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Create Seven Quarterly Newsletter

Issue 3 - Summer 2018

Welcome to our Community of Leaders!

We hope you are all having a fantastic Summer! The team at Create Seven has been extremely busy since our last edition, so there's plenty to tell you about!

Firstly, as you may already have noticed, we have changed our organisational colours to green. Some of you may have contributed to the final decision via social media, as we presented our shortlists for the new colour, and in true co-operative spirit, we went with the majority! We haven't stopped there, the colour change was just one aspect of the changes made, we have also launched a new website! We believe that both the colour change and the new website reflect better the 'soul purpose' of Create Seven, which is to facilitate the development of new leaders for more environmental, economic and psychological sustainability.

The Summer 2018 issue highlights Create Seven's journey since the Spring edition. In this edition, we signpost you to some of the new features on our website, which includes a range of resources and ways to get involved, as well as all of our upcoming events for you to put in your diaries. We also introduce you to 'Positive Activism' and the range of activities that have already been developed. Next, we update you on the Discovering New Leadership module which took place in Snowdonia at the start of July. It was Create Seven's first 'Co-op Fortnight' from 23rd June to 7th July, and we were delighted to get involved in a variety of ways, from holding 'Walking in Nature' to publishing an article on the reasons behind our choice to become a co-operative. Finally, we talk again about our Working Groups and other ways you can 'Get Involved'. 

Create Seven Values
The unfolding of Create Seven has been guided by the shared values of its founders. As a Co-operative, Create Seven is owned by its members, but it's values and purpose are the bedrock of the organisation. One of the founders, Jill Chapman, has created some pieces of art to reflect each of the values and invites you to add to the collection, uploading your artistic creations for each of the values, as a piece of Unfolding Art

Please visit the 'Our Way' page to find out more about Create Seven values, and how you can add to the Unfolding Art.

Discovering New Leadership - 8th to 10th July 2018

Create Seven was excited to have held its second-ever module in early July! 
Five participants joined us at CAT (Centre for Alternative Technology), and we would like to extend our gratitude to each and every one of them for helping to make the module what it was, which was a space connection and inspiration, and place where new leadership emerged through the group. 
The Discovering New Leadership module requires open-mindedness, where judgements are suspended. As a result of this, the group dynamic is one built on trust and respect, allowing for free-flowing thoughts and ideas, fuelled by the creativity of the participants,  and energy of the group, which is why each module will be unique. 
Discovering New Leadership is the first of four Foundation ModulesIt has been created to challenge participants to explore the concept of New Leadership in terms of what it is, why it is needed and how it can be developed. During the module, the participants were given the opportunity to try out techniques which have been found to prepare leaders for transitioning to the 'Post-Conventional' stages of development. The techniques included Mindfulness, Connection with Wilderness and Nature, and Creative Dialogue. Much of the module was delivered outdoors on field trips, regardless of the weather! This enabled the participants to 'find their place' in nature, somewhere to become grounded, recover, resource themselves and find space to think.
Our modules are designed to facilitate the innate creativity of each of our participants. Through the process of exploring New Leadership, and the challenges that it presents, the participants captured their individual and collective thinking and ideas, in a range of ways. 
We have two more modules scheduled in 2018, September 16th to 18th and November 11th to 13th, and we welcome you to come and join us at CAT. Create Seven is values led, and one of our values is being fully inclusive, so we welcome anyone who is interested in becoming a New Leader.

Further, the cost to the individual self-funding their participation is offered at £265 which covers our cost, meaning that we only ask you to cover the cost of room and board, and our facilitation is not included. We offer our facilitation as a gift. With 
Pay As You Can, participants can gift a payment, set at what they think our service is worth and will help go towards the future development of Create Seven. 
Co-op Fortnight
As you know, we became incorporated as a Co-operative at the beginning of January, so we were delighted to get involved in Co-op Fortnight. Co-op Fortnight is an opportunity for Co-operatives around the country to become active in the Co-op community as well as out in local communities.

