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The latest from New Flyer | November 8, 2019

November 11 marks Veterans Day in the United States and Remembrance Day in Canada, both honoring military veterans for their service and dedication. From all of us at New Flyer, thank you. 
On November 11, we honor Veterans across North America
Nearly 200 veterans call New Flyer home, having joined after service with the U.S. and Canadian military, including the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and National Guard. On Monday, November 11, we honor and thank them for their service. 
Veterans on the New Flyer team in St. Cloud, Minnesota 
Meet Dustin Norton

Dustin spent nearly six years in Alaska, serving with the U.S. Air Force in the aircraft armament division and working on fighter, bomber, and helicopter aircraft before moving back to Minnesota to raise his family.

Today, Dustin is a Weld Development Specialist with New Flyer in St. Cloud, where he works closely with production, human resources, and the NFI Institute to recruit, hire, and train new weld team members with hands-on training and skills development.

Going on five years with New Flyer, he celebrates the talent, uniqueness, and diversity of his team - values carried forward from military experience.

"I'm doing what I love. Everything we do here can be broken down into 'learnable' segments - everyone learns differently, and I love helping others discover their talents and the right fit for their work. We are understanding: you're not a number here, and coming alongside others to help them be successful is what I enjoy most."
A new place to call home, for 23 years

Shari Waller is a Process Planning Supervisor with New Flyer's Manufacturing Engineering team in Anniston, Alabama. Prior to New Flyer, she served with the U.S. Navy for 8 years.

At the time she was working 12 hour days with long commutes, and as a single parent was looking to be closer to home. Shari joined New Flyer in 1996, and 23 years later, is proud to call New Flyer her own, having gone from "one family to another" - military to manufacturing.

Shari explained, "I enjoy what I do and plan to stay until I retire. My family across the U.S. always says they see New Flyer buses on their streets - and I'm proud to say we built those. I've always bragged about what we do in Anniston, but it's especially nice to point out growth and progress. The Vehicle Innovation Center? That's us. Building electric buses? That's us. Being on this team - it's like growing up with family."
Veterans on the New Flyer team in Anniston, Alabama

Recognizing veterans, providing opportunity 
New Flyer is an equal opportunity employer and is proud to provide meaningful careers to nearly 200 veterans on its team, while also offering apprenticeship programs for veteran, women, disadvantaged, underrepresented, and underserved workers. To learn more about current career opportunities:
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