September 2019

Video competition and TV show put Spanish shellfish pickers and FLAG support in the spotlight

The work of Galicia’s female shellfish gatherers, known as “mariscadoras” has been getting a lot of attention recently, thanks to two media projects telling their stories.

A video showcasing their work  has been awarded first prize in the “Women In Seafood” competition. Submitted by Arousa FLAG (ES), the video  profiles the mariscadoras in northern Spain. It shows the conditions they face when picking shellfish and gives them a platform to describe how they feel about their profession.
The video contest was organised to tell the story of women in the seafood industry, to draw attention to gaps and challenges experienced by women in seafood and to highlight positive initiatives.
The mariscadoras were also featured in an episode of “Ocean”, an international television show broadcast on Euronews. The programme focused on the role of women in Spain’s seafood industry – including works as mariscadoras, netmenders and administrative roles in small family businesses. Data from the FARNET study on women in fisheries and aquaculture was used to explain the situation and illustrate the show. Galician canning company Currican was the subject of an additional piece by Euronews journalist Denis Loctier. Currican is a female-run business that was started with the support of Mariña-Ortegal FLAG.

Italian FLAGs brainstorm ways to promote fishing heritage and boost tourism

Ten Italian FLAGs from six regions along the Adriatic-Ionian basin are collaborating on a proposal for promoting tourism in fisheries areas. The Network on FLAGs of Adriatic-Ionian basin (NAIF) met in Fano, Italy, in September for the “Design Laboratory” workshop. The event provided an opportunity for the FLAGs to discuss ways promote and protect the cultural heritage linked to fisheries.
The workshop was inspired by Venetian - VeGAL FLAG’s proposals for enhancing tourism linked to fisheries, focusing on the intangible cultural heritage of the region’s fishing. One suggestion for achieving this was the creation of a documentary film to highlight the region’s rich fishing tradition. The setting would be all along the coast of the FLAG partners’ territories. Another idea was giving a fisheries theme to coastal cycling paths. This could encourage people to become “fish tourists”, finding out about and visit fishing places, coastal villages and fishing-tourist activities.
Friuli Venezia Giulia FLAG presented a proposal for an INTERREG Italy-Croatia project called “FISHERITAGE” which would enhance small fishing museums, raising awareness of the heritage of fishing professions.
Also present at the workshop event were Chioggia and the Po Delta FLAG, Emilia-Romagna Coast FLAG, Central Marche FLAG, North Marche FLAG, Pescara Coast FLAG, Blue Coast FLAG, Trabocchi Coast FLAG and Terra d'Arneo multifund LAG.

Other news

FSU organising biggest-ever CLLD event

The FSU is very busy setting up a large-scale multi-fund CLLD conference that will be held in Brussels on 3-4 December. The two-day event will involve various funds using community-led local development as a tool to empower citizens across Europe, allowing them to have a say in how their areas are supported. In our work in supporting the FARNET network, we are used to hearing about the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF). However, alongside EMFF-funded fisheries and aquaculture projects, the conference will also feature successful projects in urban and rural areas that have benefited from money from the European Social Fund (ESF), the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD). We will have plenty of updates on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

First event dedicated to CLLD in South East Europe

CLLD in newer EU Member States will be in the spotlight in November during the “SEE LEADER” conference in Croatia. It’s the first international conference on practical and theoretical implications of the LEADER/CLLD approach in South East Europe. The aims of the three-day event (November 20-22) include promoting the idea that CLLD should be based on the innovation and resources of local communities. We will be taking part in the conference, describing the achievements of fisheries CLLD and the work of FARNET in Europe’s fisheries areas.

FARNET Geographical Experts meet in Brussels

Fifteen Geographical Experts (GEs) came to Brussels for their annual meeting in mid September. Head of Unit at DG MARE Alenka Kampl told the GEs that their work is important for engaging the people on the ground and helping to collect examples of Good Practices in projects. The meeting was a great opportunity to touch base with everyone. The FSU highlighted all the valuable material generated by recent seminars on the “Circular Economy” and “Smart Coastal Areas” – including a Guide on the circular economy published in seven languages.


7-10 October
Brussels, Belgium

European Week of Regions and Cities

14-15 October
Brussels, Belgium

FARNET Managing Authorities Meeting

14-16 October
Malaga, Spain


23-24 October
Oslo, Norway

Our Ocean Conference 2019

20 November
Paris, France

Sustainable Ocean Summit - Investing in Ocean Futures: Finance and Innovation for the Blue Economy

3-4 December
Brussels, Belgium

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