MARCH 14, 2019
Dear Colleagues,

The evidence continues to mount in support of developmental education reforms.  Earlier this month I had the opportunity to serve as a discussant for four rigorously conducted studies of reforms in New York, Texas and Florida.  All of them showed positive results for multiple measures placement, co-requisite approaches and reforms at scale across an entire system of 28 colleges.  To which someone remarked: the conversation is no longer about whether to undertake the reforms; the question is how to do them well.

This focus on the “how” drives us daily.  It is evident in the three Steps to Success papers we published in the past month, and I hope you take the time to benefit from them.


Christopher M. Mullin, Ph.D.
Director, Strong Start to Finish

Scaling Sites are leading, daily.  This is most evident through convenings which allow institutional teams to learn with each other, refine a plan of action, and celebrate successes.  In just the past few weeks Strong Start to Finish Scaling Sites have hosted in-person and virtual conferences and convenings.  

Sitting in the room during these conversations, and engaging virtually with practitioners from across the country, provides a powerful vantage point where one is left with only one thought: the future looks promising!   

Upcoming events include:
  • Ohio Strong Start to Finish Placement Implementation Forum on March 15th
  • SUNY Guided Pathways Institute #5 on March 15th
  • CUNY English Summit on April 5th
  • Arkansas English Co-Requisite meeting on April 4-5th 
We released our first three Steps to Success papers in the past month.  The purpose of a Steps to Success paper is to provide “how-to” documents to practitioners in the field as they also work to implement reforms.  All are available from the Strong Start to Finish Resource Library.

It goes without question that the successes we are seeing today are the result of a collaborative effort. Strong Start to Finish is just another partner in the effort and learns, like you, from our peers. We remain appreciative of the thought that went into the Core Principles for Transforming Remediation within a Comprehensive Student Success Strategy by a group of national organizations that work with higher education institutions serving millions of students.  If you are unfamiliar with these principles, and the research behind them, please visit our website.

Connect with Strong Start to Finish team members at these upcoming events:
  • March 18 & 19: National Academies’ “Understanding Success and Failure of Students in Developmental Mathematics” in Washington, DC
  • March 28 & 29: 2019 Strong Start to Finish Learning Network Convening in Denver, CO
  • April 8 through 10: ASU + GSV Summit in San Diego, CA
Our mailing address is:
700 Broadway, Suite 810
Denver, Colorado 80203-3442

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