FEBRUARY 14, 2020
Dear Colleagues,

The word “momentum” rolls off the tongue with ease.  The word itself connotes smooth sailing.  Yet, we know all too well that building momentum requires as much attention to the trailblazers as to the new adopters. 

This healthy tension of managing entities moving at multiple speeds is commonplace in higher education as faculty facilitate student understanding and system leaders navigate unequal institutional arcs to the same horizon.  At Strong Start to Finish we are ramping up momentum in the field as we on-board new partners, new researchers and systems to the network in March. 

We are so proud of our partners, applicants and innovators who make up this movement that we are fortunate to curate.  Thanks to each of you for all that you do each day to implement changes in policy and practice for the betterment of your campus community. 


Christopher M. Mullin, Ph.D.
Director, Strong Start to Finish
Strong Start to Finish continues to learn with and from its Scaling Sites as they pursue new directions of work via the Supplemental Grant program.  In fact, just last month we shared how inspired and motivated we remain by both the thoughtfulness of their work and the sense of urgency they have to ensure yet another cohort of students perpetuates historic inequities.

After receiving 17 Seeding Site Grant Program applications, each thoughtfully grounded by an understanding of place and possibilities, it is safe to say the work continues in earnest.  We look forward to finalizing the review process in March and beginning to support more systems and institutions committed to implementing evidence-based, actionable reforms at scale.  Not pilots, at scale.
We continue to publish original material weekly.  For those new, or who don’t participate in Twitter, our weekly routine includes Monday posts focused on individuals -- with content largely extracted from our YouTube page, our highlighting of recent research findings through Wednesday Points of Interest, our Friday focus on systems, and the People in the Reform two-pager posted at the end of each month in addition to podcasts and original Steps to Success papers. Our understanding is that these resources - available for free from our Resource Library - are of value to the field, each serving a different purpose.  

This month we wanted to provide advance notice that on March 4, 2020 the expertise, insights, evidence and practice come together in a refresh of the Core Principles for Transforming Remedial Education within a Comprehensive Student Success Strategy as a statement from the field.  We can’t wait for it to be shared with each of you.

Our network of providers continues to grow as we add Research and Service partners who will provide technical assistance, develop next generation tools and inform our collective vision that will bring clarity and coherence to the field. Welcome to the Strong Start to Finish network:

  • ACUE- Association of College and University Educators 
  • ADA Center 
  • AIR - Association for Institutional Research 
  • ASA Research 
  • Bruce Vandal Consulting LLC 
  • CCRC - Community College Research Center 
  • Gardner Institute  
  • Motivate Labs 
  • National Resource Center (University of South Carolina) 
  • Phase Two Advisory 
  • Student Ready Strategies


Connect with Strong Start to Finish in-person at these upcoming events:
  • March 2-4: SSTF Learning Network Convening in Miami, FL
  • March 28-30: American Association of Community Colleges annual convention in National Harbor, MD
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