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Hello Friends,

It's been a season since my last newsletter. Here we are in August, still in the midst of a pandemic, and managing our experience in different ways.  I'd like to capture this time in words and a few images.



When an Alexander Technique teacher puts hands on a person it is an invitation to come into the present moment. It allows one to pause, or inhibit, their habitual ways of being, and to consider their choices. Lately, many of us have been exploring Alexander Technique without hands-on contact due to the pandemic. I have discovered a new Alexander teacher! On my deck there is a hummingbird feeder. Every time the remarkable little bird comes to the feeder, I pause and watch it. In that moment I stop what I am doing, notice my breath and the possibilities of the moment, brought to me by the hummingbird. It has become something of a ritual that I find very useful. We can all look for cues in our lives that bring our attention to ourselves.



What do we mean by “virtual” teaching? My experiences teaching online over the past months have been very real! I have become quite comfortable teaching via Zoom. There is true connection; from one-on-one lessons, to large workshop presentations. Once you get used to the silence of a screen of muted students, it begins to feel natural. After all, it is a form of communication, albeit a newer one. What I value most is the immediacy of the face-to-face contact and the comfort of being in one’s familiar surroundings. What I miss is the sound of laughter when something funny is said. 

There is an element of trust that develops. It may feel like talking into the abyss. But after guiding a class through a sensing exercise I feel very keenly the change. There is a stillness, a quiet presence in each person and in the collective group.  It is palpable! 

I look forward to adjusting my Alexander Technique & Performance class for the online fall semester. I look forward to re-connecting with returning voice students. And I gladly anticipate getting to know the new singers in my studio come September, all remotely but real-ly.



Who has not enjoyed being barefoot, shuffling about in slippers all day, and still being able to do their job? Our feet each have 28 bones and over 7,000 nerve endings. We get so much kinesthetic information from them! It will be a tall order to instruct my feet to conform to the unyielding limits of shoe-wearing once we can return to in-person work and socializing. To those whose feet are currently in the workplace, Thank You!



Let's stay in touch and let me know if you want to explore online Alexander lessons or if you would like to organize a virtual group workshop, large or small. I wish you safe and pleasant summer days!



The Alexander Technique helps us let go of unhealthy habits and reactions, allowing us to function more in harmony with our natural design.  Alexander lessons are a valuable resource to performing artists, athletes, and anyone with chronic or incidental pain as well as those wishing to feel more ease and freedom within themselves.
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