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General Meeting Recap
(Where Were You?)

Our monthly general meetings fortify the backbone of our organizing efforts. From these two-hour meet-ups, we are able to set an agenda for the work in the coming days and months, while also looking back at what we’ve accomplished — or not accomplished — in the prior month. 

It’s a pretty basic element of the organization, but it’s crucial. Yesterday’s monthly get-together was no different. You can find the meeting notes here, but here’s a brief recap. 

Fresh off the Florida DSA Conference held in Orlando earlier this month, several members debriefed the general membership on efforts to launch a statewide organization that would facilitate better communications and broader decision-making, for instance, in the realm of candidate endorsements.

The outgrowth of this organization is still raw and unformed, and as such, will take a backseat to more urgent organizing around upcoming , but it is helpful to consider what a statewide DSA would look like, how it would function, and even whether or not it serves a greater purpose that can’t be achieved locally. 
Most in attendance agreed that it is, at the very least, necessary to improve cross-chapter communications for the purposes of mobilization efforts. Too often, it was stated, we don’t know what our comrades to the north are up to. 

With the Florida DSA Conference as context, a large portion of the meeting was devoted to outlining our goals as an organization for 2019 (you know, that thing you ideally do sooner than three months into the calendar year). But better late than never! And as long we’re dropping tired cliches, great minds think alike, because almost every breakout group came back with a variation of the same idea: growing our active ranks of membership. 

There are two avenues to achieve this: 1.) Reaching out to our existing members or former members whose status has lapsed, and attempting to reengage them; and 2.) Growing new membership via outreach to aligned organization. 

Our next monthly general meeting will be held on Sunday, April 28.

We forgot to take a group photo before we finished up. Don’t judge us. 

Sea Level Workshop: Are We All Completely F*cked, Or Just Sorta F*cked? Find Out!

Miami-Dade County Office of Resilience and or cohosts invite you to a public workshop to discuss how to address sea level rise in our community.

By 2060 we expect sea levels to be approximately two feet higher. We are asking for your input on how you would like to see your community adapt to accommodate more water. We’ll have many technical experts on hand to answer any of your questions. After a short presentation we’ll have an open and informal discussion about which projects and strategies you would prefer to see in your community.

No expertise is needed. Children are welcome. Light refreshments will be provided.

The workshop will be held at CIC Miami from 12:30 PM - 4:00 PM.

If you are unable to make the workshop during work hours, we will be holding an open house at the Venture Cafe in the same location from 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM. During the open house you can sip, mix, mingle and learn more about the sea level rise strategy project from Miami-Dade County Office of Resilience staff. Hope to see you there!

DSA National Votes to Endorse Bernie

The following message was communicated via DSA national and can be found on here:

On March 5th, DSA’s National Political Committee sent an advisory poll asking all members whether DSA should endorse Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. This poll closed on March 12th at noon EST. The response was overwhelmingly in favor: 76% of participants said Yes, and 24% said No.

Precisely 13,324 DSA members, or 24% of eligible membership, participated in the poll. For such a large national organization, this is impressively high engagement. In fact, it is the most members to have ever participated in a decision in DSA’s history.

It’s wonderful to see members from all over the country so engaged in debating this important question and in building our mass socialist movement in the US. We know that no single president alone can do it: only by building a multi-racial working-class movement can we fight back against the billionaires and win a society that puts people over profit.

The NPC, elected at the last national convention, will now vote on whether or not to endorse Sanders’s campaign. The NPC will meet the evening of Thursday, March 21st to consider the membership poll and vote on endorsement. The results of this meeting will be sent to membership via email promptly afterward.

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For the entirety of DSA's history in Miami we've organized, served our community, offered trainings and educational events with absolutely no budget. For the first time, you have the opportunity to help us expand and sustain our work by becoming a monthly sustainer or giving a one-time donation. Thank you so much for your support.

¿Qué Pasa, DSA?

Miami DSA is taking over the airwaves. You can watch or listen to some of the finest subversive content and easily share it with your friends, family, and comrades on any of the following platforms: ▶️Google Play, 📡Stitcher, 🎶 TuneIn, 🎥YouTube, 🔊 SoundCloud, 🎵 iTunes

F&%$ It Dude. Let's Go Bowling.

The Abortion Bowl-A-Thon is coming up, and anyone interested in rolling to help raise money to fund access -- or just generally helping out -- should get in touch with David Beltran at

📚 This Week in #PeoplesHistory 📚

📖 3/25: 1894 Coxey's Army begins march
📖 3/25: 1967 MLK leads Chicago peace march
📖 3/25: 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire
📖 3/25: 1977 Rodolfo Walsh assassinated
📖 3/26: 1915 Women's Socialist Conference
📖 3/28: 1871 Paris Commune Established
📖   4/1: 1649 Diggers begin communal farming
📖   4/1: 1946 United Mine Workers Strike

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🍲 Miami DSA Mutual Mondays 🛠️
Join Miami DSA's Mutual Aid Working Group at Lot 33 Downtown for Mutual Mondays, a weekly program designed to directly address material distress and build solidarity in our community.  We offer free food, clothing and resources to anyone in need, with the aim of empowering the oppressed to fight for their dignity.

We begin serving at 7 p.m. outside Lot 33 on SW 2nd St., near the cross street with SW 2nd Ave. 

📅 Calendar/Upcoming Events 📅

🌹3/27: YDSA FIU Coffee Social
🌹3/29: Existence is Resistance
🌹3/30: They Failed to Remember Us: Expanding Intersectional Feminisms; Miami DSA 2020 Ballot Initiative Canvassing
🌹  4/4: YDSA FIU General Meeting 
🌹  4/4: DSA at the Cinema: What is Democracy?
Join Miami DSA for a FREE PUBLIC SCREENING AND Q&A of writer, filmmaker and DSA member Astra Taylor’s newest documentary, "What is Democracy?". The film takes a fresh look at what we think we know about the Western world’s most common and popular government system.
🌹Every Monday: Mutual Mondays
🌹 4/13: Miami Tenants Unite 

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