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July Invitation – To align  

Our work, our relationships, our time and our values
July 26, 2018 @ 6pm
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During June’s Invitation we explored notion of moving from attachment to detachment and the possibilities that arise when we stop trying to control outcomes, events and behaviors. I’ve provided a short recap here. It falls short of the power that comes from a circle of women, relating honestly and authentically and in support of one another. If you haven’t tried an Invitation, the door is still open and this is your personal Invitation.

Detachment meditation:

Reflect on all stages of your life and what you’ve brought with you into this moment…into this space.

Infancy, adolescence, your teen years, early adulthood, the years before you knew better and the years when you thought you knew.

  • The past events that marked your development
  • The roles you chose and were assigned
  • The beliefs you held
  • The commitments you made, consciously and unconsciously
  • The habits you developed and the patterns you carried forward
  • The obsessions
  • The material objects you accumulated
  • The values you shared
  • And the stories you tell yourself both real, and imagined

Create an altar of your attachments. Look at all that you have collected. Before deciding what you would like to do now, express gratitude for these attachments. Then…

Consider what serves you and your most evolved self, and what doesn’t. 

Ask yourself:
  • “What would you have to release to be free?”
  • “What would you have to say goodbye to in order to be completely open?”
  • “What would you have to reject, in order to extend a new invitation for your own existence?”

Reflecting back on your altar of attachments, choose your next course:
  • Would you like to keep the altar of attachments and visit occasionally to pay tribute to your collections?
  • Would you like to box it all up and float it down a river?
  • Would you like to buy a new luggage set and pack it up so you can carry it all with you, everywhere?
  • Do you want to attach it all to a balloon and simply let it float away?
  • Or do you want change so badly, you could strike a match and set fire to it all?

It’s your choice. These are your attachments. You get to decide. 

Imagine yourself so free
  • No burdens
  • No expectations to fulfill
  • No things to manage
  • No thoughts to project
Nothing to hold you but the light and the air and the earth beneath your feet

Maybe you’ve been here before. Maybe you’ve danced at freedom’s edges. Maybe you’ve just entertained the promise of it.

This…this is a new moment…you are presented with a new set of possibilities…and you get to decide. 

© Angela Engel 7/24/18
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