New Flyer: Leading the Char

The latest from New Flyer | June 28, 2019

In this edition of Leading the Charge, New Flyer covers recent announcements on ADAS & AV technology, and recaps the latest leaders in ZEB adoption.
Driving Safe Advancement of Public Transit Technology
What if you could make public transit safer?
Is there room to improve safety for drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and all others sharing the road? Yes, and this is why New Flyer
recently launched its Automated Vehicle (AV) Technology Program, and also announced its partnership with Robotic Research to develop and deploy Advanced Driver Assistance-Systems (ADAS) technology.

How will technology improve safety? 
Using IoT and V2I technology, New Flyer's AV program is specifically focused on improving safety in transit and adhering to SAE J3016 definitions for Levels of Driving Automation. In partnership with
Robotic Research, New Flyer will pursue the development of SAE J3016 Level 4 technology on its Xcelsior CHARGE™ battery-electric bus. As a long-term pioneer of transit innovation, New Flyer's AV pursuit is one of many recent initiatives that will improve safety for millions of passengers who rely on it every day. 
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Leading Zero-Emission Adoption Across North America 
2019 has seen significant progress for clean transit in North America, with New Flyer proudly supporting transit agencies in testing, piloting, and launching zero-emission buses in their fleets and communities. With more electric buses on the road than ever before, New Flyer is helping to lead the charge in zero-emission adoption, and provide clean, quiet, sustainable mobility solutions for cities across the continent. 

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