Hello hello from Siem Reap, Cambodia! Man, do I got the story to tell you!
As you may or may not know Siem Reap is the closest town to Angkor City, you know, where the famous temples are? Where they shot Tomb Raider? There you go. So we bought the tickets, rented a tuk-tuk (it’s not like we’re lazy, the place is massive!) and off we went on our little ‘Indiana Jones and Lara Croft’ day of fun.
It was great, I mean the place is spectacular, unbelievable, really really cool. There are loads of ruins to explore, but also temples that are nearly intact - with the odd tree growing in its walls (told you, AWESOME) - that you can climb all the way to the top (the temple, not the tree). (Sure the steps are dodgy and there’s no regard for health & safety AT ALL, but hey, what’s the fun in that?). 
So anyway, the story happened towards the end of the day. We were leaving the last temple, the magnificent Angkor Wat, and the sun was setting so the light was perfect, and I wanted to take pictures. Indiana was hungry so he was like ‘I’ll just hang here and get some biscuits’. As he opens the backpack to get the food, a BIG ASS MONKEY jumps on the balcony. He quickly closes the bag (Indiana, not the monkey) but it’s too late - THE MONKEY KNOWS! He jumps on the grass IN FRONT of us and I’m not sure what to do, but the monkey does: he puffs himself up and makes an aggressive move towards us! Scary, I know, but not to worry, Indiana knows just what to do: he drops the backpack. The monkey has the backpack. THE MONKEY HAS THE BACKPACK!
I’m panicking thinking our wallet is in there but Indiana says ‘no worries, it’s just food’. Seriously, JUST FOOD?! Does the man know me at all? 
Anyway we stay there for a good TEN minutes while the monkey tries to break the code on how to open an Eastpak. He doesn’t (haha you bully, that will teach you!). Frustrated, he leaves the bag and walks away. Still we give him some space before getting our backpack, it is after all a BIG ASS MONKEY and we don’t want him to be (h)angry at us (again). Guess what happens? A HUMAN rushes towards our backpack(!) but I shout 'Hey! That is OUR backpack'. That’s right, step away punk, Lara is (finally) here. 
So yeah, Angkor Wat is great. We’re moving on to Phnom Penh, hopefully no monkeys or punks there.

No pictures unfortunately, I was too worried about my cheese sandwich. 
*BTW our monkey did not look this cute! (and I'm aware this is a chimp...)
What da dream?
I am at a restaurant with friends, and it’s time for dessert and I ask the waiter for ‘that chocolate’ one. He brings me a chocolate mousse, and I’m like, ‘no, not that one’ (which is weird ‘cause that’s my fave), and then he brings me a chocolate cake and I’m like ‘no, the other one’. Finally the poor guy brings me this weird box, kind of like a Christmas present but not really, and inside there are LOADS of Kinder eggs and Ferrero Rocher chocolates (I mean LOADS!), and clearly that’s the one I meant 'cause I am sooo happy. 
Hey hey hey don’t judge me, I share... 
Weird thing is, I’ve got no idea when the last time I had a Kinder egg was…  
Reading, watching, listening to...
First they killed my father, the movie (on Netflix). It’s the real story of a young girl and her family during the years of the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia. 
Heart-breaking but really worth watching. It might help change some people’s perspectives on how refugees ‘happen’… how your whole world can change in a split second. Anyone's whole world that is.
I’m still, I’m still Ines from the blog 
This week I've finally uploaded 'Ubud - part two' and the tiny guide to tiny Gili Meno. 
Next up, Thailand! Stay tuned!
And now for something completely… random
Spitting. I know it’s great in some cultures and you’re supposed to do it and all that… but why, oh why, do people have to make that noise of pulling it as if it’s coming from the small intestine? Is it Titanic syndrome? Did they all learn it from Jack? I am sorry, I am very respectful of different cultures BUT I am struggling to wake up and have my meals to that sound. Any coping mechanisms you know of? Care to share? 

This week I am grateful for…

Garbage collection and disposal.
I remember once in Lisbon there was a strike on boxing day and it was horrible. Now imagine not having it at all. I suspect that’s what happens in all the places we’ve visited so far. Trust me, we take it for granted. It is lovely to be able to put your garbage away, do all the recycling, and the next day, puff, it’s gone (and being able to believe it’s being processed in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Here's to hoping!).

How about you? Any weird dreams lately? What's your ultimate dessert dream? Please do tell! 
Also, any suggestions about the newsletter? Tell me everything!
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