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7th July 2019

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Mel's Weekly Challenge - The Smallest Gesture
Taylor Made Holistics - Peppermint
A Word from Moma Witch
Sandras Smiles
Join me for a Spell - Herbs and Berries Verse
Magickal Associations (Minor Tarot Cards Swords)
This weeks Recipe - Marigold Buns
Soraya's Tarot Reading £10 off any reading
Lunar Chart for July 19
Special Offer Signed copies of Books by Soraya
Your Horoscope by Soraya
Cancer, the Fourth Sign of the Zodiac
The Morning Ritual

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Mel's Weekly Challenge
Every week Mel gives us food for thought, inspires us with her words of wisdom, and challenges us to acknowledge our strengths, weeknesses, or simply think about our old ingrained habits. 
So today I had a lovely surprise!
Whilst scouring the kitchen this morning (Oh the joys!) I’d heard the post arrive and there was a lovely gift
there fromI know I have written about this in the past, but I feel so compelled to do
Soraya! Absolutely made my day and completely unexpected!soagain,
because there’s so much awful stuff on TV and in the news! All we seem to hear is doom and gloom and if that’s all we’re hearing, it can grind you down a bit, but my wee surprise was lovely – and just so out of the blue!
Soraya’s spidey senses must have been working as she couldn’t know that I needed a wee boost, but that’s exactly what it gave me. A random act of kindness!
And this is something that we can all do. It doesn’t have to be sending someone a gift – although it could be! What about that book that you just know will help your friend, or that lunch you’ve been promising to treat someone to. (I’m free by the way! Haha!). Or that reading you’ve been going to do for someone but just never got round to! And it doesn’t have to cost anything at all – a kind word to the Barista when you get your coffee in a morning can change the day around. Letting someone out in traffic ahead of you can be the tiny little thing that makes someone’s day less stressful.

A coffee and a sandwich for a homeless person or a wee Greggs coffee card – can change that day!
Although I’m no longer employed, when I was working for the past 35 years, the type of job I had meant that very rarely did anyone call to say Thank You – rather the opposite. Being screamed and shouted at was commonplace and although I completely understood people’s frustration, it didn’t make my day any easier, but the odd one or two who actually bothered to say Thank You changed a horrible day into a productive one.
So this week – my challenge is simple. Just take any opportunity to do some random acts of kindness to another person. The smallest gesture can make a day and change a life! With love and blessings Mel xx

Taylor Made Holistics

If you’d like more information on how to use essential oils safely at home, book a treatment or have a particular ailment you would like a blend for please drop Claire an email
*Remember essential oils are highly concentrated & recommended dosage should never be exceeded. Always follow the safety information & never take internally. Treat as medicines and keep out of reach of children*.

