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4th August 2019

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Mel's Weekly Challenge -  Superheroes
Taylor Made Holistics - Essential Oils - Cedarwood
This week’s Recipe – Sausages and Honey !!!!
Join me for a Spell - Sell my House 
Lunar Chart for Aug 19
Sandra’s Smiles Science Teachers
Your Horoscope by Soraya

Mel's Weekly Challenge
Every week Mel gives us food for thought, inspires us with her words of wisdom, and challenges us to acknowledge our strengths, weeknesses, or simply think about our old ingrained habits. 
I was watching a new program on Amazon Prime TV – about Superheroes and this got me thinking about the whole Marvel and DC thing (It's not something I follow – although my daughter would scold me right now...!) I started thinking about Batman, Ironman, Wonder Woman ..... to name just a few out of the myriads that have sprung up over the last few years, and I began to wonder what was the attraction. Kids.... I get. But why do many adults like them so much?
I think it’s because they step in and save humanity from peril, oppose evil, mete out justice, and with the awful things happening in this world it kind of seems that’s what we inwardly crave someone to save us!
For the most part, Superheroes are nice, they’re kind and friendly too, they save dogs from wells and cats from trees and pat grandmas on the head. Who couldn’t take offense to that!
It got me wondering, apart from the laser vision, flying and invisibility – why we can’t just be our OWN superheroes. We all have gifts. We all have things that we can do that others cannot, and we all have our own unique abilities. To a little kid, fixing that broken bike makes you a superhero in their eyes. To and old person who can't get out, collecting a few messages makes you a superhero to them. To your partner, being silent and holding their hand while they are suffering makes you their own superhero.
We all have it in us! To the person who is being victimised – standing up for them makes you their superhero! And so on...
So this week, my challenge is for you to take a few minutes and think about your favourite superhero (if you have one) and what it is about them that you admire, and to begin to emulate their traits.
See how you can be someone’s Superhero this week, and I look forward to hearing all about it...! 
With love and light and blessings to live long and prosper (Not quite a superhero but hey ho!) Mel xx
To buy your 100% Pure Essential Oils from Soraya's Witches Web click here

Taylor Made Holistics

If you’d like more information on how to use essential oils safely at home, book a treatment or have a particular ailment you would like a blend for please drop Claire an email
*Remember essential oils are highly concentrated & recommended dosage should never be exceeded. Always follow the safety information & never take internally. Treat as medicines and keep out of reach of children*.

Cedarwood – Cedrus Atlantica – Pinaceae family

Cedarwood was used by the Ancient Egyptians for embalming and in cosmetics & perfumes. It was traditionally used in the East as incense and is still used to this day in temples by the Tibetans. It was said to be a cure for baldness. It blends well with Bergamot, Rosewood, Cypress, Juniper, Jasmine, Neroli, Clary Sage, Vetiver, Rosemary & Ylang Ylang.
With its distinct, woody smell, Cedarwood is a stimulating and refreshing oil with antiseptic, astringent & sedative properties

Get your Witches Web 100% Pure Essential Oils here 
Mental Health/Nervous System Benefits
Cedarwood works well for nervous tension & stress-related conditions. It helps to clear the mind making it good for daydreamers and the absent-minded. It can bring a sense of balance & self-control. Use in massage, the bath or vaporisation.
Physical Health Benefits
Cedarwood is very useful in skincare and can help with acne, dermatitis, eczema, greasy skin, itchy skin and helps to treat fungal infections. It can be used in massage, skin lotion, in the bath or steam inhalation. Use in a  bath to help relieve the pain of arthritis and rheumatism.
To help clear respiratory congestion, catarrh & coughs. Use in massage, vaporisation or steam inhalation.
It is particularly useful in hair care helping to promote hair growth and thickness and treat oily hair & dandruff.
Hair Treatment Recipe
Add 7 drops Cedarwood, 10 drops Rosemary & 8 drops Lavender to 50ml of Jojoba oil or fractionated coconut oil, apply to the scalp, cover with a towel and leave on (preferably overnight). You don’t need to use a lot of the blend, keep in a dark or amber bottle and use as required.
**Do not use Rosemary if you suffer from High Blood Pressure**
How to use:
- Mix with a carrier oil such as grapeseed for massage (as a general rule use 1 drop of essential oil to 2 mls carrier oil based on a healthy adult.
Bath - Add 5-10 drops to a full bath and agitate well, the oil can be dissolved first in a teaspoon of bubble bath, carrier oil or full fat milk.
Vaporisation - Add to a diffuser or oil burner. Alternatively, add a few drops to a small bowl of water and place on a radiator or pop a few drops on a tissue and inhale.
Steam Inhalation - Add around 5 drops of oil to a bowl of hot water, cover the head and bowl with a towel and breathe deeply for a minute - then repeat. Always remember to close the eyes when using this method.
 Skin Lotion - For skin issues oil can be added to a plain skin lotion for topical use. Or to a more nourishing oil such as Jojoba or Apricot Kernel oil. Follow the same dilution guidelines as massage.
 Compress – put 4 drops of oil into a bowl of hot or very cold water, take a flannel/facecloth and soak up the oil floating on the surface without fully immersing the cloth. Wring out the excess water and apply to the affected area.
Do not use during pregnancy.
Dilute well.
**Remember essential oils are highly concentrated & recommended dosage should never be exceeded. Always follow safety information and never take internally. Treat as medicines and keep out of reach of children. Some essential oils are not suitable for certain medical conditions – always seek advice if unsure**

This Weeks Recipe - Sausages with Honey !!!

