Hello from An Bang Beach (Vietnam)! How have you been?

We’re good. I bet you read ‘beach’ and you’re like ‘Yeah, I bet you’re good’, but actually we kind of miscalculated things and, as it turns out, it’s winter here. Haha, I know, hilarious (not). 
It’s not like ‘London winter’ but it’s been grey for most of the time (there was one day of sunshine, woohoo!) and most days you actually need a cardigan/sweater/umbrella to go out (and also the sea is super rough so that’s a ‘no go’). I know, poor us. 
We’re coping the best we can… by eating ALL THE TIME. Yup. I’d say that 70% of our daily activity is eating, which I am obviously not complaining about. Also, the food here is delicious. I am obsessed with Pho (pronounced ‘fuh’, sort of), a Vietnamese soup with rice noodles (for those who don’t know). When I say ‘obsessed’ I mean I am committed to have at least one Pho a day and try them all, ah, that sounded kind of like the Pokemon slogan, ‘gotta catch them all’ (I think?). Oh my Gosh it’s my own game: ‘Phokemon - gotta eat them all ' HAHAHAHAHAHHA (sorry just realised that phokemon sounds a lot like f*ck Emon, which was purely accidental I swear, I have nothing against Emon). 

Anyway yeah the place is cute, it’s just 5Km from Hoi An (this little adorable ancient town), and there are loads of cute restaurants around (typically where I ‘catch’ the Phos), and the people are super friendly. We can cycle or walk everywhere without fear of being road-killed, which is a pleasant change of scenery. It is pretty grim outside most of the time which I hoped meant less mosquitoes, but no. So really the only perk is that you can eat Phos without getting the sweats, which is actually pretty great, I like not sweating like a pig through my meals for a change too. We’re even considering staying here for a bit longer. That’s how much we enjoy not being road-killed and not sweating like pigs. (And also there are still a lot of Phos out here). 

And that’s our update pho’ this week. See ya next week. Stay phobulous! 
(I’ll stop now, although I could go on pho’ever!) 
Here's how to actually pronounce it (it's extremely complicated and involves a lot of jaw movement).
What da dream?
I needed the loo and I was wearing a jumpsuit, and the cubicle door didn’t have a lock, and the floor was kind of wet and the seat kind of ‘splashed on’, so I had to hold on to my jumpsuit and hold the door while balancing to squat, and then the toilet roll was super far and I had to let go of the door, and everyone outside saw me butt-naked. This could actually be a real life scenario except I think the loos were actually H&M’s changing rooms? 
Reading, watching, listening to...
Just finished watching National Geographic’s ‘Genius’, a TV series on the life of Professor Albert Einstein. It’s really interesting. The only thing is, after watching it back-to-back I now have dreams in English with a German accent.
It eez very vierd. 
And now for something completely… random
One woman show, which is what the restaurants around here seem to be. There’s usually one girl/woman and she’s your waitress and your cook/chef. She welcomes you to the restaurant, brings you the menu, then she’s off cooking your meal, so if someone else arrives they’ll have to wait a bit. Afterwards she brings your meal (typically a Pho) and then she’s off cooking other people’s meal, so you have to wait to get your bill and pay. It seams to work though.  

This week I am grateful for…

Pho. Wasn’t that clear? 
I am thankful to the Vietnamese for creating this wonderful meal and for the comfort it brings to my soul.

How about you? Any weird dreams lately? Please do tell!
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