Eucalyptus – Eucalyptus Globulus – Myrtaceae


Australia introduced Eucalyptus to Europe and the rest of the world in 1857. The leaves were crushed and used by the Aborigines to heal wounds, relieve muscular pain and help fight infection.
It blends well with Lavender, Lemon, Pine, Rosemary, Cedarwood & Thyme.
A stimulating & decongesting oil – it is good for clearing the head. Its antiseptic properties are also good for killing airborne germs and it is cooling to the skin (always dilute before skin application).
Get your Witches Web 100% Pure Essential Oils here 
Mental Health/Nervous System Benefits
Clears the head in cases of mental exhaustion & the inability to concentrate. It’s also useful for easing headaches (massage, bath or vaporisation – see how to use below).
For headaches – add to a carrier oil and massage the temples (combine with lavender or peppermint oil for greater effect). Or use in a cold compress – put 4 drops Eucalyptus into a bowl of very cold water, take a flannel/facecloth and soak up the oil floating on the surface without fully immersing the cloth. Wring out the excess water and apply to the forehead/back of
Physical Health Benefits
It has a particular affinity with the respiratory & immune system and can relieve the symptoms of coughs, colds, sinusitis, catarrh, hayfever etc. (vaporisation, massage or steam inhalation – see how to use below).
Relieves muscular aches & pains, poor circulation & rheumatoid arthritis
(massage or bath – see how to use below).
Use on burns, blisters, herpes, insect bites & wounds (always dilute well).
How to use:
Massage - Mix with a carrier oil such as grapeseed for massage (as a general rule use 1 drop of essential oil to 2
mls carrier oil based on a healthy adult.
Bath - Add 5-10 drops to a full bath and agitate well, the oil can be dissolved first in a teaspoon of bubble bath, carrier oil or
full fat milk.
Vaporisation - Add to a diffuser or oil burner. Alternatively, add a few drops to a small bowl of water and place on a radiator or pop a few drops on a tissue and inhale.
Steam Inhalation - Add around 5 drops of oil to a bowl of hot water, cover the head and bowl with a towel and breathe deeply for a minute - then repeat. Always remember to close the eyes when using this method.
SPECIAL CAUTION: Always dilute well. NEVER take internally, even a little taken internally could be fatal.
Recipe for Hay Fever Balm:
7g Beeswax
5g Cocoa Butter
12.5ml Sunflower Carrier Oil
4 drops Eucalyptus
4 drops Lavender
Add beeswax, cocoa butter & sunflower oil to a large bowl, immerse in a pan of hot water (double boiler method) and stir until fully melted. Remove bowl from the pan of hot water and add the essential oils. Fill a 10ml jar with the mixture & place in the fridge to harden before using (recipe from Base Formula website).
A Word from Moma Witch
Incense Grains and Charcoal Tablets
I have been using incense grains for 20 years or more and for spell casting there is noting better than a blend of specially made grains and you can find everything that you need in your kitchen cupboard among your herbs and spices or in your garden. Do remember that if you are using peppers and chillies powders to repel or banish, use them sparingly as the smoke or vapours will nip your eyes and catch in your throat.
Let your instincts be your guide if a herb or spice is sweet and pleasant use it to attract - if its sharp or bitter use it to repel. When all else fails check out my grains for Spell Crafting or for Sabbats and Esbats. Click here to purchase direct from Soraya
Charcoal Tablets
For those of you who may not be familiar with charcoal tablets - this is what you are looking for and you can buy them online from Witches Web Member Adrain, "The Incense Man."
Really good value at £1.49 for 10 tablets
Tip: You dont have to use a whole tablet,
I often half or quarter them.
How to use.
Be mindful of how you use these tables as they burn at a really high temperature and the heat will burn right through a metal dish and scorch your altar surface. You can purchase terracotta dishes from Adrian, again good value at 99 pence each. He usually carries a nice stock of brass holders too.

Before you begin, put a good thick layer of salt or sand at the bottom of your fireproof dish to absorb some of the heat. 

Hold the tablet with small kitchen tongs or any other suitable tool and hold a match or a lighter to the tablet. After a few moments, the tablet will begin to spark and when that happens carefully blow on it to ignite and spread the heat (beware of, and be prepared for, sparks nipping your face).
Lay the tablet on the bed of salt or sand and wait for the charcoal to become white (just the same as barbeque charcoal). Once it's white you can add a pinch of your chosen magickal grains and enjoy the delicious scents created by them as they carry your desire into the ether. A list of magickal grains will be sent separately but if you can't wait  you will find everything you need here

The Power is in Your Hands
Making a Wish for yourself
Take pen and paper and write down your wish as though it had already happened.
Example: If your wish was for a new or better car you would write the following.
“I have a new car now, no harm came to me or mine in the process and I am happy that my car is safe and reliable”.
Written in this way empowers it as though it has actually happened and, more importantly, your car will come to you for a good reason and not because you have been involved in an accident.
You must always be careful of what you ask for as you may get your wish, but not in the manner that you expected.
Light your charcoal tablet and when it begins to turn white, sprinkle a pinch of appropriate grains on top of it.  Hold your written wish above the smoke and scent of the grains and say a prayer to the Lord and Lady and then recite this verse.
A wish I have tis just for me
And no one can I tell
Between Lord and 
Lady, it will be
No other 
knows my spell

I ask it of just good intent
No harm shall come to any
With good
intentions, it is meant
Just one wish, no not many

And it 
harm none So Mote It Be
Remember if you are asking for love, do not name a person because that interferes with their destiny and you may find that you end up in an unhappy relationship. Instead, ask for love, which can be returned to come to you.


Its almost all about money and material security this week with Pentacles, On the positive side these cards can be used to attract or on the negative to restrict.

