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16th June 2019

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A Word from Momma Witch
Join me for a Spell - Magickal Associations (Tarot Cards)
This weeks Recipe - Tune and Basil Pate
Soraya's Rune Reading £10 offer
Lunar Chart for June 19
Your Horoscope by Soraya
The Morning Ritual
Special Offer Signed copies of Books by Soraya

A word from Momma Witch

Litha - The Summer Solstice, Midsummer

Date: June 21 (there about) perform your ritual after 3 pm on the 21st as the moon is Void off Course until then
This is the longest day of the year and The God is at his peak of strength making his a good time to perform rituals for abundance, fertility, virility, beauty, and the bounty of our earth. Light a bonfire after the Sun sets if you can, and if you can't place a candle in your cauldron (or a receptacle that you can use as a cauldron). Remember to show gratitude for the blessings that we have already been given.
At this special time the Goddess is pregnant with the new God who will be born at Yule so decorate your altar with the colours White and Pale Yellow and flowers such as St. John's Wort, birch leaves and white Lilly's. Use symbols which indicate the masculine and feminine aspects of the God and Goddess such as, your athame to represent the God, and the Cauldron which represents the Goddess.

Taylor Made Holistics

If you’d like more information on how to use essential oils safely at home, book a treatment or have a particular ailment you would like a blend for please drop Claire an email
*Remember essential oils are highly concentrated & recommended dosage should never be exceeded. Always follow the safety information & never take internally. Treat as medicines and keep out of reach of children*.

Geranium Pelargonium Graveolens
from the Geraniaceae family.

Geranium oil was only discovered in the 1850’s. It blends well with Lavender, sweet orange, patchouli, rose, sandalwood, jasmine, juniper, neroli and bergamot amongst others. Its close relative herb Robert has been used in herbal medicine for centuries.
Properties: Geranium is known to be antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-fungal.
Mental Health Benefits
Geranium aids depression, anxiety, and nervous tension by lifting the mood.
How to use:
For Massage
Mix with a carrier oil such as grapeseed (as a general rule use 1 drop of essential oil to 2mls carrier oil based on a healthy adult).
In the Bath
Add 5-10 drops to a full bath and agitate well, the oil can be dissolved first in a teaspoon of bubble bath,
carrier oil,
or full-fat milk.
In a Diffuser or Oil Burner
Add a few drops to a small bowl of water and place on a radiator or pop a few drops on a tissue.
Physical Health Benefits
A balancing & calming oil, Geranium is commonly used for treating hormonal imbalances such as PMT and menopausal problems. It is also a cleansing and refreshing astringent and is useful for all skin types including oily & dry skin. It has many other uses in skin care including acne, bruises, burns, wounds, congested skin, haemorrhoids, dermatitis, eczema to name but a few. It can be useful for poor circulation and oedema.
How to use
Use in massage or a bath as per guidelines above, for PMT & menopausal issues you can also use the vaporisation method.
For Skin Issues
Add a drop of oil to a plain skin lotion for topical use.
For Pre-menstrual Cramps
Add 4 drops Geranium, 4 drops Cypress and 4 drops Geranium to 25mls of carrier oil or plain lotion and massage into the abdomen in a clockwise direction.
Spiritual Benefits
Release, cleanse, anoint and align the Heart and Throat Chakras.
How to use
Mix a couple of drops in a teaspoon of carrier oil and massage onto pulse points/anoint the chakras.

**Remember essential oils are highly concentrated & recommended dosage should never be exceeded. Always follow safety information and never take internally. Treat as medicines and keep out of reach of children**
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Mel's Weekly Challenge
This week I started my training to volunteer with the Citizens Advice Bureau. I have to say – so far so good and they really do invest well in their volunteers and the training is so very well structured. I sat there all day with a massive smile on my face and it was all I could do to contain my excitement and anticipation for the rest of it.
I know this isn’t going to be a walk in the park and there will be some things I will come across that will be absolutely horrible, but I bless the Goddess for this door that has opened! What occurred to me was, that after my job had ended even though it was for the best, I still felt horrible. I still felt a part of me was on the scrap heap, and as I mentioned last week – I was holding raving pity parties with me, myself and I.
That didn’t change until the moment I decided to explore what was next. There were things I fancied looking at and having a go at. Some doors that were pushed remained closed, but things did not start to change until the moment I decided to do something about it and acted upon that!
You see, it’s all very well praying to the Goddess, the Universe, or whichever deity/ies you follow for help, but sometimes we have to be the answer to our own prayers. Sometimes the Goddess WANTS us to get our finger our of our proverbial and actually be the change we want to see in our lives. We have to actually get up and DO something.
So this week, when you’re thinking about what you want and asking the Universe for help – which is absolutely well and good – and help will come – just to think about the actions that can begin the changes you want – and see how quickly things begin to happen. With love, light and blessings,  Mel

The Power is in Your Hands
Magickal Associations (Tarot Cards)

Use the Tarot Card which best suits you
 working, for example, you could use The Emperor if you are casting a spell for property matters but for fertility you would use The Empress.

