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Here's a little story from this particular windy day...
Hi Fans!

I first want to say that I hope you and your loved ones are healthy, well, and safe. With everyone staying at home and adjusting to their "new normal," I wanted to share a dose of positivity today.

When my team and I went on tour to film the My Esprit music video, we wanted to connect with others in the communities that we visited as we went up and down the California coastline. We were fortunate to hear some great stories along the way. One story in particular that stands out to me is from an older gentleman who had lived around the Sausalito area for decades. He saw the waves of different music genres live and breathe in the buildings that ended up feeling like a second home to him. He saw and learned different dance moves throughout the years as musicians and artists came through the port town. From jazz to new age to funk, he saw it all. One thing in particular that he said and really resonated with me was,
"Music gave us a reason to come together and build each other up despite hardships, despite our backgrounds."

With that in mind, my hope with this music video is that it puts a smile on your face today. I hope that during these 5 minutes, your tired brain sets your worries aside and instead enjoys the ride of the tour. Lastly, I hope that this note encourages you to reach out to others in your community with a simple, kind note to let them know that you're thinking of them too.
Thank you for reading all the way through, and I'll talk to you again soon. Until next time... here's a hug!

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As highlighted in Celeb Secrets earlier this week, if you'd like to check out the My Esprit Tour: Home Edition that I did last week, feel free to check out the recordings on my Facebook page. Every day of the virtual tour, we talked about what we were thankful for, and today, I'm thankful for the opportunity to connect with you.
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