Hi there! How’s it going?

So here’s the update: we’re in Ubud (Bali, Indonesia, google it for crying out loud!) and we finally have a house! We spent most of last week walking in 200-DEGREE weather trying to find a spot we could a) afford and b) live in (by which I mean with air con, 'cause for the love of unicorns it is BOILING in here!). 
As you probably noticed I am struggling with the heat. And I am quite loud about it too. Poor Gonçalo has to hear me complain about it All. Day. Long. I swear I’m not overreacting, but sometimes I do think: ‘this is it, this is how I die. I’ll overheat and explode in Southeast Asia’. Not a bad obituary, am I right? Haha. I did get sunburnt though. On my face! I look like a chocolate Easter egg (the good quality ones tho). 

OK, so we got the house and it is LOOOvely! It has a swimming pool (I KNOW!!) and a big bedroom upstairs with air con (#blessed), a little living room/kitchenette downstairs without air con (I’ll manage, my plan is to work from the fridge) and a big garden filled with exotic plants and bugs and geckos and spiders and butterflies. And my paranoid self truly believes somewhere in this jungle there is a snake. So I haven’t slept much, gotta be prepared for when the snake attacks and all. But other than that it is lovely. It is also quite affordable. I mean, for this price in London we’d be sharing a basement bedroom with five other families and no toilet. 
The house is surrounded by trees and plants and birds and bugs. It’s kind of like the jungle. OMG we’re Jane and Tarzan! (Sorry, that just came to me). Except for the obvious lack of jungle skills, I mean, this week we freaked out when a giant lizard came in. Oh man, you should have seen us trying to get rid of the thing. Most unfit couple for the jungle ever, I’ll tell ya that! 

It’s not like we’re alone in the middle of nowhere though. There are a few houses across the street and we’re just around the corner from a main street. (Still feels like we’re in the jungle). Our landlord and lady, Nyoman and Wayan (a couple with two teens, possibly more kids, still figuring it out) live on said main street, just behind their laundry business. Their house, a really big traditional Balinese family compound, has a backdoor/path to our place (so I guess I can run to them if the snake comes. Very Jane of me, I know, don’t worry I’ll make sure to swing on a liana there). 
They are really sweet (our landlord and lady, not the lianas). On Saturday there was a big celebration, so they brought us food. And fruit. Really nice food and fruit. We ate it all, of course. We actually thought we heard a pig being killed the night before, and what do you know, next day we are offered pork sate, what are the odds? (BTW I think sate is what we know as satay, but they spell it sate). 

Not much else going on this week, just getting used to the house, the bugs, the geckos, the noises outside (ALL. NIGHT. LONG), exploring the surroundings (took us 45 min to get to the supermarket!) and other than that just working really (him on the app, me writing). 

This weekend we’re hoping to do a bit of sightseeing, go outside Ubud, visit some waterfalls and rice terraces, we’ll see. Also our friend Nesi is meant to visit us and we planned a whole day of Ubud-fun on Sunday, so that should be great! Will tell you all about it next week!
Happy Friday!

Xx, Ines

P.S- BTW it’s rainy season now and it rains pretty much every day after 12pm. A LOT. Spectacular thunderstorms though! Think I should let Nesi know? Haha. Nope.
What da dream?
On one of my first nights in Indonesia I dreamt I was walking in the park with Prince Charles (probably Hyde Park but can’t be sure), and he told me ‘let’s sit down’. So we sat in a bench in the park and he told me he was going to retire and that we ‘needed to think about how we’re going to work things out now’. I mean, whaaaaat? 
Reading, watching, listening to...
I am reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert for the first time. I am both really happy for only reading it now and astonished that I’ve not read it before. Really loooving it and was actually really glad to only read the bit about Italy now that I’ve already been, because I relate to it sooo much, yet I didn’t have a biased traveling experience. For that reason I thought I wouldn’t read the Bali bit until we left, but... oh oops, already on it. Absolutely recommend if, like me, you’ve been hiding under a rock and haven’t read it yet. 
I’m still, I’m still Ines from the blog 
So, here’s the deal, I looove writing, but I am a slooow writer, so I haven’t really got into the Southeast Asia bit yet (working on it). I did write this one post about one of our favourite restaurants in Jogja, you know me, food first. Last Monday I also published a post about our Kenya adventure, including all Amos (our guide)’s stories. If you want to, and have the time, here you go. Enjoy!
And now for something completely… random
Gecko poop. OK so, not completely random. But yup you read correctly. This week we realized that big geckos (or lizards, we’re not quite sure) make big poops. Guess it makes sense. This was the first sign something was off. We saw this thing on the bathroom floor, kind of looked like a small black slug, and we were like, ‘Mm that’s odd’. It was gecko poop. 'Cause next thing you know we’re chasing a giant lizard (by 'giant' we mean at least 10 inches/ 25cm. Told you, giant) and by 'we' I mean I was standing on the bed trying not to move, and he was holding a can of anti-bug spray trying to figure out how to kick this thing out. We managed. No one was harmed. I didn’t sleep much, kept thinking I’d wake up with the gecko right in my face. And I bet that big-ass gecko didn’t sleep much either, thinking of a giant human wanting to graffiti the hell out of it. Gonçalo was fine. 
So yeah, watch out for big weird black slugs. 

This week I am grateful for…

Being able to travel. I know how lucky we are that we get to experience new cultures and travel to new places, and for this opportunity, really. I am grateful for it every single day.

How about you? Any weird dreams lately? Please do tell! I love weird dreams! Gecko troubles? I happen to be an expert! Also, any suggestions about the newsletter? Tell me everything! You can find me here

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