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Application Updates/ Changes

We are excited to announce that there have been a number of changes and updates to the EY 2020 application.

Military Service
New for EY 2020, the Military Experience section of the application will include two new features: 1) a new optional statement “Describe how your military experience prepared you for a career as a healthcare provider.”  (1000 character limit). Also new is an upload option for applicants to submit their military smart transcripts.

Disciplinary Action (renamed section to - Education/Training History)
We renamed the disciplinary section of the application to “Education/Training History” and added a few questions to better serve the non-traditional population:
  1. “Do you consider yourself a non-traditional applicant?” If Yes, then: “Describe the factors that have defined you as a non-traditional candidate and how they impact your application.”
  2. The question, “Has your education or vocation ever been interrupted for any reason?” has been moved to a new subsection, “Education Interruptions.”
Meaningful Experiences (Activities)
Institutions proposed this new question for EY 2020 in order to give applicants an opportunity to highlight specific experiences that they believe are most meaningful. They are required to list at least one but can list up to two more for a total of three. The question: “Out of the previously listed activities, indicate your top three most meaningful and explain why.”  (500 characters max for each)
The only change here is for veterinary school applicants, who are now required to complete all three essays.

Post-submission Changes
Applicants can now update their grades through the application portal until their application has been validated. We will be sending messages to applicants reminding them to update their grades after the summer and fall academic terms. Once the validation period begins (around November of each year for applicants not taking fall courses), the grades are locked. We will validate fall courses once they conclude in December and then these grades will be locked.

College Coursework
Math has been added as a coding option. Any math course other than calculus and statistics should be coded as such.

To make the process a bit easier for entering activities, applicants will only be able to include their previous and current activities to October 1, 2019. They will then enter activities beyond October 2019 in the planned activities section that will allow them to enter dates until August 1, 2020 (at or around the time of matriculation). This way the applicant knows the expectations of the medical, dental and veterinary institutions only include activities up to the point of matriculation and not beyond as was often the case.

New Instructions for Listing Activities
An important change to the instructions for EY 2020, applicants should now choose just one section in which to list an activity. The instructions as written in the handbook:

Please select one category that best describes each of your experiences. Healthcare and
employment activities may be listed in each category if the experience was a paid position;
otherwise, do not list experiences in more than one section below.”


New Instructions for listing Healthcare activities:
Another change to the application instructions is the added definitions of the types of healthcare activities that should be included in the Healthcare section. The new instructions:

“List all direct healthcare related activities, for example: shadowing, scribing, clinical research,
serving or working as a patient care tech, a nurse, and any direct observation or participation in
patient care in a clinic, hospital, or with a physician, dentist, or veterinarian.”

EY 2020 Application Handbook

The EY 2020 Handbook has been released!

This year we incorporated recommendations from applicants and advisors received throughout the previous application cycle that we think have improved organization and enhanced clarity.

Applicants should read this handbook cover-to-cover to familiarize themselves with its contents and have it open as they complete their application with optimal quality!

Download the EY 2020 TMDSAS Application Handbook!

Why can't I see an applicant on my portal? 

In order for an advisor to see their applicant in the Advisor Portal listing, an applicant must have answered “Yes” to the following question in the [Colleges Attended Questions] section:

“Would you like to release your information to the health professions advisor at any school(s)?” and indicate the school. The applicant must complete the [Colleges Attended] section first.

If they answered "No" to this question, the applicant must send an internal message through the application to have this changed.
How do I gain access to the Advisor Portal?

To access the Advisor Portal, click here to log in or from the top of the page on the TMDSAS website. The portal contains information on your applicants from Entry Year 2011 to the present.  Be sure to read the Advisor Portal User Guide to learn about the functionality of the portal.  If you need to request access to the new portal, send an email to
Are my supporting documents needed for application submission?

TMDSAS will not wait to begin application processing. Applicants may submit their application before transcripts, test scores or letters of evaluation have been received. Applications will be processed and transmitted to the schools without these supporting documents. Schools will be updated with these materials as they are received.

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School Statistic Reports
Download Application Statistics

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Download the latest Application Statistics.
Prescribed School Course Listings

Last year TMDSAS introduced the new Course Listings page on our website. This page serves as a guide to assist applicants as they enter their coursework into the application. Courses will be added to these listings as they approved by TMDSAS academic evaluators.

Review your institution's
Course Listing.

Don't see your university yet or updates needed to the current listing? Send updates using the "Coursework Inclusion Request" link from the course listings page of the TMDSAS website  (effective April 26, 2019) or email TMDSAS at

School Status Codes/ Abbreviations

Not sure about an applicant's status? Download the Advisor Portal Guide on the Advisor's Resource page for a full list of all applicant school statuses and abbreviations.
Important Dates
  • May 1st
    • TMDSAS Application Opens
  • May 18th
    • JAMP Application Submission Deadline
  • June 1st
    • JAMP Supporting Documents Submission Deadline
  • August 1st
    • Early Decision Program Application Deadline
  • September 15th
    • Early Decision Program Results Announced
  • October 1st
    • Medical/Dental/Veterinary School Application Deadline
  • October 15th
    • Medical Schools Begin Pre-Offers 
    • Supporting Documents Post-marked Deadline
  • December 1st
    • Dental Schools Begin Extending Offers
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