people of African descent to British society for generations.

The girls presented to every year group and taught the children about Mansa Musa, a great king from Mali who lived in medieval times (1312 -1337), and was the richest man who ever lived. His wealth would be worth $400 Billion dollars in today's money!

The children from Montbelle throughly enjoyed the assembly and the Montbelle staff thanked the girls for giving such an informative assembly. 

Young Women's Conference

11 October is marked as the International Day of the Girl. The day aims to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face while promoting girls’ empowerment and the fulfilment of their human rights. Every year on this day Eltham Hill holds its Young Women’s Conference. Speakers and workshop helped highlight issues faced by girls.

Our speakers included Gabby Edlin (founder of Bloody Good Period) Amaal Said, (Artist and Poet), Dave Myers (Joint Head of the Forced Marriage Unit) and Aimee Challenor (Stonewall Trans Advisory Group).

Gabby Edlin spoke to our girls about period poverty. Sanitary towels are quite expensive and when you are on a low budget can be difficult to afford. Her charity Bloody Good Period collects donations of sanitary products and gives them out to those in need, such as refugees and asylum seekers. Gabby also led a workshop with students that look at the attitudes and stigma surrounding menstruation particularly focusing how sanitary products are advertised.

Amaal Said spoke about her experience as a Somali poet and photographer. She said she refuses to be typecast as, ‘the woman of colour’, and talked about owning the term, ‘artist’ as a second generation Somali woman. The workshop she led focused on representation of Muslim women and women of colour in poetry and visual arts. Students created their own poem using photographs as a stimulus.

Dave Myers, from the Forced Marriage Unit, explained what constitutes as Forced Marriage and how to identify potential victims. The Forced Marriage Unit states that Forced marriage is when you face physical pressure to marry (for example, threats, physical violence or sexual violence) or emotional and psychological pressure (eg if you’re made to feel like you’re bringing shame on your family)

Aimee Challenor talked about her experiences as a young transwoman and explained the work that the Stonewall Trans Advisory Group is doing to aid and amplify trans voices. Aimee, along with Ms Zionts, led a workshop that examined whether transwomen were included enough in current feminist movements and led discussions on how we could work to promote more inclusive notions of feminism.

Further workshops were led by Eltham Hill staff and explored issues relating to intersectionality, representation of women in the media, the politics and standards of afro hair, and the power of language.


Harvest Festival

Year 7 and 8 have been very busy collecting food for Harvest Festival. In assembly, we discussed the reasons for this event at this time of year and celebrated food around the world. All donations will go to the Greenwich Food Bank.

Ms Sully
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