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Hello Friends,

Greetings! It's Spring. The school year is winding down and the horizon is opening up to a time of exploration and restorative activities.  Finding time to write my newsletter is one of those activities.



How do we take care of ourselves? This is a key question that comes up in my work with Alexander Technique and Voice students.  A student may come to a lesson to work on a new aria, and walk out feeling more prepared to manage stress, commitments and daily living. This can be a result of learning to let go of a habit that is causing discomfort, freeing the breath or even taking the opportunity to renegotiate a trauma that has been hindering progress.
    This month marks my completion of three years of training in The Actor’s Secret, a course created and taught by Betsy Polatin, master lecturer at Boston University. TAS integrates the principles of The Alexander Technique, Carl Stough’s Breathing Coordination work and Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing methods.  Betsy’s course has been rewarding and fascinating. I highly recommend her book, “The Actor’s Secret!” This training has expanded my skill set as a teacher and it informs my teaching every day.
    Last October Betsy and Peter Levine teamed up to present a two-day workshop in New York, Trauma and the Performing Artist.  Observing Peter Levine’s work first hand was very interesting. Betsy’s ability to incorporate breath and body techniques enhanced the workshop further.

          "In trauma or sensations and our emotions become fixed, stuck. If we are able to touch into the trauma there gets to be a fluidity in feeling and expression." Peter Levine, PhD




How can my work in the area of healing Trauma help my students? Everybody has experienced trauma. Anything from a sudden fall, to a difficult breakup can impede our progress in life. Trauma is caused when the fight or flight response in our nervous system becomes overwhelmed and stays frozen in the body. At times, the gentle hands-on work that I do, or even singing, can unlock strong feelings. When this arises, I have the tools to support my student’s healing process, and I have the training to help them resolve issues that may arise.
    Students sometimes arrive at their lessons feeling triggered, or overwhelmed by an event, a feeling or injury.  I help students to feel more present, grounded and safe allowing our work to be productive. I take my cue from my student as to the direction they wish to take in our work together. My role is to support, and help to organize and clarify my student's experience.  If appropriate, I will always refer to a medical professional or psychotherapist.




This summer I look forward to teaching workshops at Boston Conservatory and in the Berkshires.  I am teaching at my Brookline studio two days a week through the summer.
photo with my student, Amy Onyonyi. Photo by Dave Green. Copyright 2018 Boston Conservatory at Berklee


The Alexander Technique helps us "unlearn" acquired unhealthy habits and reactions, allowing us to function more in harmony with our natural design.  Alexander lessons are recognized as a valuable resource to performing artists, athletes, and anyone with chronic or incidental pain.
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