From Soraya's Tarot Illustrated by
©Martin Conway
The Ace of Pentacles  - Attract new opportunities, open doors, and new beginnings.
The Two of Pentacles - Use to banish financial restrictions when you have more going out than you have coming in
The Three of Pentacles - Use this to stimulate the exchange of contracts or agreements.
The Four of Pentacles - Use to attract financial stability.
The Five of Pentacles - Banish poverty or financial instability with this card.
The Six of Pentacles - Stimulate money arriving with this image.
The Seven of Pentacles - Banish that feeling of being undervalued.
The Eight of Pentacles - Use to attract financial assistance or opportunities to develop existing experience.
The Nine of Pentacles - Use to attract prosperity.
The Ten of Pentacles - Use to show gratitude for those gifs you have already been blessed with. 

Sandras Smiles

This Weeks Recipe - Rosemary Cabbage

Rosemary is delicious with roast lamb, garlic, and olive oil. Dont stop there though as it can be added to bread, tomato-based sauces, roast pork and potatoes. Try fresh or dried rosemary in soups, sandwiches, salads, dips. It has a strong flavour so dont use too much. Rosemary is said to induce vivid dreams - Dont know I haven't tested that theory, I already have vivid dreams

Infuse a bottle of olive oil with Rosemary, add a ribbon or string tied around the neck and you have a lovely gift to give when visiting.
1 Ib of white cabbage, finely shredded
I tablespoon finely chopped rosemary or 2 teaspoons dried rosemary
4 oz butter
Cook the cabbage in boiling water for 5-8 minutes, or until it is tender but still slightly crisp. Drain the cabbage and stir in the rosemary and leave to one side.
Melt the butter in a frying pan until it turns nut brown. Add the cabbage and rosemary to the pan, season with black pepper, and serve. Delicious.

£10 off any reading of your choice

This is one thing that I just can't do without. The Moon helps me to make choices and decisions and know when the best time is for any craft work. It's not just craft work though. Knowing the favourable or unfavourable positions of the Moon can help with everyday matters too - I even have an app on my phone called ILuna - if you like to have the benefit of knowing the position of the Moon at any given time then download it or follow this link and calculate the Moon chart for wherever you are in the world.  


Please, if you would like to contribute to the newsletter all you have to do is send your contribution to
You can contribute as often as you like, but I hate putting anyone including our Mel and Sandra under pressure. 
let me have your input by no later than Wednesdays. If it isn't time sensitive, I may hold it over for a week or two. All your input is welcome. Love and Blessings as always Soraya )O(

Signed Copies of Soraya's Books

Psychic Powers
If you have been drawn to this book, then you have probably had experiences that lead you to believe that you might be even the tiniest bit psychic, but psychic powers need practice and calm to be developed.
Soraya explains the importance of relaxation and how to use 
meditation and opening the Chakras to create a calm state of receptiveness and positive energy. This book gives exercises in divination using various methods that include many forms such as tarot, clouds, fortune cookies, handwriting, numbers, ancient wisdom, and also the zodiac. Appendices include sections of interpretations such as animals, birds, trees and flowers, crystals and numbers. Get your signed copy here
Book of Runes
Soraya has found that the runes, time and time again, are the most accurate of all the esoteric disciplines. Each of the 25 ancient symbols tells its own centuries-old story and in this book, Soraya gives a background to the origin of the mystic alphabet and explains how to find and use your own runes.
Soraya tells a story to describe the meaning of each rune and these stories help you to understand the meanings and how to read them for divination
. Get your signed copy here
Book of Spells
Soraya's Book of Spells contains a wonderful and comprehensive set of spells. The origins and history of
spells, and their rituals throughout the cycle of the year are explained in the first half of the book, with the materials you need, and the purpose of each spell.
The second half of the book presents a collection of spells covering such topics as luck, love, health, career, prosperity
,and travel. Soraya's Book of Spells contains everything that is needed to follow the pagan path, and is a must for both the beginner and practicing witches. Book of Spells has sold over 100,000 copies. Get your signed copy here
Book of Tarot
This book of Tarot by Soraya is an inspiring introduction to the intriguing world of divination using Tarot cards. For centuries people of all walks of life have used Tarot cards for guidance and answers.
Soraya guides you in the reading of the Tarot, from the initial purchase of your cards and theirstorage, to reading for other people.
Every card in the deck has a helpful guide to its interpretation, and there is an invaluable explanation of the significance of each card in every position of the Horoscope spread, which is Soraya's favourite Tarot card spread. Soraya's own unique designs are based on traditional Tarot symbolism and are illustrated by her husband Martin Conway.
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Your Weekly Horoscope from Soraya
7 - 13 July 2019


Last week the phrase was “Things can only get better, but with the Moon squaring up to Saturn in the middle of the week the phrase for you Aries is “Things are going to get worse.” Take care in everything that you say and do.


