Others VS Us:

This is the perfect example of what most traditional shops offer versus what we offer. At Farida Floral we strive to provide customers more than what they pay for, this has been our mission since the day we launched. 
We want to improve the flower industry by offering better designs and quality while maintaining or even lowering the prices for our customers. That's why we introduced the unique concept of using hat boxes inspired by the Parisian style to the East Coast!
Our boxes are ethical made by hand, reusable and easily recyclable. They're the perfect replacement for glass vases which are old fashioned and very inconvenient in so many ways. 

Why Rose Boxes:

Rose boxes are our very first line of collection. They have been our best sellers ever since we launched. Why do people go crazy over theses rose boxes?
Well, three reasons:
1. Great price and unique, definitely better than sending a dozen roses with baby's breath. 
2. Easy to customize, select the quantity of the roses(30, 50 or 75 stems), select the color and you're done! 
3. Fastest turn around time, get it delivered within hours.

Go see what this is all about. Click on the bottom below and scroll all the way down to find it. BTW, they're now 15% off this week! 
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