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August 2018 Edition

Meet the new leadership!

Some of the new (and old) members of SURPAS!

What's up, postdoc? 

Sep 8th: Bay Area Postdoc Symposium, all day, Berkeley Lab, program here
Sep 12th: SGS Summer Film Festival: Kapoor and Sons, 6.30pm, Building 320, R105
Sep 17th: National Postdoc Appreciation Week begins
Sep 21st: New Stanford Live season begins, calendar here
Sep 28th: Postdoc Alumni Event, 5pm, Berg Hall LKSC
Oct 10th: 1st Stanford Medicine LGBTQ+ Forum, 3.30pm, Berg Hall LKSC

Be sure to check out our Calendar for info on all SURPAS events!

Leadership Q&A

SURPAS has just elected its new leadership team for the year. Take a moment to learn about the people advocating for you!
Ioana Marin
Hometown: Galati, Romania
Department: Biology
What motivates you to serve with SURPAS?
I would like to contribute to making the academic system inclusive and accountable. I believe the most sustainable change starts with one’s immediate community.
What's your vision for this year?
All postdocs involved with SURPAS see themselves as leaders of their communities and drivers of change.
Lise Retailleau
Hometown: Saint Cyr l'école, France
Department: Geophysics, School of Earth
What motivates you to serve with SURPAS?
A chance to help build the community, plus work on the affordability problem.
What's your vision for this year?
With the Long Range Planning effort Stanford is trying to listen and make changes and I think it is the time to push on the important issues for postdocs. I am particularly interested in affordability.
John Hegarty
Role: Advocacy coordinator
Hometown: Greenville, South Carolina
Department: Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
What motivates you to serve with SURPAS?
I have been privileged with the opportunities that have been available to me during my training and want I to give back to the community. My simple goal is to try and leave this place a little better than I found it.
What's your vision for this year?
SURPAS has been picking up a lot of steam and I want to support this momentum. I see my role as a mediator to help current and future postdoc voices be heard. We will expand the ongoing initiatives (ex. affordable housing, family support, diversifying the postdoc population) and work with fellow postdocs and Stanford colleagues to find out what else can be done.
Justin Klein
Communications director
Hometown: Hemet, California
Department: Radiation Oncology
What motivates you to serve with SURPAS?
To help postdocs (and have a good time doing it).
What's your vision for this year?
Tons of advocating for the postdoc position using the SURPAS mailer and articles.
Perrine Janiaud
Events coordinator
Hometown: Paris, France
Department: SPRC, Meta-research Innovation Center
What motivates you to serve with SURPAS?
The SURPAS family and always welcoming new people in it.
What's your vision for this year?
Making sure postdocs have a great time and are making the most of their experience here at Stanford.
Gina Bouchard
Hometown: Alma, Québec (Canada... somewhere cold if you have never heard of it)
Department: Radiology
What motivates you to serve with SURPAS?
I am convinced that the postdoctoral experience should be all about passionate science and enjoyable years, building your future scientific network. I want to help make this experience amazing for every Stanford postdoc.
What's your vision for this year?
Advocate for postdocs with families by helping building a community and having a better work-life balance. Work should be complementary to your life and not the other way around.
Catherine Tcheandjieu
Social media and web manager director
Hometown: Bafang, Cameroon
Department: Pediatric Cardiology
What motivates you to serve with SURPAS?
Help build and maintain a strong postdoc community on campus and advocate for diversity, inclusion, and life balance of Stanford postdocs.
What's your vision for this year?
I would like to improve the visibility of Stanford postdocs through social media and web communication.
Mariapaola Sidoli
Operations manager
Hometown: Reggio Emilia, Italy
Department: Developmental Biology
What motivates you to serve with SURPAS?
Being a postdoc in the Bay Area is a huge challenge. I want to listen to the stories, opinions and overall voice of postdocs to better advocate for them and fight the affordability crisis. I have always believed in serving the community I belong to by making it more inclusive and as happy as possible.
What's your vision for this year?
I hope to see more postdocs coming forward to share stories and suggestions. Everyone can make an impact in the community.

SURPAS snippets

Bounce bounce, bounce bounce
Did you know we now have 3, count em 3, casual (free!) ways to kick/toss/hit a ball around with your fellow postdocs? Check out our weekly pickup schedule and keep an eye on our calendar for info and updates!
Basketball: Thurs 5:30pm, MSOB info
Soccer: Fri 4pm, Sandhill Fields info
Volleyball: Sat 9am, ACSR info
NPAW is coming!
National Postdoc Appreciation week is on the horizon - mark your calendars for a daily pat on the back Sept 17-21st, and then let SURPAS + OPA do the rest! We have tons of events planned to shower you with well-earned love!
A big win for diversity
We are thrilled to report that a hardworking team of postdocs and grad students have secured funding from Stanford’s pilot Diversity and Inclusion Innovation initiative to start a mentoring program and a diversity speaker series.  Keep your eyes out for inaugural events - and if you want to be part of the planning process, get in touch!
Science loves SURPAS
Our own former co-chair Anand Rao was featured in recent article in Science, discussing affordability issues for postdocs. Take a look!  Inspired to help make some changes? Contact our housing and affordability committee!
Prepared by the SURPAS Communications Committee