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Holiday Greetings!

Give the Gift of Wellbeing: Holiday Specials

  • Gift Certificates available for individual or small group Alexander Technique sessions at Sara’s Studio in Brookline, MA, Buy two and get a third for free if purchased by Jan. 31, 2019. Email Sara at to order, or for more information.

  • Host a Wellbeing Weekend (one or two-days) at your home and attend for free. Invite your friends.  Will travel. Contact for details.


Absence of Fear


I asked the students in my Alexander Technique for Singers class to write about a time when they felt “absence of fear” as discussed in Ron Murdock’s lovely book, Born to Sing. Many of the students wrote about people in their lives with whom they feel a sense of ease and safety. It is often through our relationships with others that we feel safe and supported.

We know from neuroscientists that one way our fight-or-flight reaction can be mitigated is through social engagement. This is why it feels so good when we walk into a room where we don’t know anybody, and feel instantly more at ease if one person talks to us. Boarding a crowded train at the end of the work day, a smile from a stranger can relieve stress. And nothing beats the feeling of finding a friend or loved one in an airport, train station, or unexpectedly on the street.

Where do we find a sense of ease when we spend time alone, either by choice or circumstance? Some enjoy solitude more than others. Listening to the radio, or watching TV or movies may provide distraction. More valuable, though, are the connections we make through reading, listening to music, or engaging in our own creative expression, such as painting, crafts, making music, cooking or writing. These are all ways in which we can feel accompanied by our own selves. Quiet time to meditate or think can enhance our feeling of belonging -- to ourselves, to our world, and when we step out of our alone time, to be more fully present with and for others.

Whether you are surrounded by friends and family, with just one special person, or exploring on your own this holiday season, I hope you can find ways in which to connect more authentically, in peace and safety with yourself and others!


Have you noticed what you do automatically when you walk outside on a cold day? Do you find yourself bracing against the cold by raising your shoulders, tensing your face, hurrying to get where you’re going? What would it be like if we experienced the cold weather with a sense of curiosity?

What does the cold air smell like when you inhale? What does the texture of the ground feel like when it is frozen? How does the light appear coming through bare branches? What does the world sound like under falling snow? It goes without saying that if you dress warmly enough you can tolerate being outside for a period of time. Once we are prepared for the cold weather, can we invite an experience that is outside of our habit? I can remember as a child staying outside sledding or ice skating until I couldn’t feel my toes. We can immerse ourselves in the experience of winter and rediscover it, maybe not to the point of frostbite, but enough to feel the joy of returning indoors to a well-deserved hot drink!



The Alexander Technique allows us to let go of of acquired unhealthy patterns, and to function in harmony with our natural design.  Alexander lessons are recognized as a valuable resource to people of all ages wishing to move and live with greater ease.
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