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There are no two ways about it: giving a speech on a controversial topic is a daunting task. One thing that can help is to focus on why you’re giving the speech. Maybe you’re spreading the word for an organization you care about, or maybe you’re emotionally connected to the topic. Either way, you have a strong reason for being there. You’re bound to be very knowledgeable about and strongly committed to the topic; otherwise, you wouldn’t have been asked to speak about it. This passion and sincerity will shine through in your performance and make it highly convincing. Lastly, anticipate any possible counter-arguments and objections, and plan your responses carefully.

- Richard

Voxgig podcast

For the past several years, Pauline Kwasniak has been working diligently to establish herself in the events organization industry. She has recently started a tough, fascinating trip into the event organizers’ public speaking sphere.
In this interview, Pauline explains what lead her into event organizing and public speaking.
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Speaker profile
Image of Dan Pallotta on stage

The way we think about charity is dead wrong
Dan Pallotta

It happens all the time: we hear about a nonprofit’s marketing expenditure and straight away, we assume the money could be better spent ‘on the ground’. We don’t see the results of the marketing campaigns, only the spend—and it’s always huge. Pallotta expertly deals with the subject of changing our opinions on nonprofits’ expenditure. We need people like this who challenge our thinking when it comes to dealing with controversial issues.

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Blog post

8 tips to help communicate a controversial topic

Many people tend to shy away from speaking about controversial topics, fearing that the audience may not receive the message well, or that conflict and confrontation will arise.


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