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Hi friends,
You may have seen, heard, or read a lot of perspectives on Covid 19, including how isolation is doing a number on people.  Whether you live alone or with people, you are likely experiencing some cultural trauma, or at least heightened mental emotional anguish simply being in this time period of social distancing, with anxiety over your health or the health of those you love, and just not getting your daily hug quota!  Hugs are truly immune boosting, and most people were deficient before Covid!  If you can’t get your hugs, perhaps you can get your immune support other ways…. See the PS below.

So for those of you looking for a very short and silly morning or evening yoga, I'm offering a couple free videos for the young at heart, especially made for kids, though I do not specialize in working with kids, but here is my attempt to fill a gap since I have heard so many kids are crawling up the wall with boredom.  
Click here for a morning Underwater adventure video, click here for a bedtime magical unicorn discovery!  For the Underwater adventure, it starts around 1:20 while I'm figuring out the best place to stand! The magical unicorn starts at about 40 seconds.  I'll get better at these zoom videos someday!  And I realized the clarity on the underwater adventure is better because I used my phone, which I'll do from now on....

So, I was lying in bed last night thinking how Covid is an invitation to trauma recovery.  The foundation of trauma recovery is slowing down.   Most of us have slammed on the brakes recently, to orient and refocus on survival in a very different way. Slowing down makes us become more present.  If you have lived through significant trauma, chances are that you like to stay very busy, or very distracted, so you don’t have to feel the pain that lingers within.  Since we are all bound to our homes these days, unless you are lucky enough to be considered essential (isn’t that mildly traumatizing, or at least irritating, to hear we aren’t considered “essential?!), why not take the time to do a little processing to relieve yourself of the burden you’ve been carrying?   Lighten your load and see what there is to discover…. And perhaps invite someone you love to join so you can connect on a deeper level?

I just decided to offer a free new talk about the stages of Trauma Recovery that I call 8 Steps to Integration on Wednesday, April 29, 11am- 12:30. Feel free to register now so you don’t forget!  It is part of the Trauma Informed Yoga & Ayurvedic Self Care Training for Yoga Professionals, and this is the only time I will offer this for free!

My talk on Self Care Wednesday, May 13 is also part of the TIYA Self Care Training for Yoga Professionals, on Bringing Yoga Out of the Studio- Adapting your Practice for Special Populations, now just $47!.  One day this crisis will end, and you will want to have this sensitivity training & the tools to bring your practice to the people that really need you- now more than ever!  You could use it now offering online classes for various populations- once you have the knowledge of course! 

If you register for this, I’ll offer you a BONUS $20 discount on the Foundations of Trauma Informed Yoga & Ayurveda class, so it’s only $77!  You will gain confidence and competence to thrive as a leader in yoga and wellness.
          -People NEED evidence-based practical tools to self- regulate and skillfully manage emotions, especially these days!
         -When people understand that certain symptoms are common to everyone, they may realize they don’t have to feel ashamed anymore, but may not know how to take good care of themselves and may look to you for tools.
       -This is not the time for quick fixes and tricks.  This is the time to do some deeper self- searching, reprioritizing and finding your foundation to live what you know, and model true resilience.

If you are a yoga teacher, wellness coach or something like it, you may be someone’s lifeline to those in need.  YOU are being called to uplevel your offering right now to fill a niche- what will it be? What has your life been calling you to do with what you know?

Lastly, please feel free to take a moment to actually let me know how you are!  If you’re wondering, I am feeling well.  We have been navigating this new family living arrangement and have mediation on Friday.  I feel very clear about our foundation being mental and emotional health to provide the best possible space for the kids, and believe that we will find the path to get there.  Thanks for all your well wishes.  I feel stronger than I have in years!

Wishing you love and great immunity,

PS.  A few Immune Boosting Tips from Ayurveda....
Get enough sleep- yup, 8 hours. 
Eat at regular times, and not too late at night.
Put a little sesame oil or ghee in your nose at night (or a mind formula for best effect!)
Swish with a little oil for 3 minutes at least once a day.  
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Get your Immunity On with Great Daily Routines!
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