Attempted Murder
When the pandemic started heating up in America and elsewhere around the world, Uganda was still relatively unaffected. Uganda registered its first COVID case on March 21, 2020. However, that did not stop President Museveni from implementing strict quarantine mandates. In addition to schools, churches, and restaurants being closed, all shops were closed, with the exception of grocery stores and health facilities.  Private and public transportation were forbidden, meaning the only way to travel was by foot or bicycle.  Curfew was set in place between the hours 7pm and 6:30am. Exercise in public was prohibited and everyone was encouraged to remain indoors. 

Overnight most of the population lost what little source of income they had. In a country that is hand to mouth (meaning: if you don't work that day you don't eat that day) this had devastating consequences. Sheltering in place is a privilege that only the wealthy can afford. People were shouting in the streets, "Better we die of coronavirus than starve to death." 

While the president’s mandates were strict, the most shocking mandate was that food distribution was illegal. Anyone, other than the government, found to be distributing food would be arrested for attempted murder. The reason given for this was to prevent groups of people from crowding distribution areas. 

Hearing this mandate, one feels at a crossroads. On one hand it's biblically clear to obey the laws of your land. On the other hand, one can’t help but think of times in history when breaking the law was indeed the right thing to do, the Holocaust. being an obvious example.
The Lord was touching my heart and prompting me to action. Every day people were coming to my gate and begging for food.  I couldn't sit comfortably in my home while my neighbors in the slums surrounding my house were starving. Some money was put together to begin the process of food distribution. 

This is where God, already knowing the people’s needs ahead of time, poured out His blessings in a miraculous way. In the beginning there wasn't much money for the distribution, only $250, and that does not go very far when you’re trying to provide a substantial amount of food for an average family size of 8-10 people. However, like the feeding of 5,000, Jesus took the two small fish and five loafs of bread and man did He multiply.
The word got out about the need for food and the blessings began to pour in. What started as being able to help a few families turned into us giving out nearly four tons of food to more than 350 households. This is the amazing part, God continued to provide donors until everyone in the slums surrounding our area were able to receive food. When we distributed food, we offered to pray with people and assured them that God loved them and knew each of their needs. Through distributing food to our neighbors, we had 81 people accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. 

There were two specific stories that touched my heart from the food distribution. One is the story of a Muslim woman who was bedridden. She was very ill, and the family had no food. The food that we gave revived her and because of this she wanted to give glory and thanks to Jesus. At that moment, she decided to make a decision to follow Jesus, "The God who hears her," for the rest of her life.

The second story is of two prostitutes (referred to as harlots in the video below). These women were selling themselves at the time of the pandemic, and when people couldn't work, men could no longer afford their services. When we came to their home, they had nothing to eat and were starving. We gave them food and prayed with them. They couldn't believe that Jesus still loved them after everything they had done and would care enough about them to send them food. Since that time, one of the two women made a decision to follow Christ and to leave her old life behind.

I can't begin to express my gratitude that the Lord choose to touch the hearts of others to give in order to bring people in relationship with Him. It’s a wonderful reminder that while the Lord does not create bad scenarios in our life, He does use those scenarios for His good.
Check out this video from my staff below:
Note: This viedo was made during the food distribution process and does not accurately reflect the total amount of food distributed. 
How Has God Been Moving?

God has been at work in mighty ways! Here is a list of things that God has already accomplished through the clinic ministry by touching hearts of people just like you! 

Need: Remodel/reconstruction Nampunge HCIII
Results: In September 2019 at Nampunge HC III, we added new paint and tile throughout the clinic. The difference was dramatic. Since the renovation, our average monthly number of outpatients has DOUBLED! In all of our departments, we are currently averaging over 1,000 patients per month. Staff morale has increased, and the staff’s pride of working in the facility has been reflected in their attitudes. The community is now proud to call this their clinic. (Update from 01-01-2020).

Before & After
Need: Full Lab Nampunge HCIII
Result: Lab work is essential for quality medical care, and we received funding for a full lab at Nampunge HC III. Because Uganda is so far behind in medical advancement, we are the only clinic within 25 miles that has these capabilities. Having these machines has allowed for more accurate diagnoses, testing, and treatment. This directly affects health and patient outcomes. We were able to purchase a hematology machine, a chemistry machine, a centrifuge, an immunoassay machine, a urinalysis machine, a microscope, and a TB bio safety cabinet. (Update from 03-01-2020).


Need: Electrical Work Nampunge HCIII
Result: Nampunge previously only had solar lights in half of the facility. These lights were on one circuit, meaning either all the lights were on or all the lights were off. This caused the solar supply to quickly dwindle and left them in the darkness often. To address this issue, we put each room on its own circuit and placed solar lights in the rooms where there was no power. In addition, we wanted to be able to run all of our new lab equipment even when the power was out. We added enough solar panels and batteries so that our lab can be fully functional at any time! (Update from 02-01-2020).
Need: Solar Refrigerator Mawanga HCII
Result: In October 2018, there was a fire that destroyed much of the electrical wiring in our facility. In addition, it destroyed the facility’s solar refrigerator. The solar refrigerator is needed to store reagents for laboratory testing and lifesaving vaccinations. Because of this, the facility could only provide limited services. Luckily, a generous donor stepped in to provide a solar refrigerator. (Update from 11-20-2019).

