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An Invitation

To synchronize  


An Invitation is for you if you desire to live a more authentic, purposeful life, in collaboration with others. Is now the time to experience life with more acceptance, love and connection?

Join us for a dynamic and transformational event where alignment is further experienced through the synchronicity of drumming.

Synchronize with us: 

Join us Thursday, August 30th at 6pm (iCal)

We’re excited to partner with Little Rishikesh for a drum circle and Kirtan.
7097 S. Windermere St.
Littleton, CO 80120

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If you missed July’s Invitation, our theme was alignment.
“How do we direct energy, both within, as well as the external forces, without…consciously, efficiently, and lovingly?”

There are different types of energy: heat, electrical, kinetic, solar and nuclear. Humanity also has its own exchange of energy. These forces can be generated, transferred, conserved and manipulated.

In looking at alignment we often apply magnetic energy to the concept of spiritual energy. Magnetic energy works between the field of the North and South poles either through attraction or resistance. While electrical energy works on the basis of positive and negative charges, these two major forms of energy aren’t really different from each other. That is, every electrical current has associated with it a magnetic field and every changing magnetic field creates its own electrical current. [i]

Alignment is about attracting and displacing energy efficiently and effectively and beginning to synchronize our fields and currents so that our own energy can be better utilized and targeted. Spiritual alignment is often discussed as having our actions align with our soul’s purpose. Practically speaking we make hundreds of decisions a day:
Do I wear this…or that?
Do I eat this…or this?
Do go here… or there?
Do I buy this…or that?
Do I attend to this task …do I rest…or do I do nothing?
Not everything relates directly to soul’s purpose and yet we are never separate from spirit. Consider yourself as a light. Attending to the polarities and the charges that present themselves regularly we can begin to navigate daily decisions making choices that expand and strengthen our own light. While duality is our common orientation, our own energy is full spectrum, like a color wheel. Not everything is positive and sometimes our attractions cause more resistance.

All experiences, like energy, bear the capacity for transformation. Once we become conscious and intentional about how we interact and relate internally and externally, all interactions become opportunities for conversion. Meaning, we have the capacity to transform our experiences and our experiences have the capacity to transform us. 

The goal is not to avoid the uncomfortable or to reject the things that are painful; that’s simply unrealistic. Understanding the triggers, actions, patterns, encounters and relationships that dim, diffuse and fragment our light is the goal. Through our own awareness, we can begin to remove the barriers and blocks that keep us stuck and actively convert our experiences for our own personal transformation.

We have to constantly and mindfully recharge our battery and we are the battery, globally. It’s complicated and dynamic. Mastering our own energies requires a deep awareness, conscious relationships, and daily practices that expand and strengthen the light within so that we may expand the light elsewhere and everywhere.

As part of our last Invitation, we completed several exercises to examine energy within the context of our own lives. Feel free to complete the table by examining the charges associated with your decisions around any of the following themes: Money, Time, Values, Relationships.
Angela Engel, M.A., Author, Master Facilitator, and Curriculum Designer, has over three decades of experience catalyzing change on a personal, organizational and national scale. As an agitator and liberator, she is known for waking people up and moving the collective forward.
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