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The latest from New Flyer | August 28, 2019

In this edition of Leading the Charge, New Flyer covers the proven performance of CNG technology: clean, safe, low-emission, and ready to scale for growing cities seeking sustainable mobility.
Compressed Natural Gas: the solution to your clean transit commitments
Deploying low and zero‑emission technology is a critical part of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Swift action is needed to mitigate climate change and restore clean air for millions of North Americans who reside in areas with exceedingly poor air quality. Did you know heavy-duty vehicles are the fastest-growing segment of transportation for energy use and emissions?
Compressed natural gas (CNG) offers a direct solution to these challenges.
  • With clean, safe, and readily available technology, CNG propulsion immediately reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by 90% over diesel-powered vehicles — qualifying the buses for the California Air Resources Board (CARB) optional low NOx certification level. 
  • CNG buses emit virtually no visible particulate matter or black soot at the tailpipe, lending cleaner, more breathable air to your community.
  • With fewer infrastructure resources than battery-electric buses, CNG helps transition fleets to low and zero-emission.
  • CNG buses provide an extended range of 350 - 400 miles.
Did you know that over 20% of all U.S. transit buses run on natural gas? 

Here's why CNG works:
  • It's sustainable: natural gas is a low-carbon, clean-burning fuel.
  • It's ready: CNG technology and infrastructure is available right now.
  • It's proven: CNG has been used in transit for over 25 years and is immediately scalable. 
  • It's safe: CNG technology has an excellent safety record for two reasons - the properties of the fuel, and rigorous testing requirements it must pass.
  • It's straightforward: meet stringent emissions standards with less-complicated controls.
  • It's cost-efficient: the price of natural gas remains steady and less expensive than diesel. 
  • It's easier to maintain: CNG removes the need for particulate filters and regeneration cycles, making them less maintenance-intensive.
Drive Sustainable Mobility with North America's CNG Leader

With nearly 13,000 CNG buses on the road in North America, New Flyer has been your CNG leader for 25 years and offers unmatched expertise in the design and deployment of low-emission transit buses. For more information on New Flyer's lineup of low and no-emission mobility solutions, visit

Together, we can create a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable place to call home.

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