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The latest from New Flyer | May 3, 2019

This month's Leading the Charge features two industry firsts supported by New Flyer - America's first interoperable, on-route charging network, and the first battery-electric bus powered by wind energy.
In April, New Flyer Infrastructure Solutions™ announced the completion of two on-route chargers for New York City Transit Authority's (NYCT) electric bus test and evaluation program. This marks the successful commission of America's first rapid, on-route charging solution using a globally recognized system, to allow vehicle and charging equipment interoperability to common interfaces. 

How did New Flyer Infrastructure Solutions™ support this project?
  • Optimization of the energy management strategy between the grid and the bus;
  • Support of on-route, OppCharge-complaint interoperable charger design and installation;
  • Onsite grid-to-bus testing and commissioning to ensure safe electric bus operation; and
  • Energy analysis from Xcelsior CHARGE™ buses and chargers, and delivery of performance reporting via Connect360 analytics technology.
What does this mean for heavy-duty EVs?
These chargers will support heavy-duty electric vehicles in New York City. Heavy-duty electric vehicles of all types and models, including buses from other manufacturers that support and design to OppCharge standards, will be able to utilize these common on-route chargers. 

New Flyer is proud to drive zero-emission technology forward by delivering smart mobility solutions. We are proud to support the advancement of our industry. Congratulations to NYCT on this incredible accomplishment!
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Photo courtesy of TriMet. 
Last month, the Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (TriMet) introduced the first zero-emission, battery-electric Xcelsior CHARGE™ bus to the Portland region, with chargers provided by ABB and energy managed by Portland General Electric (PGE) through its Clean Wind program, which provides fully renewable wind energy to the bus chargers. With the implementation of TriMet's first Xcelsior CHARGE™ bus, it is believed this zero-emission fleet is the first to be powered by wind in the United States. New Flyer is proud to support this partnership, and to help deliver truly renewable, emission-free mobility solutions to communities across America.

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