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We’re still in Ubud*, Bali, and this week I was going to tell you all about our weekend trip to the rice terraces and waterfalls (trekked for miles in the jungle, OMG could NOT move the next day), but instead I’ve got this great story to tell you about last night.

I was sleeping, dreaming about Australia, can’t remember details, but in the dream I felt something tickling my neck, and for some reason it woke me up. The tickling continued. It freaked me out and I jumped up (still on the bed) and was moving around like a maniac (the exorcist girl is a more accurate description) which obviously startled Gonçalo. He thought I was sleep-talking/ sleep-having-a-fit and tried to calm me down, but I shouted ‘TURN ON THE LIGHT!’. I shook my head and it fell on the bed. A cockroach the size of a fist. A COCKROACH THE SIZE OF A FIST!
Well I can tell you that la cucaracha ya no puede caminar but how do you go back to sleep after that?! It is impossible! I was shuddering in disgust and kept my eyes wide open in case another one would come. Brrrr! Yuck! (I am back to my permanent state of paranoia, thank you very much Miss Cucaracha).

Anyway, so yeah, the waterfalls and the rice terraces are spectacular! We saw two snakes, of course, in very close range BTW, not like ‘oh look at that thing super far away’, no it was more like ‘let’s take a few steps back and make sure we survive this trip’. 

This weekend we're planning to go cycling through the rice terraces, which given our proneness to run into these beasties, I am not entirely convinced is a good idea. Fingers crossed!
Happy Friday!

Xx, Ines

*Actually we've learned that we are not living in Ubud. We are in Sayan, a small village 2 km from the main street in Ubud. We thought Sayan was the name of our street. [Insert facepalm emoji]
What da dream?
I feel like you need an intro for this one. Remember I told you my friend Nesi was coming to visit? Don’t remember if I said this, but she’s here in Bali doing volunteer work with children. So here’s what I dreamt last week: she was coming to visit but she brought seven kids with her. And not just any kids, these were toddler Chinese septuplets. She drops the kids with us, and she’s like ‘see ya later’ and ALL the kids are crying because they’re hungry. So we take them to a Chinese restaurant (I mean, why?) and order the food but it’s taking too long and the seven toddlers are shouting now. It’s a nightmare. I go to the kitchen to complain, and guess who the manager is? Lena Dunham. She sorts it out in a heartbeat and the kids stop screaming. I mean, no words. Thanks Lena.
I’d love to hear about your dreams, and maybe post them too, so any weird ones lately? Care to share? Please do even if you don’t want me to post them, I LOVE weird dreams! So, what have you been dreaming of?
Reading, watching, listening to...
I am watching, and by that I mean I am obsessed with, The Bucket List Family. They are the cutest! I mean the whole family is the cutest! I am particularly in love with the kids, Dorothy and Manilla, I mean it’s just, I can’t even. Too cute! Every Monday it’s my thing: I wait until the end of the day, turn on YouTube and get ready for the laughter and tears, cause it makes me sooo emosh! LOVE. THEM!
I’m still, I’m still Ines from the blog 
If you are concerned that my bug trauma might be damaging this whole experience for me, and you need to make sure I am alright and actually enjoying this adventure, you can read my love letter to the wonderful city of Jogja here. 
And now for something completely… random
Who let the cocks out? Really who, who, who, who?! Here, cocks and hens roam free pretty much everywhere. And you know how it's 'common knowledge' that roosters perform the ‘alarm clock public service’ by crowing at 6 maybe 7 am? Well, that is a LIE, ‘cause the bloody animals crow ALL.NIGHT.LONG. Gets more intense closer to the weekends too, it’s like the bastards know you’re planning to sleep more. 

This week I am grateful for…

Nasi goreng ayam. That’s chicken fried rice. It’s a traditional Indonesian dish and it is delicious. Seriously the chicken here tastes amazing. The eggs are amazing too! I guess it’s all that roaming free... 

How about you? Any weird dreams lately? Please do tell! I love weird dreams! Any 'cocks and hens' issues you'd like to let me know of?
Also, any suggestions/feedback about the newsletter? Tell me everything! You can find me

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