Need: Ultrasound Training for 2 Medical staff. (Nampunge and Busiro)
Result: We have paid for two of our staff members (Fred and Joy) to attend a six-month ultrasound training course. In their six-month course, Fred and Joy learned about all different uses of ultrasound, including OB, cardiac, renal, thyroid, abdominal, and more. Diagnostic ultrasound is an amazing tool in rural health settings, and this is a huge step for us to be able to provide better care for our patients. (Update from 01-01-2020).

Need: Running Water at Kasubi HCII 
Result: Many clinics in Uganda don’t have running water. This contributes to poor hand hygiene and an overall lack of cleanliness and sanitation. At Kasubi HC II, we were able to put sinks with running water throughout the clinic and add a shower with hot water for moms to use after they give birth. (Update from 02-01-2020).  

Before & After
Need: Remodel/Reconstruction Kasubi HCII
Result: We opened up some walls to increase functionality at the clinic. We painted and tiled throughout the facility. You wouldn't  believe this is the same clinic! Staff morale has increased, and the staff’s pride of working in the facility has been reflected in their attitudes. The community is now proud to call this their clinic. Check out a before and after tour below. (Update from 04-01-2020).

Before & After
Kasubi HC II Before & After Video Tour
Need: Labor & Delivery Services Added at Kasubi HCII
Result: Of all countries, Uganda has the 11th-highest rate of maternal mortality. Many mothers in Uganda deliver from home without qualified medical personnel and can develop complications leading to death. When a mother delivers in a clinic, complications can be more rapidly diagnosed, which means we can save lives. Due to a generous donor, we were able to purchase a labor and delivery bed along with ALL the medical equipment needed to start labor and delivery services. Our midwife is proud to say she has already delivered 40 children! (Update from 05-01-2019).

Need: Family Planning Services Added at Kasubi HCII
Result: After we upgraded the appearance of our facility, the government decided to partner with us to provide their family planning program. We now are able to offer oral contraceptives, IUDs, injections, and implants at no cost to our patients. (Update from 06-01-2020).
Need: Placenta Pit Added at Kasubi HCII
Result: In Uganda, proper medical waste disposal is a big concern. The placenta holds bodily fluids that can transmit diseases such as hepatitis and HIV/AIDS. To ensure this bodily tissue is disposed of safely, the Ugandan government requires a placenta pit at any facility in Uganda that offers delivery services. (Update from 03-01-2020).
Need: Microscope Added at Kasubi HCII
Result: A binocular microscope is required in the lab to accurately diagnose different illnesses. With this microscope, we are now able to more accurately diagnose malaria, differentiate the severity of malaria, and examine urine and stool samples, and much more! This added to the quality of services we can now provide. (Update from 06-01-2019).
Other praises: It is our goal to make the clinics self-sustaining, meaning they generate enough income each month to cover operational expenses. In January 2019 the clinics were losing over $1000 a month in staff costs alone.  In the last year a lot of energy has been focused on Nampunge because it was losing the most money. Nampunge alone was losing over $600 per month. I am pleased to announce the in October 2019 we broke even for the first time ever and made a profit of $60. Then in November 2019 we were up to $150, and in December 2019 $900! We have been greatly affected by people being able to pay during the season of coronavirus, but this is still a huge win considering how far we have come!  
COVID-19 Updates
As of September 15, Uganda has registered 4,799 cases of Coronavirus and 55 deaths. Schools, churches, and gyms remain closed. Curfew has been changed to 9pm-5am.

While we are thankful that people have been allowed to return back to work, we still pray for the opening of schools and churches. Many young girls have become pregnant during this time and will likely not return to school. 
Praise & Prayer 
-Praise.  For the 81 people who accepted Christ during food distribution
-Praise.  For the many projects and accomplishments that God has already brought to life through the clinic ministry. 
-Praise.  That Nampunge and Busiro health centers have taken giant steps in their ability to be self-sustaining. 
-Prayer. That the people who accepted Christ through the food distribution would continue to grow in their faith and that God would send them leaders and mentors to continue to guide them and strengthen their walk with the Lord. 
-Prayer. That God would continue to touch the hearts of people to fund the many clinic projects we have.  
-Prayer. That God would continue preparing a team of Ugandan leadership for the clinics and the funding to begin hiring an administrative team. 
-Prayer. That clinics would continue to grow in their ability to be self-sustaining and make enough money to cover their monthly ongoing expenses.
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