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April 22, 2020 - Earth Day

New Flyer Friends,

We hope you, your families, and your teams are staying safe and healthy. 

No matter where home is for you, we’re all feeling the same sense of uncertainty. It’s not often we experience a shift together that makes the whole world pause. But, with times of transformation, also comes great opportunity to change for the better.

On this day, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we are comforted in knowing that across the globe, we are all in this together. With this year’s Earth Day focusing on climate action, there is no better time to spend time in, to protect, and to sustain the environment around us. Our work here is never done.

Now more than ever, we are proud to lead North American public transit with zero-emission technology that helps cities reduce the impact of climate change. Across borders, we continue to work hard at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, innovating zero-emission buses, infrastructure, and technology, and developing more sustainable transportation for communities relying on us for critically needed mobility.

Together, we will get through these uncertain times. To all the frontline teams – from transit to healthcare, and food providers to delivery services – thank you for your tireless efforts to keep our communities safe. 

Happy Earth Day.
Did you know?
  • Just one New Flyer zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell-electric Xcelsior CHARGE H2™ bus saves over one hundred tons of greenhouse gases (GHG) every year, which is equivalent to taking up to 29 cars off the road, or planting up to 5,600 trees. 
  • The battery-electric Xcelsior CHARGE™ transit buses remove up to 100-160 tons of GHG emissions per year compared to a 40-foot diesel bus.

Fighting climate change with clean technology
Today's edition of the Globe and Mail celebrates Earth Day by honoring Canada's Sustainability and Clean Tech Heroes. We're thrilled that New Flyer's own Jennifer McNeill, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, was named an Honouree of Canada’s prestigious Clean50 list for 2020.

The Clean50 individual awards recognize Canada’s leaders advancing sustainability and clean capitalism across sixteen categories for outstanding contribution to the clean energy economy, with the leader of each category declared part of the Clean16. McNeill was also named to the Clean16, as the category leader for Manufacturing and Transportation.
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