As part of the Co-operative celebrations, Create Seven published an article 
'Compete or Co-operate?', exploring how competition rather than co-operation has become normalised, despite research demonstrating that 70% of the pool of the research participants were not naturally competitive, rather they worked better in a collaborative environment.

In addition, Create Seven helped celebrate Co-op Fortnight by holding a 'Walking In Nature' event in Letchworth. Those who joined us participated in both Mindful Walking and Reconnecting with Nature. 
As a result of the positive feedback from this free event, Create Seven has decided to continue to deliver Walking in Nature on a monthly basis, in Letchworth, Hitchin and London.

If you are interested in finding out more and would like to be informed of these dates, feel free to contact us by emailing


Positive Activism
Activism is for many, a loaded term, and often conjures images of protest, defiance and aggression. But for Create Seven, Positive Activism uses the energy of difference to stimulate and create change. Rather than focusing on the negative and what divides us, we focus on the positive and what could unfold in the space between us as we come together. 

Create Seven in its very existence is a form of Positive Activism. We will be engaging in a range of actions that are true to our core values and purpose of Create Seven. Some of these actions are already known to you, such as the three 
Working Groups -
  • Reclaim Leadership (Creating a new narrative for leadership which is inclusive and positive).
  • Create a New Path (Mapping a new path to sustainable leadership for young leaders to follow as they grow and develop).
  • Sustain Community (Co-creating a model of community).
Other forms of Positive Activism Create Seven will be undertaking include:
  • Walking On Earth - A walk between the Schumacher College in Devon to the Centre for Alternative Technology in Snowdonia in 2019 to raise awareness of how leadership in our society is disconnecting us from nature, each other and ourselves, leading to our society becoming unsustainable. 
  • Interviews - Already underway, these filmed interviews explore different perspectives on leadership. It is hoped that eventually, they will become a documentary film. This is a shared endeavour, so once someone has been interviewed, they can become the interviewer, expanding our reach into new networks. 
  • Film and Dialogue - Events showing challenging film or documentary is shown followed by a ‘Creative Dialogue’.
  • Festival of Positive Activism - Once a year we plan to host a Festival of Positive Actism. The festival will be interspersed with activities that develop our creativity such as music, art and storytelling.  We will also have lots of opportunities to reconnect with nature, each other and ourselves.  

In all forms of Postive Activism, we invite you to Get Involved and join us on our journey towards change and New Leadership. We welcome you to ask questions or indeed make suggestions for other forms of Positive Activism that you think Create Seven should be getting involved in. Email

Storytelling for Change

How can story strengthen, encourage and nourish us as we seek and work for a sustainable relationship with Earth, all of its inhabitants and each other? What can story and the practice of storytelling help us remember - put back together again? As we work at ourselves and aid each other in this endeavour, how can older and newer stories, metaphor and imagination deepen and support our practice?

Storytelling for Change is a Pay As You Can workshop which provides opportunities to explore and reflect on these questions alongside listening to stories.  This approach to storytelling will be both explained and demonstrated. Chris Nickolay will be facilitating the workshop in collaboration with Create Seven.

Chris has a wealth of experience as a trainer and facilitator, describing himself as "a story worker with a growing interest in how story from a variety of traditions can enable and encourage each of us in our reflections and actions about current global, social and organisational concerns."

Quiet, humour, stillness and enquiry will also be threads through the workshop.

Please email us with any questions you might have

Contacting Us and Each Other 

We recognise that members of the Create Seven Community will want to engage in different ways, so we have a variety of platforms available for the community to keep on top of what Create Seven are doing.  
Articles, blog posts, video and podcasts will be published on our website, via social media and via email. We will also be facilitating regular face to face meet-ups to co-create as a community so keep a lookout for these opportunities to connect fully.

We want to encourage all members of the Create Seven Community to enter into discussions and open dialogue, with us and each other. 
You can even record and
upload a short 30-second video message, explaining why New Leadership is so important to our 'Our Voices Wall - Upload page. All videos can be seen here on 'Our Voices Wall'.

As a community, we need you to become active members who help to steer Create Seven, and help to Co-Create a better future! 

We look forward to co-creating New Leadership with you
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