I know!!! Sounds Crazy even to someone like me who has a weird palette, but trust me they are delicious as a snack and fab for parties and barbeques. Try them - I bet you will love them 

Grilled or fried pork sausages  (Cold) 
1 Tablespoon of clear honey
2 Teaspoons of Grain Mustard 
Parsley to garnish 

Mix the honey and grain mustard in a bowl then add the cooled sausages and garnish with parsley - how easy is that - try it.

The Power is in Your Hands

Sell Your Property Spell

Cut out the picture of the house you are selling as it appears on your schedule. Write across it in bold print SOLD and put the date of the spell under the selling price.
Put it into a frame with a silver or gold coin and an old key. Sit the framed picture somewhere prominent and light a candle in front of it and burn this candle continuously (if possible).
When the candle burns out, light another. Each time you look at the picture say a little prayer to your God. If you have to put the candle out DO NOT BLOW IT OUT wet your fingers and pinch it out or use a candle snuff.
Photograph courtesy of Witches Web Member Jane. 
Here are 2 verses that you can use or you can create your own
Verse 1 
By candlelight, I make my vow
The time for us to move is now
No more delays to circumvent
with funds secured we’re all content
And it harm none so mote it be

Verse 2
 My property I have to sell
Once done our finances will be well 
I ask the powers that they be 
Benevolent to ***  and me 
And then will come a buyer who 
Will make an offer that is true
And funds in place we will say yes
For we are blessed by the great God Bes
And it harm none so mote it be

Sandras Smiles
Science Teachers
This is one thing that I just can't do without. The Moon helps me to make choices and decisions and know when the best time is for any craft work. It's not just craft work though. Knowing the favourable or unfavourable positions of the Moon can help with everyday matters too - I even have an app on my phone called ILuna - if you like to have the benefit of knowing the position of the Moon at any given time then download it or follow this link and calculate the Moon chart for wherever you are in the world.  


Please, if you would like to contribute to the newsletter all you have to do is send your contribution to
You can contribute as often as you like, but I hate putting anyone including our Mel and Sandra under pressure. 
let me have your input by no later than Wednesdays. If it isn't time sensitive, I may hold it over for a week or two. All your input is welcome. Love and Blessings as always Soraya )O(

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Your Weekly Horoscope from Soraya
4 - 10  August 2019

Your Horoscope by Soraya


The Moon and Sun in your chart, though not very strong, should bring you some benefits this week and may even give you something to look forward to in the weeks to come.


You can expect this coming week to be harmonious and peaceful and if there is any action at all it is likely to be self-induced while you reorganise stuff around you


Venus in your chart suggests that you get out and about, make friends and socialise. This influence is likely to remain until around the 9th August but Pluto sneaks in to irritate during this period.


Neptune may have said farewell but to be honest he was probably getting off his mark while the Moon gets into a head to head with Saturn, Oh dear. You can expect delays and disappointments that may hinder progress in all directions.


A pleasant placing of the planets this week should reveal some financial benefits for you, Leo. That’s always good news and there is more, you can expect pleasant domestic and romantic interludes.


The Moon enters your 6th House and you may feel tied to your home or workplace and what’s more, you may feel undervalued or unappreciated however this is just how you feel and not the reality and later when rewards come, you will realise this.


In comes the calm for you this week Libra – well maybe not so much calm, but definitely an improvement on last week so take a breath and look forward to better days that lie ahead for you.


Mercury and Jupiter bless your chart this week Scorpio and make this a particularly good time for anything to do with correspondence, or communication especially by letter writing.


 Make the most of the first few days of this week while the Moon and Jupiter stroll through your chart because the position of Mercury and the Moon may have other ideas.


For the first three days, Neptune will be in your chart and you should know by now exactly what that means, yep you got it in one, all things weird and wonderful.


This is likely to be a very difficult period for you Aquarius and if anything is going to go wrong then this week is the perfect time for the perfect storm. Exercise caution.


This is an important, fortunate and lucky period for you Pisces while the Sun and Jupiter dance around your chart bringing unexpected opportunities that will help you so make the most of this favourable influence.

Leo the Fifth Sign of the Zodiac: 23rd July - 23rd August

Leo is a fixed, fire sign.
Your ruling planet is the Sun
Best colours are yellow, gold and orange
Fortunate gemstones are Ruby, Emerald and Black Onyx.
Best day of the week is Sunday
Best numbers are five and nine
Most fortunate location to live or work in is anywhere with lots of space
Best occupations are politics, insurance, public services
Most compatible signs are Aries, Gemini, Libra, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius
Least compatible are Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Virgo and Pisces.
You are courteous and considerate but can also be forceful and commanding.
Your sign governs the heart and bestows you with a generosity second to none.
You have amazing recuperative abilities
In affairs of the heart, you can be intense and let your heart rule your head.
Your earning capacity can be improved by being more conservative
You prefer to be at home with friends rather than socialising in the bright lights.

I'm leaving the morning Ritual here for new members and as a reminder that if you remember the Goddess in your life She will remember you.
The Morning Ritual
Stand in front of a window and take a deep purifying in breath and visualise that you are breathing in sparkling light energy. Raise your hands high above your head and then clasp your hands together in the prayer position. Draw your hands down in front of your face, still clasped, down past your heart and then separate your hands and spread them as far apart as you can to each side. Visualise all your chakra points being activated and say the following prayer as you do so.
You who are the source of all power and good
Please show me what I need to know when I need to know it
Help me to listen with understanding and speak with wisdom
Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
And the wisdom to change the things  I can change.
Please show me what I need to know so that I may understand.
The world is an abundant place and
I am grateful for those gifts I have already been given
And I am open and ready to receive
those gifts that are waiting to come to me
Visualise a purple cloak of protection being placed on your shoulders and draw your hands across your chest as though you are drawing the cloak over you.
You are now ready to begin your day and you can use this ritual at any time especially if you feel insecure anxious or worried.
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