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30th June 2019

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Taylor Made Holistics - Neroli
Mel's Weekly Challenge - Creativity
Join me for a Spell - Casting a Circle Verse

Magickal Associations (Minor Tarot Cards Cups)
This weeks Recipe - Mars Tray Bake from Corinne 
Soraya's Rune Reading £10 offer
Lunar Chart for July 19
Special Offer Signed copies of Books by Soraya
Sandras Smiles
Your Horoscope by Soraya
Cancer, the Fourth Sign of the Zodiac

The Morning Ritual

Taylor Made Holistics

If you’d like more information on how to use essential oils safely at home, book a treatment or have a particular ailment you would like a blend for please drop Claire an email
*Remember essential oils are highly concentrated & recommended dosage should never be exceeded. Always follow the safety information & never take internally. Treat as medicines and keep out of reach of children*.

Neroli (Orange Blossom) - Citrus Aurantium Amara
Rutaceae Family


Discovered in the 1600’s it was said to be named after Anne-Marie, Princess of Neroli in Italy who loved to wear it as a perfume. It is thought the Roman God Jupiter gave an orange to his sister Juno when he married her and brides have carried the blossom ever since to calm nerves.
Neroli is a relaxing, calming & uplifting oil which blends well with Chamomile, Geranium, Clary Sage, Jasmine, Lavender, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Lemon and other citrus oils. It is an anti-depressant, antiseptic anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic.
Mental Health Benefits
Neroli is useful for treating anxiety, depression, insomnia, shock, and stress-related conditions.
How to use:
Mix with a carrier oil such as grapeseed for massage (1 ml of Neroli oil to 2 mls of carrier oil based on a healthy adult.)
Add 5-10 drops to a full bath and agitate well, the oil can be dissolved first in a teaspoon of bubble bath, carrier oil or full-fat milk.
Add to a diffuser or oil burner. Alternatively, add a few drops to a small bowl of water and place on a radiator or pop a few drops on a tissue.
Diffuser recipe to treat shock
Combine a blend of Neroli, Peppermint & Benzoin in a diffuser. The number of drops will depend on the size of the room so start with less (I’d suggest 2 drops of each oil to begin then add more if required)
Physical Health Benefits
Neroli can be used in skin care to treat scars, stretch marks, thread veins, mature and sensitive skin, wrinkles and to tone the complexion. It can also improve poor circulation, help to ease palpitations and help to treat digestive system disorders such as flatulence, nervous dyspepsia, and spasms.
How to use:
Use in massage or a bath as per guidelines above. For skin conditions, oil can also be added to a plain skin lotion for topical use.
Spiritual Benefits
Use to anoint and balance the heart chakra.

**Remember essential oils are highly concentrated & recommended dosage should never be exceeded. Always follow safety information and never take internally. Treat as medicines and keep out of reach of children**
To Anoint and Balance the Chakras
Perform a simple ritual. Switch off phones, light a candle and settle into a comfortable position. Place a drop of essential oil appropriate to your needs on your wrists and another over the Chakra that you wish to balance.
Relax and breathe slowly and deeply focusing all your attention on that chakra. Visualise the essence of the oil entering the chakra where a tiny flower bud rests. As the essence of the oil touches the flower bud it begins to open becoming a beautiful blossom. 
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Mel's Weekly Challenge
So this week, here I am sitting at my laptop trying to think about what to write for this week’s article. As I’m keying in the words, I still have no clue. It’s quite late just now, and I’ve had a fairly good week. But I have been racking my brains all evening thinking and wondering what to write, so I’m going to try and experiment with you – free/random writing. I heard about it a while ago as an aide for writer's block (no, I’m not a writer) but I wanted to see if it worked.
As I’m typing in my thoughts I’m feeling things beginning to flow. It's quite amazing really! I was putting it off and putting it off because I had no plan.
No idea, and no clue.
I guess it’s like a lot of things in life – we procrastinate because we don’t really know the plan, the method, and the route, but to get to our destination we have to take a step (or in this case type in the first sentence!) and trust that the Goddess will open the dam so that the water of creativity can flow through us.
It's quite bizarre because I haven’t tried this method before, but it’s proof that if we can take one step – then we are one step closer to the desired result!
So this week, my challenge to you is to consider what it is that you have been putting off doing, or shying away from taking that first step, and I challenge you to take that one step forward and see what flows!
The fact that there actually IS an article this week shows that at least, for me, it works! With love and light and a universe of blessings. Mel, xxx

The Power is in Your Hands

Casting a Circle Verse

When you have gathered all your tools and you are about to draw your circle line, here is a verse that you can recite to keep your circle and those who enter it pure.

This circle line I now prepare
Let no one enter but should they dare
In perfect truth and perfect trust
Let them enter if they must
This sacred space I dedicate
Is filled with love and never hate
We work in peace and harmony
Blessed by the power of three
So mote it be
Magickal Associations (Minor Tarot Cards)

Cups are all about your emotions and how you feel about things that are happening - or could happen in your life. The positive aspects of Cups are love friendship and romance. On the negative side its sadness and regret. Use the positive cups to attract and the negative cups to banish

From Soraya's Tarot Illustrated by
©Martin Conway
The Ace of Cups  - attract offer or promote perfect love and truth
The Two of Cups - for committed relationships, partnerships, and handfastings 
The Three of Cups - attract good news, friendship, and sharing.
The Four of Cups - attract an offer of love or friendship can also be used in property spells to speed up an offer.
The Five of Cups - to banish sadness, regrets or loneliness.
The Six of Cups - for reunions and mending misunderstandings
The Seven of Cups - to help you make the rights choices.
The Eight of Cups - to help you to make changes when you are dissatisfied.
The Nine of Cups - to help your wishes to come true.
The Ten of Cups - for the best possible outcome

This Weeks Recipe - Corinne's Mars Tray Bake

5 - 51-gram mars bars
5 ounces of butter
5 teacups of rice crispies
300 grams of good quality chocolate
Put the mars bars and butter in a pot and melt at the lowest possible setting and blend while they are melting. When they have both melted mix to a smooth consistency and then add the rice crispies and mix. Mix thoroughly. Press into your tray. Melt the chocolate and pour it over. Allow to set then slice. Easy!



