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Hello Friends,

It's been two seasons since my last newsletter. Here we are in June, slowly transitioning out of a pandemic, and managing our experience in different ways.  I'd like to capture this time in words and a few images.



F. M. Alexander said, “Change involves carrying out an activity against the habit of life.” That makes sense if the habit is causing pain, or limiting you. But what if your habit is needed and actually, a precious thing?  If your habit keeps you alive, connects you to those you love, brings you joy, then keep it. Celebrate it! The important thing is to recognize when a habit is not serving you, and those habits are many; how we sit at our computers, how we react to

stressful situations and so forth. For now, I’d like to talk about how much there is to appreciate about the good habits.

A few weeks ago, walking down the outside spiral staircase at home, I discovered that a bird’s nest was balanced on an old bicycle hanging against the house. On closer inspection, I noticed four beautiful robin’s eggs! The mother and father robin had been quietly living there, making a family, right under our noses. Soon after, two eggs hatched, and two days later, the other two. The newborn birds were nothing but open mouths, straining upward for the food that both the parent robins were regularly supplying. At night, the mother robin sat quietly on the nest, getting some sleep and keeping the newborns warm. 

How did the robins know what to do? It amazes me to see them doing their important work without any instruction! They just know instinctively. Their new habits are born out of necessity, creating the next generations of robins. 

Today the young birds are bursting out of the nest, almost ready to fly. The parents can no longer sit on the nest and the young birds are about to fly off on their own. 

Nature gives us many important messages. Trusting in the ways we evolve as humans is valuable. And when our habits don’t serve us, we can turn to our conscious awareness or the observations of others, like an Alexander Technique teacher, to help restore us to our inherently beautiful, natural selves. 

Instinct is a marvelous thing. It can neither be explained nor ignored.

  • Agatha Christie


We have lived through a pandemic. Some of us have experienced the painful loss of loved ones, isolation, and many other hardships related to this ordeal. We can not go “back to normal,” because this experience has changed us and the world around us. We can only go forward from here. 

I’m sure you have seen the memes saying, “Be kind. You never know what someone is going through,” This is more true than ever, in the wake of the shared trauma of the past 18 months. As we move into the change of seasons, open our windows to enjoy warmer temperatures and spend more time outdoors, we can begin to make connections with friends, family and ourselves.

While protecting ourselves and our loved ones from Covid 19, how much of our contact with ourselves have we also restricted? Perhaps you enjoyed a more satisfying time with yourself with less running around, commuting, shopping, etc.. Or perhaps you were shut down by the stress of the pandemic. Maybe you worked on the front lines. It is warming to be invited back slowly to be in contact with each other. Everybody will have a story to tell when and if they are ready. To be sure there are many; spoken and unspoken. The Alexander lesson is a great place to explore possibilities of expansion, support and ease, whether in a virtual or in-person format.

Much is to be acknowledged quietly and in its own time.

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.

  • The Dalai Lama

My studio is open. For everyone's safety, masks will be worn, and time for cleaning and ventilation will be scheduled between lessons. Zoom lessons are continuing as well. 


The Alexander Technique helps us let go of unhealthy habits and reactions, allowing us to function more in harmony with our natural design.  Alexander lessons are a valuable resource to performing artists, athletes, and anyone with chronic or incidental pain as well as those wishing to feel more ease and freedom within themselves.
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