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New! How to Prepare for Submitting Transcripts to TMDSAS

Earlier this year at the TAAHP Conference, TMDSAS outlined the new procedure for submitting transcripts this application cycle.

For the large majority of applicants this cycle, transcripts can only be submitted upon request when the TMDSAS member institutions begin extending offers of admission (beginning October 15). We've written an article you can share with your students to help explain the process and begin planning.

Read Transcript Update
New! Here's How the EY2021 Numbers Compare to Other Years

As we've seen each year, applicants to TMDSAS member institutions have steadily risen. But EY2021 is different.

TMDSAS Applicants for Entry Year 2021 continue to increase each week, and are on track to be the largest applicant pool in TMDSAS history. 

See Application by the Numbers
Connecting Schools and Empowering Applicants in Uncertain Times

The purpose of the Courage Session Live Q&A is to support students preparing to apply and offer member institutions an opportunity to address applicant questions. 

Since there have been many impacts caused by COVID-19 in the 2021 cycle, it is important that each applicant be aware of changes to admissions test dates, the updates to the Application Handbook, and changes in application deadlines. These updates are outlined in our newsroom.

Upcoming Sessions

  • Wednesday, July 29 with the Sam Houston State University College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Wednesday, August 12 with the TXHES Team to Discuss Next Steps after Applying
  • Wednesday, August 19 with the University of Houston College of Medicine
  • This August - Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine
  • This August - Building a Pathway to Professional School as a Non-Traditional Student
New! Watch recordings of past Courage Sessions on our Youtube Channel!
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Questions about the Application? Ask TMDSAS Office Hours!

Not sure how to answer a question on the application? Trying to figure out what the next step is for submitting? 

Ask the TMDSAS Office Hours team during their live Q&A session held weekly on the TMDSAS Facebook page.

Watch TMDSAS Office Hours
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TMDSAS EY 2021 Application Timeline & Upcoming Dates
August 1
Special Program/Early Decision Program Deadline

September 15
Veterinary Applicant Deadline

October 15
Medical Schools Begin Extending:
  • Pre-Match Offers (Texas Residents only)
  • Offers of Admission (Non-Texas Residents only)
October 30
Application Deadline for Dental and Medical Applicants

For all deadlines and important dates, visit the TMDSAS website.
Download the Timeline
Inside Health Education  Podcast
On the podcast, we have collaborated with admissions deans and officers to get accurate and pertinent knowledge out to applicants. Our catalog includes: comprehensive discussions from professional school curricula, admissions test preparation, and academic and non-academic planning for a career in the health professions.

New episodes include:
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