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This is one thing that I just can't do without. The Moon helps me to make choices and decisions and know when the best time is for any craft work. It's not just craft work though. Knowing the favourable or unfavourable positions of the Moon can help with everyday matters too - I even have an app on my phone called ILuna - if you like to have the benefit of knowing the position of the Moon at any given time then download it or follow this link and calculate the Moon chart for wherever you are in the world.  


Please, if you would like to contribute to the newsletter all you have to do is send your contribution to
You can contribute as often as you like, but I hate putting anyone including our Mel and Sandra under pressure. 
let me have your input by no later than Wednesdays. If it isn't time sensitive, I may hold it over for a week or two. All your input is welcome. Love and Blessings as always Soraya )O(

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Sandras Smiles
Your Weekly Horoscope from Soraya
30 June -  06 July 2019
Thankfully this week will be much better for you than last week was Aries. Venus is in a strong position in your chart and you may find that you benefit financially and socially. There is a minor blip when the Moon squares up to Jupiter, but it won’t last long.
Venus and Uranus in your chart, though weak, may cause associates or colleagues to become your enemies rather than your friends at this time, therefore, be on your guard and avoid making personal relationships. Trust your instincts.
A combination of planets moving through your chart will stimulate various experiences some of which will be exciting others more emotional but Neptune takes the prize for adding confusion to the mix.
This week may begin on a high note with the Moon and Venus in your chart however things may fall apart later in the week and an unfortunate influence may bring about various unwanted and non-beneficial changes.
Favourable planetary influences bless your chart making this a very successful period and improving your feelings and emotions. This will also benefit those close to you as they reap the rewards of your improved mood.


Well Virgo, if you expected to be sitting about relaxing and perusing things in general, forget it, it’s not happening. The planets have other ideas and you may be running about like a mad march hare.
Your domestic surroundings are likely to be peaceful and harmonious and the current influence generally tends to bring opportunities for improving your surroundings and environment. This will be a good time for all affairs of the heart and matters of the greatest personal interest.
The Moon and Neptune creep into your chart. Some will notice and others won’t. Those that notice will respond to new circumstances and take advantage. A new psychic influence may be apparent.
While the Moon admires its own reflection it will bestow a fortunate influence that should bring some changes to your routine and recognition for past efforts may be recognised and rewarded. Perhaps it’s time for you to organise a short break.

Oh dear Capricorn – Quick, where’s the bucket, when you find it stick your head under it and hope that no one sees you while the Moon squares up to Neptune. Don’t trust anyone or anything at this time.
 The Moon enters your 7th House this week Aquarius and your focus will be is on relationships or partnerships and at this time, take on a greater significance. Be as aware as possible about your expectations of the other, and your need for balance, and harmony.
If you Pisces can get past the 2nd without some ailment or other then you can look forward to a better week and some form of progress socially, professionally, or intellectually. This will be a good time for affairs of the heart.

Cancer, the Fourth Sign of the Zodiac: 22nd June - 22nd July

Born under the water sign of Cancer, which is a Cardinal sign, your fortunate gemstones are Pearl, Moonstone Aquamarine and Sapphire.
Your ruling planet is the Moon
Silver, white, yellow and orange, are fortunate to you.
Friday is your best day
Eight and three are lucky for you
You should:-
Live close to water.
Work in Law, Medicine, Teaching, Engineering, Catering, or the Arts.
Be friends with Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces,  the other signs – not so much.
You are likely to be reserved preferring a few loyal friends.
Your sign governs the chest and stomach so maintain a healthy diet.
You are inclined to be sensitive so avoid worry, stress and depression.
You are generally affectionate, serious in matters of the heart and loyal, though you are inclined to be jealous.
I'm leaving the morning Ritual here for new members and as a reminder that if you remember the Goddess in your life She will remember you.
The Morning Ritual
Stand in front of a window and take a deep purifying in breath and visualise that you are breathing in sparkling light energy. Raise your hands high above your head and then clasp your hands together in the prayer position. Draw your hands down in front of your face, still clasped, down past your heart and then separate your hands and spread them as far apart as you can to each side. Visualise all your chakra points being activated and say the following prayer as you do so.
You who are the source of all power and good
Please show me what I need to know when I need to know it
Help me to listen with understanding and speak with wisdom
Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
And the wisdom to change the things  I can change.
Please show me what I need to know so that I may understand.
The world is an abundant place and
I am grateful for those gifts I have already been given
And I am open and ready to receive
those gifts that are waiting to come to me
Visualise a purple cloak of protection being placed on your shoulders and draw your hands across your chest as though you are drawing the cloak over you.
You are now ready to begin your day and you can use this ritual at any time especially if you feel insecure anxious or worried.
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