Now that our 3rd annual VACyberEduCon and first ever virtual conference has wrapped up, we would like to share a big THANK YOU to our attendees, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and partners who made this year's event truly special!

We saw more than 260 participants in attendance at various sessions during the two day conference. Over 3,000 messages across nearly 100 community discussion topics were shared in Whova! The pivot to virtual was no easy undertaking, but together we managed to move in a new dimension for sharing quality content.

If you missed a session or want to watch them again, you can check out conference recordings on the Whova app. 

To access the web app version, visit:

We wouldn't have been able to pull off a successful virtual conference without the support from our sponsors and exhibitors. 

Thank you to our Sponsors & Exhibitors

Cloud CTF is a fully featured Virginia Cyber Range capture the flag platform that can be deployed in a matter of seconds with a click of a button. It can be provisioned from the Exercise Area of the Virginia Cyber Range for CTF competitions, labs, student practice, and more.
To learn how to get started with Cloud CTF, check out the recorded session, "Introducing Cloud CTF for the classroom", from our conference. Our developers will show you how the capture the flag platform connects to the existing Cyber Range course/exercise infrastructure. The session also covers the options available to CTF admins, including how to add and manage simple challenges.
For more information on Cloud CTF, please visit our knowledge base at

6302: Cybersecurity Fundamentals is the introductory high school cybersecurity course in Virginia. Our courseware team, in collaboration with VA high school educators, has created K12 Virginia Cybersecurity Fundamentals 6302 Resources as a storage and distribution tool for Cybersecurity Fundamentals 6302 resources.

Take a moment to check it out!  Do you have 6302 resources you would like to share? Please contact

One new module is now available for the Cyber Security Advanced Ethical Hacking course. 
  • Web Apps and Data Servers -  This module covers the basics of web application security testing. Students will learn how to install and configure several web application tools, and how to install a web application into a Docker container. 
Three new modules are now available for the Introduction to the Command Line Interface course. 
  • Working with Processes and Services - The purpose of this module is to introduce students to the basics of working with processes and services on a Linux system. 
  • Editing Files - The purpose of this module is to introduce students to the basics of editing files on a Linux system. 
  • Processing Text Files - The purpose of this module is to introduce students to the basics of viewing and parsing text files on a Linux system.


Generating PDFs with SHA-1 Collisions introduces students to cryptographic hash function requirements, briefly lists the history of theoretical attacks on the SHA-1 hash function, provides an overview of the concept behind practical SHA-1 collisions, and walks them through generating two different PDFs which have the same SHA-1 checksum.

We are proud of our Virginia educators! We'd like to start the school year with a new feature in our newsletter - the Cyber Range Spotlight. 

Our August spotlight shines on Kristi Rice, a Cybersecurity Instructor from Spotsylvania High School. Kristi was recently recognized as a CyberHero by the non-profit organization SynEd.

Kristi has also been recognized for her hard work in receiving the Virginia Business Educators Association's New Outstanding Teacher of the Year for 2017, the Virginia ACTE New Teacher of the Year 2020, and a Presidential Cybersecurity Education Award Nominee 2019-20. 

Rice's Cyber Knights team placed second in Virginia in the SANS Girls Go CyberStart National Championships in 2019 and 2020. Kristi instills a passion for cybersecurity with her students and is willing to go the extra mile in her teaching, even dressing up as a shark to teach Wireshark! 

To engage educators over the summer, Kristi created a web series called "HackItUp with Kristi and Friends" that provided lessons and resources teachers can use this fall. She plans to continue the series during the school year, including teachers from across the country.

If you would like to nominate a Virginia educator (K12, Community College, or University level) for a Cyber Range Spotlight, send a message to

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