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Opportunity Highlight - Utah State University, Climate Adaptation Science Graduate Training Program
Each newsletter highlights an AERC member group, organization, individual or opportunity that is working on impactful ecosystem research. This serves as a way for the AERC community to stay up-to-date on fellow members' work and dedication to ecosystem science research and applications.

Utah State University (USU) has a new Climate Adaptation Science Graduate Training Program. The project is led by the USU Ecology Center Director, Nancy Huntly, and is funded by the National Science Foundation Research Traineeship award. 

The Climate Adaptation Science Program prepares graduate researchers to work in a complicated future by teaching students to integrate management and policy with climate adaptation science to respond to threats to the interior West.

Key components of the program include: 
  • Research projects in interdisciplinary teams
  • Two-part internships with non academic partners
  • Research-based and experiential curriculum supported with elective short-courses (0.25 to 1 credit) that are flexible in length, timing, and format
More information is available at
Recent Member Publications
  • M.E. Byrne, S.C. Webster, S.L. Lance, C.N. Love, T.G. Hinton, D. Shamovich, and J.C. Beasley. 2018. Evidence of long-distance dispersal of a gray wolf from the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. See full publication.
  • N.J. Tomczyk, T.B. Parr, S.J. Wenger, and K.A. Capps. 2018. The influence of land cover on the sensitivity of streams to metal pollution. See full publication.
  • P. Oliveira‐Cunha, K.A. Capps, V. Neres‐Lima, C. Lourenço‐Amorim, F. Tromboni, T.P. Moulton, and E. Zandonà. 2018. Effects of incubation conditions on nutrient mineralisation rates in fish and shrimp. See full publication.
  • B.K. Hand, C.G. Flint, C.A. Frissell, C.C. Muhlfeld, S.P. Devlin, B.P. Kennedy, R.L. Crabtree, W.A. McKee, G. Luikart, and J.A. Stanford. 2018. A social–ecological perspective for riverscape management in the Columbia River Basin. See full publication.
  • M.P. Jarvi and A.J. Burton. 2018. Adenylate control contributes to thermal acclimation of sugar maple fine‐root respiration in experimentally warmed soil. See full publication.
  • A.R. Collins, A.J. Burton, and M.A. Cavaleri. 2018. Effects of Experimental Soil Warming and Water Addition on the Transpiration of Mature Sugar Maple. See full publication.
  • J.R. Blaszczak, M.K. Steele, B.D. Badgley, J.B. Heffernan, S.E. Hobbie, J.L. Morse, E.N. Rivers, S.J. Hall, C. Neill, D.E. Pataki, P.M. Groffman, and E.S. Bernhardt. 2018. Sediment chemistry of urban stormwater ponds and controls on denitrification. See full publication.
  • E.M. Sass, A.W. D'Amato, and D.R. Foster. 2018. Lasting legacies of historical clearcutting, wind, and salvage logging on old-growth Tsuga canadensis-Pinus strobus forests. See full publication.
  • M.R. Ament, J.A. Tierney, L.O. Hedin, E.A. Hobbie, and N. Wurzburger. 2018. Phosphorus and species regulate N 2 fixation by herbaceous legumes in longleaf pine savannas. See full publication.
  • H. Halbwachs, G.L. Easton, R. Bol, E.A. Hobbie, M.H. Garnett, D. Peršoh, L. Dixon, N. Ostle, P. Karasch, and G.W. Griffith. 2018. Isotopic evidence of biotrophy and unusual nitrogen nutrition in soil-dwelling Hygrophoraceae. See full publication.
  • C. Gibson, PJ. Hatton, J.A. Bird, K. Nadelhoffer, J. Le Moine, and T. Filley. 2018. Tree taxa and pyrolysis temperature interact to control pyrogenic organic matter induced native soil organic carbon priming. See full publication.
  • A.M. Ellison, C.J. LeRoy, K.J. Landsbergen, E. Bosanquet, D.B. Borden, P.J. CaraDonna, K. Cheney, R. Crystal‐Ornelas, A. DeFreece, L. Goralnik, E. Irons, B.G. Merkle, K.E.B. O'Connell, C.A. Penick, L. Rustad, M. Schulze, N.M. Waser, and L.M. Wysong. 2018. Art/Science Collaborations: New Explorations of Ecological Systems, Values, and their Feedbacks. See full publication.
  • E.M. Cook, R. Sponseller, N.B. Grimm, and S.J. Hall. 2018. Mixed method approach to assess atmospheric nitrogen deposition in arid and semi-arid ecosystems. See full publication.
  • R.C. Heindel, W.B. Lyons, S.A. Welch, A.M. Spickard, and R.A. Virginia. 2018. Biogeochemical weathering of soil apatite grains in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica. See full publication.
  • B.A. Ball, B.J. Adams, J.E. Barrett, D.H. Wall, and R.A. Virginia. 2018. Soil biological responses to C, N and P fertilization in a polar desert of Antarctica. See full publication.
  • R.J. Griffin-Nolan, C.J.W. Carroll, E.M. Denton, M.K. Johnston, S.L. Collins, M.D. Smith, and A.K. Knapp. 2018. Legacy effects of a regional drought on aboveground net primary production in six central US grasslands. See full publication.
  • D. Hodapp, E.T. Borer, W.S. Harpole, E.M. Lind, E.W. Seabloom, P.B. Adler, J. Alberti, C.A. Arnillas, J.D. Bakker, L. Biederman, M. Cadotte, E.E. Cleland, S.L. Collins, P.A. Fay, J. Firn, N. Hagenah, Y. Hautier, O. Iribarne, J.M.H. Knops, R.L. McCulley, A. MacDougall, J.L. Moore, J.W. Morgan, B. Mortensen, K.J. La Pierre, A.C. Risch, M. Schütz, P. Peri, C.J. Stevens, J. Wright, and H. Hillebrand. 2018. Spatial heterogeneity in species composition constrains plant community responses to herbivory and fertilisation. See full publication.
  • W.J. McShea, M. Aung, M. Songer and G. Connette. 2018. The Challenges of Protecting an Endangered Species in the Developing World: A Case History of Eld’s Deer Conservation in Myanmar. See full publication.
  • A.C. Monmany Garzia, M. Yu, and J.K. Zimmerman. Effects of vegetation structure and landscape complexity on insect parasitism across an agricultural frontier in Argentina. See full publication.
  • J.K. Zimmerman, J.A. Hogan, C.J. Nytch, and J.E. Bithorn. 2018. Effects of hurricanes and climate oscillations on annual variation in reproduction in wet forest, Puerto Rico. See full publication.
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