The Star From Soraya's Tarot
Illustrated and Copyright by Martin
The Magician - Inviting a fresh start
The Fool – Crossing a bridge between the old and the new
The High Priestess - Secrets, reunions and education
The Empress - Fertility, pregnancy, health and abundance
The Emperor - Property, stability, security, and material matters.
The High Priest - Opportunities, advancement, keys and career matters.
The Lovers - Love, friendship, and making the right choice choices.
The Chariot - Travel, transport, taking control, decision making, and action
Strength - Determination, resilience and persistence.
The Hermit - Inspiration, completion, relief, and assistance.
The Wheel - Good Luck, travel, transport, movement and prosp[erity
Justice - Legal medical and official matters, balance and harmony

This Weeks Recipe - Tuna and Basil Pate

2 X 7 oz cans of tuna fish in oil
5 oz carton of soured cream
4 spring onions, chopped finely
4 tablespoons chopped basil
To garnish, a
 sprig of fresh basil
Blend the tuna fish with the oil from the cans, and the soured cream, until you have a smooth puree. Stir in the chopped spring onions and basil leaves, and season to taste with salt, pepper and lemon juice. Chill until ready to serve, garnished with a sprig of fresh basil.


You can have 3 questions answered or
Week by Week or
Month by Month guidance
using Ancient Runes for only £10.

Your answers will be recorded while I speak to you and sent by email so that you can refer to them from time to time.
If you would like to take advantage of this offer
Email me at


Please, if you would like to contribute to the newsletter all you have to do is send your contribution to
You can contribute as often as you like, but I hate putting anyone including our Mel and Sandra under pressure. 
let me have your input by no later than Wednesdays. If it isn't time sensitive, I may hold it over for a week or two. All your input is welcome. Love and Blessings as always Soraya )O(

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Sandras Smiles

Your Weekly Horoscope from Soraya
 16-22nd June 2019


This is not a good period Aries and you need to be on your guard while the Moon is in opposition with Neptune. At times like these there is a real risk of being duped and while nothing at all may happen, anything that happens is likely to be unpleasant.


Romance and passions should be in the air for you Taurus if Venus and Mars have their way. (No surprise there considering that you are a very sensual sign) Anyway relationships will be highlighted at this time.


Sometimes, for no apparent reason, someone just turns on you and you will be unable to figure out why. Leave things alone rather than trying to get to the bottom of a mystery, you are probably better off without them.


The Moon and Mars in your chart this week will certainly liven things up so if you had lovely plans for “Me Time”, forget it as destiny has other ideas. Just go with the flow and you may enjoy new developments.


While Mercury and Saturn are in your chart Leo you are likely to find that you are more conscientious of your duties and your actions. This is a positive influence and you will benefit from it.


For you Virgo, this would be a good time to begin an exercise programme or even just change your diet. Perhaps top up on minerals and vitamins and get more exercise and fresh air.


Things are beginning to heat up now while the Moon and Mars pass through your chart. Your energy and determination will be high but try to avoid going to extremes. Focus on your ambitions, hopes and dreams.


Someone of the opposite sex may attract your attention however this is not necessarily a good thing so hold back and let time be your guide. Current influences will allow you to raise your consciousness to a higher level.


There won’t be very much happening at the beginning of the week but by the 22nd the Moon enters your 6th house (career and wellbeing) and this may give you something to ponder then Neptune arrives to make things even more curious.


This lovely period will continue for you (and me) Capricorn and in fact it will last at least until the 4th of July. Romance looks good and financial matters will continue to improve so make the most of this very favorable aspect.


Expect a very slow start to the week Aquarius; current influences are restrictive as far as your thoughts and feelings are concerned and so the message is clear do little other than developing your knowledge of things that you are interested in.


You can expect to hear something that will offer you some hope of advancement, either professionally, or socially. Opportunities to improve your life or life style or your surroundings and environment are indicated.
I'm leaving the morning Ritual here for new members and as a reminder that if you remember the Goddess in your life She will remember you.
The Morning Ritual
Stand in front of a window and take a deep purifying in breath and visualise that you are breathing in sparkling light energy. Raise your hands high above your head and then clasp your hands together in the prayer position. Draw your hands down in front of your face, still clasped, down past your heart and then separate your hands and spread them as far apart as you can to each side. Visualise all your chakra points being activated and say the following prayer as you do so.
You who are the source of all power and good
Please show me what I need to know when I need to know it
Help me to listen with understanding and speak with wisdom
Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
And the wisdom to change the things  I can change.
Please show me what I need to know so that I may understand.
The world is an abundant place and
I am grateful for those gifts I have already been given
And I am open and ready to receive
those gifts that are waiting to come to me
Visualise a purple cloak of protection being placed on your shoulders and draw your hands across your chest as though you are drawing the cloak over you.
You are now ready to begin your day and you can use this ritual at any time especially if you feel insecure anxious or worried.
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