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Special Edition | March 18, 2019 

Let's Talk Low-No!
Today, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) announced an $85 million Low or No Emission Program (Low-No) Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO)
Proposal applications are due May 14, 2019. 

We're Here to Help.
What you should know about Low or No Emission Proposals
What is "Low-No" funding? 
Low-No funding is a grant program offered to public transit agencies by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), to support and advance low or no emission (or zero-emission) bus adoption across America. 

How much is available and how is it awarded? 
$85 million. It is disbursed through a competitive proposal process that closes at 11:59 p.m. EST on May 14, 2019. Further details here (and FAQs here). NOFO and supplemental form available for viewing here.

What is the maximum amount my agency can use?
If awarded funds, your agency can use a maximum of 85% (federal share) for buses, and 90% for infrastructure.

How does it impact my agency? 
If awarded, your agency can leverage Low-No funds to support zero-emission bus and infrastructure leases or purchases, to help offset upfront costs of adopting new products and technologies to help make public transit more innovative, sustainable, and energy efficient. 

What should I know before applying? 
All agencies must meet FTA criteria. Eligible applicants include designated recipients of FTA grants, states, local government authorities and Indian Tribes. 

How is this different from prior funding years?
New elements for FTA consideration of Low-No grants in 2019 include:
  • Location in (or supporting transit in) a qualified opportunity zone
  • Receipt of other competitive awards
  • Investments in rural areas
  • Maximization of goods, products, and materials produced in the U.S.
How can New Flyer help me? 
Our team of experts will support your proposal by serving as your personal sounding board when it comes to Low-No expertise; providing technical support for award-winning consideration. We will share best practices, technical guidance, and also identify other critical elements to successful low or no emission bus planning and adoption - including the critical element of infrastructure and charging systems. 

Where do I start with infrastructure planning? 
Glad you asked. We offer New Flyer Infrastructure Solutions™, a service dedicated to providing safe, reliable, smart, and sustainable charging and mobility solutions. This means we support the plan, build, and commissioning of electric bus charging infrastructure, whether quick-charge or overnight charging. Click here to learn more. We're proud to be North America's first bus manufacturer to offer a comprehensive infrastructure service - because we know there's a lot riding on the success of your low and no-emission bus adoption - and because your community depends on it. 

Did you say ZEBs? 
We did. We proudly offer industry-leading zero-emission buses, technology, performance reporting, innovation, and infrastructure. Click below to learn more:
We're here to help. 
As the only manufacturer offering all three ZEB propulsions (battery, fuel cell, and trolley) in addition to low-emission CNG and diesel-hybrid, we know a thing or two about Low-No. We have over 50 years of experience manufacturing zero-emission, and more electric buses on the road in America than any other bus manufacturer. At New Flyer, we're passionate about driving zero-emission success in every community and building a clean, sustainable future in transportation.

CONTACT US: Let's Talk Low-No!
Do you know what it takes to build an electric bus?
Learn more with our "Do's and Don'ts of Designing an Electric Bus"
Did you know? 
North America's leading bus manufacturer also leads zero-emission adoption
  • New Flyer supports North America's largest cities with zero-emission advancement, including Toronto, Boston, Minneapolis, New York, Portland, Montreal, and Vancouver.
  • The West Coast continues to build its sustainable footprint with New Flyer! Zero-emission bus programs are underway in Coachella Valley, Los Angeles, Oakland, Orange County, San Diego, and Victor Valley.
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