MAY 15, 2020
Dear Colleagues,

This is a disjointed experience.  While a national depiction of our shared experience makes the headlines, the pandemic is impacting communities at different points in time in different ways.  It then follows that each of your experiences of the same event at the same time differ.

At some point on the ride you are likely feeling the desperation and loneliness that come with instability.  Far too many of those you know or care about are struggling.  Just hunkering down, waiting for it to be over.  That is why our work matters now more than ever. 

The lived experience of populations that were highly likely to be placed in developmental education have certainly gotten worse. And so, I pose one question: What are you going to do differently?

Unsure of where to begin? One place to start is the Core Principles for Transforming Remedial Education Within a Comprehensive Student Success Strategy: A Statement from the Field which are focused on empowering students to identify their academic direction from day one, placing every student in a college-level math and English course, embedding the supports students need to be successful, accelerating gateway course success through evidence-based integrated support models, integrating courses with programs of study, using data to inform action rather than serve as a justification for inaction,  and refining your policies to remove barriers by investigating our practice.

Another place to turn are the members of the Strong Start to Finish team. We are here to provide you with a direct connection, to help you take action and answer that question you have on your mind.  We are also looking for a project manager to join the team as our work continues to grow in importance; click here to learn more.

Wishing you and those close to you well in these turbulent times.   


Christopher M. Mullin, Ph.D.
Director, Strong Start to Finish

In the short term, the Strong Start to Finish team is not traveling, as scheduled events have been cancelled in an abundance of caution.  You can still find us via email, on webinars, and in the press.

Recent Webinars:
  • Mullin, C. M., & Kadlec, A. (2020, May 14).  Core Principles to ensure student success in the time of the coronavirus and beyond.  [Webinar] Presentation to institutions of the State University of New York.
  • Baldwin, C. (2020, May 4).  Model Implementation Framework.  [Webinar]. Presentation to the Strong Start to Finish Scaling Site Project Leads and invited systems. 
  • Barnshaw, J., Mullin, C. M., & Kadlec, A. (2020, April 30).  Core Principles to ensure student success in the time of the coronavirus and beyond.  [Webinar] Presentation to the Ad Astra Academy.

Recent Press:

Mangan, K. (2020, April 23).  More college students may need remedial help this fall.  Can they get it online? The Chronicle of Higher Education.
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