In your case Taurus, Saturn’s position in your chart is favourable, depending of course on how you react to its influence. May I suggest that you spend time with those who are older and wiser than you are and take any advice that is offered?


The period between the 14th and 19th is the period in which you are most likely to shed a tear however if that does not happen then breathe a sigh of relief nevertheless the opposite sex may prove problematic.


Venus and Mars charge into your chart this week and this will have a positive effect on your finances. This in turn should help you accomplish many of your hopes and wishes. For you, the opposite sex will bring advantages.


You are asking for trouble this week Leo if you succumb to the influence of the current position of Venus and the Sun in your chart which is likely to promote a completely self-indulgent attitude that will make you think of no one but YOU and what YOU want.


A combination of planets influence you this week Virgo suggesting that a promotion or added responsibility could be presented. “Food for thought” you might say and to be frank, you will have plenty to think about and mostly it will be good.


It doesn’t matter what you say or do this week, whatever your choice, it will be the wrong one, or seen as such. You just can’t win. Take my advice and stay well out of everyone’s way, friend and foe alike. Things will get better though so don’t give up hope.


Your persistence will pay off this week so whatever you are doing, keep at it, the plants are on your side. Make the most of this influence by organising or reorganising so that everything is in the best possible order while Saturn bides in your chart.


Mars overwhelms your chart this week Sagittarius and this could cause you to be more ambitious and aggressive in the pursuit of these ambitions. You might win but lose friends in the process. Keep this in mind and aim for diplomacy.


The position of the Moon and Mars in your chart are likely to make you more expressive or impulsive and perhaps act without thinking things through. For some, this will be to their benefit but others may struggle with the outcome.


If you feel thoroughly miserable at the beginning of the week, don’t worry, its Neptune messing around while the Moon touches your emotions. Hang in there as other planets rush to your side to soften this influence.


Woo Hoo Pisces, the Moon and Jupiter perform a slow dance in your chart and this is a wonderful influence which stimulates good fortune and prosperity. You should gain in many ways with this coupling. For the best outcome just go with the flow.

Cancer, the Fourth Sign of the Zodiac: 22nd June - 22nd July

Born under the water sign of Cancer, which is a Cardinal sign, your fortunate gemstones are Pearl, Moonstone Aquamarine and Sapphire.
Your ruling planet is the Moon
Silver, white, yellow and orange, are fortunate to you.
Friday is your best day
Eight and three are lucky for you
You should:-
Live close to water.
Work in Law, Medicine, Teaching, Engineering, Catering, or the Arts.
Be friends with Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces,  the other signs – not so much.
You are likely to be reserved preferring a few loyal friends.
Your sign governs the chest and stomach so maintain a healthy diet.
You are inclined to be sensitive so avoid worry, stress and depression.
You are generally affectionate, serious in matters of the heart and loyal, though you are inclined to be jealous.
I'm leaving the morning Ritual here for new members and as a reminder that if you remember the Goddess in your life She will remember you.
The Morning Ritual
Stand in front of a window and take a deep purifying in breath and visualise that you are breathing in sparkling light energy. Raise your hands high above your head and then clasp your hands together in the prayer position. Draw your hands down in front of your face, still clasped, down past your heart and then separate your hands and spread them as far apart as you can to each side. Visualise all your chakra points being activated and say the following prayer as you do so.
You who are the source of all power and good
Please show me what I need to know when I need to know it
Help me to listen with understanding and speak with wisdom
Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
And the wisdom to change the things  I can change.
Please show me what I need to know so that I may understand.
The world is an abundant place and
I am grateful for those gifts I have already been given
And I am open and ready to receive
those gifts that are waiting to come to me
Visualise a purple cloak of protection being placed on your shoulders and draw your hands across your chest as though you are drawing the cloak over you.
You are now ready to begin your day and you can use this ritual at any time especially if you feel insecure anxious or worried.
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